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  1. So, Moon and Nuketown are happening at the same time. We've known that for 3 years already but many people have said that they have taken place in 2025 which doesn't really make sense. Take these factors into consideration: - These are the primary events leading up to nuketown: Nuke testing begins / BO1 multiplayer match finishes (1960s) , nuke denotates, CIA or CDC arrives to investigate, outbreak at Area 51 begins. Now, if a nuke JUST went off in the 1960s, and we know that Moon is at the same time, how could these maps be in the future? What sense does that really make, right? "Time displacement" doesn't work with this either because the entire state of Nevada would have to have been displaced, and even then, the rockets didn't hit so why would there be any displacement at all? Another thing, is the Hangar 18 multiplayer map in BO1. In the main SR71 hangar there is a banner that reads "Welcome to GROOM LAKE". Obviously, we know this map is taking place in the 60s era. In No Man's Land, we see the exact same banner, no differences what so ever. Would Area 51 really have the same architecture and layout complete with signs at all around 50 years later? This also explains why TranZit looks so 1960s, the diner, the town, the loading screen music - the world got f*cked up in the 60s so of course it's going to stay like that. Displacement, could then (I guess) be used here to explain all the weird stuff like the bus. Now Die Rise, IDK whats going on there because it seems to be a long time after the 1990s, judging by an advertisement that says "Since 1996 or '97". Maybe when the TranZit crew is teleported they travel in the future in the process?
  2. Seriously, are we every gonna figure out what the hell is going on the comic screen or at least who is doing the excavating, or how they managed to build a giant floating spaceship thing to drill 115 from the Sedan Crater? Sure, it could be the U.S. but how exactly do we know WHEN they're doing this? It's in Origins, shown as a concept essentially, so if it's dating back to 1918 then how many times has it been used?
  3. Bauerklos

    Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    I hope that more discoveries can be found as well.
  4. Bauerklos

    Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    Haha I did? But that's certainly one theory I haven't heard of before, but I like it. I think you may be on to something here, I'm intrigued to see if anyone can pose a good argument against this. Yeah, I believe MMX referred to you as pointing that out in his Ultimate Nuketown Loading Screen thread. I hope this gets a good discussion going!
  5. Bauerklos

    Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    Has someone pointed this similarity out already? If you don't see what I'm getting out, note the bubble thingies coming out of both the... guy, and the excavator, they look identical. Also note the craters in the background of the excavation, it suggests that it's happening on the moon... yeah... but we don't know much about the actual location of the Nuketown loading screen comic book. Something else I'd like to note is the hue of the background in both panels, which features a very light blue with distinctive brighter patches around it. We can really only ASSUME that it is Nuketown since the comic is shown on that map. @Tac did point out that the line shown in the following picture from the Nuketown loading screen comic page could be Nuketown, but I respectfully disagree with ya... (Picture from "The Ultimate Nuketown Loading Screen Analysis", by @MixMasterNut. Check that out if you haven't already. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/152716-the-ultimate-nuketown-zombies-loading-screen-analysis/) The message I'm trying to convey is that the Nuketown loading screen happens on the moon itself. The crater suggests that nothing around it has really been affected, but we know that Nuketown had smaller craters around it because of the map select screen in Black Ops 2, which had shown Nuketown after the original nuclear blast(s?), and that it shortly got hit with a rocket that came in a trio actively destroying the whole Earth in the process. Fun fact: The three Apollo astronauts that traveled to the moon were trained at a Nevada Test Site, another connection with Nevada and the Moon. Perhaps, the 115 Excavation Drill, after being found out by the Americans, was used during the mission to the moon in the 60s to extract more 115? That's just a random little thing I thought about... Let me know what you think, everyone!
  6. Bauerklos

    The Comic Book Makes no Sense

    Well, the comic has stuff from a bunch of different time periods. You got '60s over there, '40s from over there and then the 2000s over there! That could be a possible theory, it being a franchise. Plus, the O4 are known to reference 3arc sometimes (Richtofen does on Kino der Toten), maybe it's just like Call of the Dead, a movie?
  7. Bauerklos

    The Comic Book Makes no Sense

    Thanks for all the discussion guys. There's a lot of interesting stuff you guys have noted. @Slade I wouldn't be surprised if the manhua style pages theory was actually true. But that kind of begs the question, of, is how would a regular reader know about that without any indication of the book showing that. I mean, it's a comic book with practically no dialogue. Unless there's some indication from an "author" at the front of the comic explaining some stuff, it seems pretty odd if this is actually some random comic book someone is reading. @PINNAZ That's pretty interesting about the tiles relating to freemasonry. I'd say the comic is some sort of plan for world domination if I had any evidence. One thing I just came up with is that the tiles are apart of a chessboard. Maxis and Richtofen are going against each other so that's the only real evidence I have but it doesn't really tie in with the comic book. Maybe the comic is being written at the complete end of the story-line? Where everything is solved and completed? I dunno.
  8. super mutant ninja frog ballista jumbo jets with a bit of trumpet on top

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Sounds... (giggles) treba-ble!

