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  1. merry christmas everyone!

  2. Staffs

    Lightning Staff is also good, give that you charged it of course. I'd say that the effectiveness of it ends roughly around 45 though. And if anything, Wind is not effective other than halting zombies in their tracks. Very, very bad if you're caught in a crowded because there's no way you'll escape unlike with the Fire of Lightning staff uncharged. Yeah it is good but when you get higher than 40 it starts to become useless. I found wind and ice the only ones worth having by round 40-50
  3. Staffs

    Pretty sure its fire that is useful for the panzer. Wind and ice are the only ones that do anything past round 40-50
  4. Good Rap Lines

    Lets smoke that bowl, hit the bong and then take that finger off of that hole plug it, unplug it dont strain, i love you mary jane
  5. Im too much of a team player sometimes always running across maps to save the guy whos been downed 14 times on round 10. Idk why though because i know there going to end quitting anyway lol. Wow 900 down after just going for a oil change tell them to get to and do you own oil change or befriend a mechanic
  6. Hey Guys!

    Welcome to codz mate
  7. What about origins should stay?

    Everyone being able to get a staff was the best thing about this map so i hope the next zombies has some sort of buildable wonder weapons that everyone can get. Air strikes were a nice touch aswell
  8. Where did all my money go?

    You might have just ran out mines was there a couple of days ago
  9. What Zombies Map Locations do the Community Want?

    Like someone said above me dam square would be amazing or maybe old army base or nuclear power plant
  10. Hey I'm TheSpector

    Welcome to codz bro!
  11. Favorite BO2 zombies map?

    Motd and origins beat any map on bo2 imo
  12. is moon worth buying?

    Cheers guys going to get moon asap. @ boring guy i never knew that they maps were on bo1 Will have to purchase them aswell thanks man.
  13. Mustang and sally and the thunder gun
  14. is moon worth buying?

    Thanks man was watching videos on youtube looks amazing! Sounds good ill give u a message when i have it
  15. is moon worth buying?

    Was prob going to buy it anyway just put off a bit by a few people on here saying its glitchy/not a great map ect. I have all dlc except moon and WaW. Thanks for the reply