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  1. More easer egg fails/glitches

    ahh origins. We have our fair share of rages,laughs, and fustrations. But here is where all this is now.   Yesterday, i was doing the easter egg with some friends. (3 player), and i broke the seal for the soldats. then we relized that no one had the maxis drone. We looked in Argartha, we looked at all the building stands. Nothing. Then we think the step glitched out. Anyone know? Anyways, we played again later and i kept the drone, and we broke the seal, killed the panzers, then i had to go . It's like no one wants me to beat this easter egg.
  2. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Nice one delta! Well, I'm out
  3. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    I have to try this. (Someone drop that beat !) Hey speedo monkey this ones for you. Open your eyes before you try and come at me punk Learn how to drive, I'll send ya ass straight to the dump Stop acting like you cool, everybody can see past that you actor You bastard you, you liar you, you wack actor, look at all these factors, You ain't gon' get any girls like this, That ain't ya wish, That was a garbage diss, I might throw a fit, You done made me nauseous like I just took a hit 'Cause that was the worst rhyme I've ever heard in my life, But I'll eat you up like your family and pork fried rice You ain't nice...
  4. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    that's good :D
  5. Play as the demonic anouncer!

    This is a good idea. I like it :)
  6. Favorite perks

    Face it, we all have our favorite perks. I want to here your guy's favorite perks Here is mine: My favorite perks and why Juggernog: Gives you extra hits to take. Speed Cola: Reload faster PHD flopper: well, you don't take explosive damage and flopping is fun Tombstone. You can get extra perks with this. Helpful if you have good weapons and perks Vulture aid. Scavenger! Also green mist Dead shot daiquiri. Headshot helper Stamin up.Run faster and longer. Helps on big maps, I don't know whys it's on town :/ Mule kick. Three guns. Sucks if you have a good third gun and go down :/ Double tap. Helpful, shooting X2 the bullets. :/ Electric cherry. Shock the zombies when reloading. Helpful at low rounds. Quick revive. Revive Faster. That's what the persistent perk is for. To save you a perk slot for your bad teammates Who's who. This is just dumb. You go into another life with just a pistol. Your expected to revive yourself on round 30 with a hoard of zombies. NO. Just no. I know you can buy guns and get like to ray guns or something but I don't like it. Again, what's your favorite order and why?
  7. Dissappearing George?

    Weird. I have never heard this before. Are you sure he disappeared.
  8. My theory on Tank and Misty!!

    This is really good. I like it
  9. Shovel Guide

  10. Reasons why you hate Moon?

    I agree that the excavators are annoying. I lie,the zap guns though. I don't like if one of your friends throws a grenade in the lobby or a room. With oxygen you have to have suits on. I don't like that. Nice post!
  11. Welcome to the forums Zombiesblood3 :)