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  1. The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    Challenge Name: Starting Room Only Number Of Players: 1-4 Required Maps: All maps except Town, and Farm Objective: Do not leave the starting room, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Time Limit: Unlimited Round Limit: Unlimited Players: Friends Disallowed Perk(s): Any perks not located in the starting room. Disallowed Weapons: Any weapons not located in the starting room.
  2. The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    Challenge Name:Trapper's Delight Number of Players:3-4 Required Map(s): All maps with traps Objective: After wave 5, use a trap every round to kill as many zombies as possible, each player must take turns purchasing the traps (one player cannot buy traps two rounds in a row) Time Limit: N/A Round Limit: N/A Randoms Only: N/A Disallowed Perk(s): N/A Disallowed Weapon(s): N/A
  3. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    26, then I got cocky and used up all of my Afterlives, and then went down.
  4. Zombie Suggestions

    I would think that new and improved wonder weapons would be awesome, like a minigun that shoots raygun blasts, Gauntlets that can one hit a zombie until round 25 that you get from the box, a wrist rocket that fires monkey bombs, and maybe a version of the winter's howl that shoots either flame or ice. Also, either the return of the original 4 characters (Samantha, Nikolia, Tank, and Takeo) or 4 far more likeable characters than the ones we saw in Black Ops 2. Some amazing traps would be the Acid Trap (Mob Of The Dead), a trap that shoots spears or other projectiles at the zombies when they got close enough, the hypno-trap which zaps 5-10 zombies and has them go and attack the other zombies for 30 seconds before they exploded, and maybe a trap that sends five human soldiers after the zombies. Some cool perks would be "Cheapsy" for 3000 points which makes all buyable things on the map (Guns,Perks,Doors) %25 cheaper, for example a 1000 point door will only cost 750 points, ect... Also "RAGE-DEW" for 5000 points  which would allow the player to go into a state called rage once every six rounds, this would cause damage to be increased by %90, unlimited sprint, one hit melee, and eight hits to go down. This would last a minute. Finally, another cool perk would be "Pheonix Juice" for 10,000 points, which causes all bullets to turn into bolts of flames that melts the zombies. The map included with the game could be called "Fleets" A map where you are escaping the Moon as the original 4 characters, and you need to teleport from gigantic space ship to gigantic space ship to get your perks and weapons. The wonder weapon on this map would be the minigun I mentioned earlier that shoots raygun blasts. The easter egg would be trying to fix the group's space ship's engine to escape space and get to Earth to extract their revenge on Richtofen and Maxis (NOT one or the other). This is what I think the next Call Of Duty Zombies game should consist of.
  5. Welcome to the forums Gerbilgamer7001 :)