      Get it! Because of the trumpet! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHI need to do something with my life....

    2. Bauerklos
  9. Bauerklos

    The Comic Book Makes no Sense

    Alright, ya got me. But why would they not use the blueprint? Similar to my question of why they didn't use a comic page for Green Run.
  10. Bauerklos

    The Comic Book Makes no Sense

    Hmm, that's true, but why focus on the cut-scene than the map for a comic that is supposed to be about the map like the others? Anyway, I didn't notice the 1915 on the blueprint. Thank you for pointing that out, I'll edit the post to add that detail. :3 Lemme try to figure out what the blueprint is.... alright, maybe it's going to be the loading screen for some sort of facility in the next game? Or maybe it's just a MotD style map, as MotD didn't have a comic. Or, we'll be doing a Blops 1 sort of thing with a new map, and then a secondary map like FIVE. Who knows. I just assume that the O3 (and Samantha) will return either after the events of Origins or after Moon, and we start from there. Well the blue print looks like some weird machine, I thought maybe its that 115 drill thing as we know that tech existed in at least 1918 due to the picture in Origins and the fact that theres a big old 935 stamp on it. Maybe more happened in 1915 than anyone remembers? Another reference to the early 1900s is on the MotD loading screen, saying Wall Street crashes with a date of 1917. Interesting...
  11. Bauerklos

