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  1. ThunderGlove142

    Is it worth buying the Black Ops 1 DLC?

    Ha I think I asked this same question about a year ago as well, and I was told Call of the Dead. Very good choice if you're just picking one since Ascension is basically Kino but instead of crawlers you get monkeys. Very easy maps. Shangri la and moon are pretty useless when playing with randoms with Treyarch changing how to pack a punch and to get perks. I play Solo only and it's pretty easy with the MPL to get PHD and Mustang and Sally and eventually the 31-79 JGB 215 So my choice (besides getting all) go with Call of the Dead. Good wonder weapons for solo and co op, decent boss and you get 4 actors to play as.
  2. ThunderGlove142

    Why do people love this map so much?

    If it's not here, it's Youtube comments with people just preaching that Ascension is the best map EVA!!! Why, exactly? It's interesting with all the space stuff, and it's big, and imo with the best Richtofen quotes, but that's it for me. It's to easy and no new wonder weapon. And the monkeys.......no, just no nobody touches my perks. It's the only map I limit myself to two perks because I don't feel like going after them or buying them again. Solo=quick revive/jugg, co op= jugg and speed cola The maps for me, from best to worst: 1) Call of the Dead Everything else from Kino down lol
  3. ThunderGlove142

    Awful ways to die in Origins.

    Besides being stepped on (happens to me frequently) but right now I'm mega pissed at how I just died in Origins. Basically I was playing with some good players, they eventually have to leave, it's only 20 something. Well they filled up those chest's and I wanted to get that "one inch punch". I got it, and right as Dempsey says "Oh I'm packing a punch all right" I got swarmed DX Please someone give something else worse that that. That's just embarrassing......
  4. ThunderGlove142

    Tranzit hate???

  5. Welcome to the forums ThunderGlove142 :)

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