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  1. Mg's are the best. They have a lot of ammo and they are powerful. You can't buy ammo off the wall, but you can get a max ammo. They are the best PaP weapons next to the Ray Gun and the Thunder Gun.
  2. I hate those two maps when I can't find a game on the Playstation Network. It sucks when you need to PaP and you don't have anybody with you because you can't do anything but run around and, if you're lucky, get a decent weapon so you can survive.
  3. What is the best zombie map. I think Der Reise.
  4. What is the best perk-cola. I think it's Juggernog.
  5. I made it up to 21 with the Browning M1919 and the MG42, and how do you put a picture on your profile.
  6. What is the best weapon Pack-A-Punched. I think it's the ray gun or the thunder gun, but what do you think. I meant for any zombies game, World at War and Black Ops. I was on th WaW place on the web site.
  7. I got the game for my ipod touch as soon as i heard that the game came out in the app store and they are supposed to make the map Ascension for it in late December or early January.
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