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  1. So, Moon and Nuketown are happening at the same time. We've known that for 3 years already but many people have said that they have taken place in 2025 which doesn't really make sense. Take these factors into consideration: - These are the primary events leading up to nuketown: Nuke testing begins / BO1 multiplayer match finishes (1960s) , nuke denotates, CIA or CDC arrives to investigate, outbreak at Area 51 begins. Now, if a nuke JUST went off in the 1960s, and we know that Moon is at the same time, how could these maps be in the future? What sense does that really make, right? "Time displacement" doesn't work with this either because the entire state of Nevada would have to have been displaced, and even then, the rockets didn't hit so why would there be any displacement at all? Another thing, is the Hangar 18 multiplayer map in BO1. In the main SR71 hangar there is a banner that reads "Welcome to GROOM LAKE". Obviously, we know this map is taking place in the 60s era. In No Man's Land, we see the exact same banner, no differences what so ever. Would Area 51 really have the same architecture and layout complete with signs at all around 50 years later? This also explains why TranZit looks so 1960s, the diner, the town, the loading screen music - the world got f*cked up in the 60s so of course it's going to stay like that. Displacement, could then (I guess) be used here to explain all the weird stuff like the bus. Now Die Rise, IDK whats going on there because it seems to be a long time after the 1990s, judging by an advertisement that says "Since 1996 or '97". Maybe when the TranZit crew is teleported they travel in the future in the process?
  2. Seriously, are we every gonna figure out what the hell is going on the comic screen or at least who is doing the excavating, or how they managed to build a giant floating spaceship thing to drill 115 from the Sedan Crater? Sure, it could be the U.S. but how exactly do we know WHEN they're doing this? It's in Origins, shown as a concept essentially, so if it's dating back to 1918 then how many times has it been used?
  3. ​This probably doesn't mean anything but doesn't Marlton mention "The Incident" in the Buried opening cutscene?
  4. I want to teach you bass for free!

    Ah! I'd honestly love to jam out if I had a bass guitar on me.... .-.
  5. Alright, so you know how when you're on the main menu of Black Ops, it shows options for Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies and Options? Everything is pretty normal in the context of the story-line for the game, but when you hit "Zombies", there's this really strange sound, and then all of the sudden the screen turns red. Now, this would be normal to me if it weren't for the TV screens. They show solders shooting at zombies, both Nazi and American, along with the Nova crawlers, and some footage of scientists running and soldiers around them. This is all from the campaign, to be exact, one of the missions with the Ascension group I believe. There is footage of a huey dropping bombs , and people throwing body bags onto what appears to be some sort of ship. Now, what if when we hit the option to go to the Zombies mode, Mason is somehow switching realities. What if tests were done to him in the Black Ops timeline (BO1 -> BO2) that somehow caused his being to switch into the time period in which the Pentagon is being overrun with Zombies, thus Hudson or Weaver suddenly banging on the interrogation room window screen? In this reality, the soldiers on the TV who would be Mason's team during the campaign in the Ascension group mission, aren't shooting Russians, but Zombies. Now, I can't explain the helicopter bombing stuff though, or how that plays in context with anything else as of right now. I might just be over thinking this, and it's probably just effect for the mood done by Treyarch, but I think it's an interesting topic.
  6. I recently hit 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel in which I post a lot of Pokémon music remixes and remasters/covers, so I did a couple of themes requested by some fans. Please, if you're a musician, tell me what you think and what I need to improve a bit on. http://youtu.be/IClg6REdckY http://youtu.be/IClg6REdckY http://youtu.be/8--sAVKmjes Unless I find a way to add the actual YouTube videos I guess this'll stay with the links.
  7. Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    I hope that more discoveries can be found as well.
  8. Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    Haha I did? But that's certainly one theory I haven't heard of before, but I like it. I think you may be on to something here, I'm intrigued to see if anyone can pose a good argument against this. Yeah, I believe MMX referred to you as pointing that out in his Ultimate Nuketown Loading Screen thread. I hope this gets a good discussion going!
  9. Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    Has someone pointed this similarity out already? If you don't see what I'm getting out, note the bubble thingies coming out of both the... guy, and the excavator, they look identical. Also note the craters in the background of the excavation, it suggests that it's happening on the moon... yeah... but we don't know much about the actual location of the Nuketown loading screen comic book. Something else I'd like to note is the hue of the background in both panels, which features a very light blue with distinctive brighter patches around it. We can really only ASSUME that it is Nuketown since the comic is shown on that map. @Tac did point out that the line shown in the following picture from the Nuketown loading screen comic page could be Nuketown, but I respectfully disagree with ya... (Picture from "The Ultimate Nuketown Loading Screen Analysis", by @MixMasterNut. Check that out if you haven't already. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/152716-the-ultimate-nuketown-zombies-loading-screen-analysis/) The message I'm trying to convey is that the Nuketown loading screen happens on the moon itself. The crater suggests that nothing around it has really been affected, but we know that Nuketown had smaller craters around it because of the map select screen in Black Ops 2, which had shown Nuketown after the original nuclear blast(s?), and that it shortly got hit with a rocket that came in a trio actively destroying the whole Earth in the process. Fun fact: The three Apollo astronauts that traveled to the moon were trained at a Nevada Test Site, another connection with Nevada and the Moon. Perhaps, the 115 Excavation Drill, after being found out by the Americans, was used during the mission to the moon in the 60s to extract more 115? That's just a random little thing I thought about... Let me know what you think, everyone!
  10. Nuketown & Moon Timeline of Events

    Hmm, maybe we should look at another thing, the sort of style of TranZit, if its a few decades after Earth got destroyed like Maxis says, then nothing really should have changed in the terms of furniture or style. One thing I'd like to point out is that the style of TV in TranZit and Die Rise is that of a bunny ear antenna sort or style, so if anyone can pinpoint when then the TVs were made maybe that could be something?
  11. Herro Dere

    Welp, I realized I never made an introduction last month so here it goes. I like music, specifically VGM from titles like SM64, Pokemon, etc. (a lot of Nintendo stuff), and I post it on YouTube but that's something totally unrelated, I've wandered here on this site for maybe 3 years but I never actually made an account until recently, because I didn't really have much to post, I was a learner but not a teacher, if you will. So I got back into actually playing Zombies, and realized that there were still questions that needed answers, with things like the comic book, *cough* Nacht der Untoten comic, I'm looking at you... >:/, and 3arc's CoD title approaching on the horizon later this year, so it's probably the perfect time to discuss with others. I'd also like to say thanks to all the existing members for being really damn cool. It's been a while since I've seen a forum where everyone is all chill and stuff. Bye bye!
  12. Is it all a movie?

    It sounds more like he is being interviewed about his inspirtation for the movie, while on set so possibly before everything went down. Heres an interesting question, when did the zombies wake up and start to attack, also why? Good point. Could it have to do with the O4 teleporting there? Perhaps she foresaw it and just started controlling the dead there even before they got to the outpost?
  13. Is it all a movie?

    Well here's some support for this theory (I guess?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR2KtIzJF90 Notice how he's describing the events in past-tense.
  14. Quote from Kino - Possible Nacht Comic Clue?

    Yeah, I did realize that when he referred to screen, he didn't state it as being plural, afterwards. Good point. The remodeled WaW Classic Maps were in development at the same time as Kino for Black Ops, right? So the comic was made at the same time as, well, everything else. I guess it could mean something but no one has really explained why the comic appears on Nacht's loading screen.