    The Comic Book Makes no Sense

    Hmm, that's true, but why focus on the cut-scene than the map for a comic that is supposed to be about the map like the others? Anyway, I didn't notice the 1915 on the blueprint. Thank you for pointing that out, I'll edit the post to add that detail. :3 Lemme try to figure out what the blueprint is.... alright, maybe it's going to be the loading screen for some sort of facility in the next game? Or maybe it's just a MotD style map, as MotD didn't have a comic. Or, we'll be doing a Blops 1 sort of thing with a new map, and then a secondary map like FIVE. Who knows. I just assume that the O3 (and Samantha) will return either after the events of Origins or after Moon, and we start from there.
  12. Alright, after looking at the loading screens that are comics from Moon -> Buried, it seems that things don't make much sense at all. Let's start at Moon. Note the following things. -Separate advertising page similar to the one on the Moon comic, but towards the front of the comic book. (Outlined in dark blue). -Much darker/tanner page later in the book. (Outlined in red). -Shangri-La loading screen directly before the Moon loading screen. Everything is all fine and dandy here. Everything is in order (from what it seems), and we can move on to what appears to be next in line, Nuketown. This is when things start to get weird, alrighty: -Let's consider something here. If this page comes directly after Moon, the page with the close-up of the 115 excavation drill would have to share the same page with the "Meanwhile" page from Moon. If you take a look at the actual panel cover (not the picture but the page color itself), you can see that it doesn't match Moon's page at all. The width of the page is much shorter when you look at Moon's loading screen. Could this mean that the Nuketown page is at a different point in the book? -Note how that much tanner page can't be seen anymore although it could be seen on Moon's comic. Again, supporting that the two are not next to eachother. -You can see that separate advertisement page on the left again (outlined in dark blue), but it appears to be directly to the left of the drill page, whereas on Moon's page it's a bit more visible but behind Shangri-La's page, and the others as well. The rips on this "hidden" page are identical to the rips of it seen on Moon. The importance of this page is unclear as of now. -Note the "uhtli" bubble gum on the page and how it doesn't appear on any other page (Shangri-La has 5 cent gum at the bottom left but not with an outstanding logo or design). -Notice that there are no outstanding rips on the right page of this particular comic while on the Die Rise part of the page, while the Die Rise part contains many. I've outlined what I mean in light green along with a very erratic looking question mark made. -If you look around the comic you'll notice that the comic seems to be on top of a checkerboard style black and white pattern. I outlined this in pink. This is the only time that you can see an actual background for the comic (excluding Green Run because it's not a comic, although it has the same background), which raises questions such as: "Why does the NTZ loading screen get a visible background?" "Is the location of the comic changing?" "Why the hell is this comic book so damn strange?" It's hard to answer these questions, as there's no evidence pointing to why or how any of this crap works. One thing I would like to point out, is that the checkerboard style background can be seen on two maps, what do you think this means? From the Kino Der Toten game over screen that shows the foyer room. Take a look at the floor tiles. Again, the floor tiles. Well, what do ya know? More black and white tiles! Both locations (diner and foyer location from Kino der Toten) are set in... well, a recreational area. A bar, and a diner. Similar enough, I guess. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now looking at Die Rise's comic. Lots of craziness here folks. -No background from NTZ's loading screen. -Note the rips on the left page here, AKA the right page on the NTZ loading screen. They weren't there before. -You can see the top left of NTZ's loading screen but behind that, a bunch of other comics! Those weren't visible before. This is outlined in blue. -Bus Depot/TranZit postcard is there, despite it not appearing on the last pages. Also, it looks to me like it was jammed in there to give it some relevance. Why give Die Rise a page, but not TranZit? Why is the postcard in much better condition here then when we first saw it on TranZit? It seems to be after NTZ's loading screen though, which makes sense. I've outlined this in pink. -The location in the U.S that the N4 is teleporting from isn't Green Run, or Hanford Washington, at all. In fact it looks almost like it's from Colorado or something around there. I'll bring this up on the Buried comic. -The pages here, in my opinion don't look very connected, almost like the page on the right is overlaying another one. Outlined in blue in the middle of the page, and white at the bottom. -The little teaser page showing what appears to be Buried isn't Buried! It looks like a completely different page because of the panel right above the little valve wheel-thingy. -The rip showing this "Buried" page, isn't visible on the loading screen for Buried itself. Almost as if it's not the same page at all. I've outlined this in yellow. -Also outlined in white is the fact that the much darker page from later in the comic seems to appear again even though we couldn't see it on NTZ's loading screen. It can't be Buried because we see what appears to be Buried through the rips. Buried's comic panel color is white. What is this page and why has it been visible and invisible since Moon? Now to the last comic we've seen so far, Buried. -The rip we saw on the right-hand page of the Die Rise comic book apparently doesn't exist anymore. In fact, it has been replaced with the exact same rip as the left-hand page of Die Rise's comic! Die Rise: Buried: Also, if you look you can see that the Die Rise page isn't the previous page! It looks like Nuketown's page! Why is Buried seemingly replacing Die Rise? I've outlined this in the center-left of the page to the left, and labeled it with yellow. The other blue outline will be explained next... -There is one more page behind the "NTZ" comic page. I've shown this (although it's kind of hard to see here), with another blue outline on the top left. Not sure what page this is. Here's the original picture so you can get a better look. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130702230222/callofduty/images/0/08/Buried_loading_screen_BOII.png -The page on the left seems to just show Buried, whereas the page on the right shows the N4 on top of the bus (but it doesn't look like Green Run to me, which might show that they didn't actually teleport from Hanford but a different location that they got to while riding on the bus?), and also shows a picture of a zombie in the Town. Let's move on to the panel that we thought was the teaser back in Die RIse. -The panel we see showing a bunch of rubble and a wheel with a valve isn't the same panel from the page in Die Rise. Take a look!: Buried: Die Rise: Look, the brightness and panel length isn't the same. Since MotD was released right after Die Rise, I can only speculate that something in MotD changed what happened in Buried. This is really the only time we've seen one page and gotten a totally different one. I doubt 3arc would have had a slip like this. They're known for pesky and random details and bringing about more questions. -There's a blueprint (and no, it's not from Der Riese), is sticking out at the top right that I've circled in light green. I don't think this is Origins because then there would have been a comic page for it that we'd know about. Either it's one of the next maps or... yeah I got nothing on this one. EDIT: Thank you to Nightmare Voyager for pointing this out, the blueprint says 1915 on it. The meaning of this is a bit unclear. -There's that tanned page we've been seeing, once again to the right of the current page. I'm pretty confident that this is one of the next maps. Either the next map directly or like the DLC of the next 3arc CoD game. Now, you might be asking yourself why I made this, and what all of this means. I made this to show that chances are, there will be a lot, and I mean a lot of craziness in the future regarding this comic book. What does all this mean? It gives me these theories. 1.) 3arc did this on purpose; Consistency was a thing with Black Ops 1 regarding the comics, why would they give up here? 2.) Someone done f*cked up; Whoever makes these comics for the game lost track of what was going on. I'm thinking theory #1 is correct. Time travel is possible. Perhaps these changes will be explained in the future! Perhaps someone is changing the past... who knows? Thanks for reading this tangled mess. I hope you're as confused as I was with this. Either I'm thinking too hard or this actually means something.
  13. Welcome to the forums Bauerklos :)

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