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  1. Nuketown Update

    Hello people of the fourms! Are you like me? Find Nuketwon just a bit to bland? Look what I have to say about it and forward to the Developers if you like it! Let's get into the content: Doors: You should be able to open up the bunker area in the back of green house. Down there would be Wunderfizz which is their automatically at the start of e game. This door would cost 3000 points to open. There would also be an MP40 on the wall for 1400 points. The Shed behind green would be a good area also. Perhaps it could be opened for 2500 points. Inside would be the KSG for 1750 points. The Sickle would also be inside for 4500 points. Perks: I think that the perks that should be brought back into it are: Mule Kick StaminUp PhD Flopped Weapons: A few weapons that should be added to the box are: MSMC Peace Keeper Skorpion Molotovs Vector I will be making a new thread that is far more in depth later on. I am on an iPad so it is a little bit difficult to type. Any feedback helps, thanks guys!
  2. How Nuketown could have been better

    I think that Mule Kick should be added and maybe a few wonder weapons? I am going to be making a very in-depth post soon
  3. CodZ Staff

    Thank you so much, helped a lot!
  4. CodZ Staff

    Hello everyone, I have another question. I was wondering how you would become a Moderator or Technical Support Agent. Any info helps, thanks again guys!
  5. Welcome to the forums Dylant823 :)