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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Name: Das Feure X2 Type:Buildable,4 parts smoke detector,gas can,bag of parts,broken flamethrower Description:An upgraded wonder weapon flamethrower,it's ammo is determined on the right side of the weapon the smoke detector was 3 red rings as you shoot it my holding the trigger the biggest ring depletes at a moderate rate and the fire isnt crazy powerfull the ring will slowly replete overtime (kinda like the petrifier) but if you reach the max on the first ring a little fire explosion will happen around you and you'll take a little damage and the gun will look a little broken but you'll now be on the second ring which is more powerful and last a bit longer and slowly replenishes but never back to the third ring,when you hit the max on the second ring another more powerful explosion of fire will happen around you causing much damage to you and zombies,and you'll be on the first ring (yea it goes backwards as you can see by now) this ring is very powerful and last a long time of continous fire and very slowly replenishes overtime,when you hit the max it explodes causing enough damage to down the player,and the gun is destroyed,also PHD Flopper will negate its damage affects to the player but still the gun will break. Feedback? :)