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  1. Target Akawhired

    Tranzit hate???

    I dislike TranZit because it was such a major letdown after all of the hype for Black Ops II. The gameplay isn't bad, but the map design is so half-assed it's not even funny. I can't believe that's the map they came up with after over a year in development on BO2. Another big part of it is the new characters. Both the characterization and the voice actors were awful choices. I wouldn't have minded new characters as long as they were interesting. Instead, Treyarch whiffed hard with the story behind TranZit and thus never really gave their new characters a chance at being positively received by the fans. I stayed away from Zombies news leading up to the release of BO2 so I wouldn't be spoiled and I was legitimately depressed when I put the disc in and played TranZit for the first time. It's like Treyarch took my glass ball of hopes and dropped it from the top of a skyscraper.
  2. Target Akawhired

    Origins Highest Round

    It was previous 40 Solo with 1 down that ended the game. I had completed everything except pressing square in the beam of light to end the game and was getting greedy for high rounds. BUT today I finally completed the "Russian Drinking Game" challenge (too bad there's no trophy for it) which is completing the easter egg and gathering all 9 perks as Nikolai. Ended the game in Round 43 with 0 downs. Could have kept going but didn't want to chance it considering the Round 40/1 Down game previously mentioned.
  3. Welcome to the forums Target Akawhired :)

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