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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I have two ideas that i have been tossing around for a wile. the first uses the technology from the ray gun, it is a pump action shotgun that loads the ray gun cells the same as shotgun cells and fires an entire cell at one time and it fires it in a horizontal 90 degree shock wave that almost literally cuts zombies in half but only makes crawlers if you shoot their legs. they could do the ammo amounts like the TG or the DG-2, when PAPed the angle of shock wave could be increased in distance and also to 180 degrees or from a foot wide state to a 90 degree wave. The second idea is to revisit the winters howl by creating a flame thrower that shoots liquid nitrogen or some other freezing substance, just like the Flame thrower from WAW it would have unlimited ammo with a duration limit. How would this work since it cant over heat? simple, as you fire it will become colder, there could be a blue bare that fills as you fire and the longer you fire frost will build up on screen just like the water in COTD. as an added bonus the tip of it would have 4 triangular blades that you stab the zombies with when you use melee when you have that weapon up, it could do more damage and give you enough range to prevent being hit when you melee the zombies. one more thing that would be cool is if you could shoot the ground and cause a temporary patch of ice that would cause the zombies to slip and fall like the sliqufier puddles did. :geek: As far as strength goes they could make you have to shot or hit the frozen zombies in some way to kill them or they will just thaw out, such as shoot with another gun, hit with melee, hit with grenade/explosives, or walk through them... again very similar to winters howl with the exception that they will always die when they are attacked when frozen.