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  1. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Anytime, glad it helped.
  2. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Cool. Appreciate the information. On an unrelated note: Videos for the achievements have been released on our YouTube channel. Sorry for the low audio, I had rendered it with my speakers very high up so I though it was sufficient. Give us a view, a like, a comment, and why not subscribe to us.
  3. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Thanks for the compliment. Although I doubt we could ever top your work. Haha.
  4. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    You just kill them. Go into the house and simply ANNIHILATE them. lol
  5. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    other explosive weapons such as the rpg or mustang and sally also help. Added. Thanks, TBSZ
  6. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Are you sure someone didn't drop it there by going down? I have yet to see this so sorry if I seem like a non-believer.
  7. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

  8. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    What do you think of it now?
  9. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Way, do you think the Spoiler BBCODE would work better? We could BBCODE all the how-to's and then the viewer can just click the one desired. This would decreases the space of the post, and make it easier to read. I plan to do it and copy the original post. That way if things don't turn out as planned we can always restore it.
  10. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    It would be nice if that happened. Updated for: How to get grenades Double points for kills using Sassafras (PaP'ed Remington New Model) Lights on in the house meaning
  11. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Key locations: Bank (Behind the deposit locker) Court room Saloon - Up the stairs inside the little room. Next to Sheriff's cell. Booze locations: Inside the cell. Saloon: Inside the saloon it can be found on any of the tables or by the Bar. You could buy it at the bar for 1000 points. If you still don't see it, then it could be with another player or you reached the round cap which is normally based on no. of players. Candy: Can only be found in candy shop. It could be any room. Once you reached the cap you need to buy it at the register for 1000 points. There is a cap per round. About buildables: If you give candy to Leroy he randomly makes a buildable that's available. It's a time saver if you don't care about money. But if are picky about buildable locations be sure to carry a part for that buildable and lead leroy to that table and feed him candy. About Chalk: I noticed if you give Leroy candy next to ? sign and at the Chalk pieces he places the guns of our choice. If you give him candy at two ? gun signs and give him candy next to chalk pieces he will add more than 1 gun at a time of your choice. For this I had the gun smith door open. Leroy only locks himself down when you shoot him or nade him. You can avoid the lockdown if you reach the cell before him and stay inside it while he is in. Then you can cool him down and he will walk out even without a candy/booze. You can rush Leroy by constantly knifing him, he breaks after 5 seconds so be sure to turn back if he is not following you. Not sure if this is added to the original list but you can give money using knuckles behind the withdrawal desk. Something I noticed about the box: When you get green sparks on the box it can be a good or bad thing. Last night when I got green sparks, a teddy showed up. Then it gave me a snipers, s12, smr and left. After every 3-4 hits. So be aware. It's best to lock it down by its first location using Leroy. Another thing I noticed if you feed candy next to resonator Leroy sometimes brings all your items. Yesterday I got a turbine and Trample steam. Trample steam magically appeared where as I saw Leroy carrying me a turbine as expected. Nice and updated. Thanks way.
  12. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Added, thanks Way.
  13. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    They're all located in the General Store. Just move around and you will find everything. They're on shelves in buckets and corners.
  14. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Like, a perka-cola perk? Is that true? Can I give him Candy and he'll just give me Juggernog? If so, that's awesome! Can you use it to get a fifth perk a cola? This was not something we had tried yet, but we were told it worked. Just tried last night, and sad to say it doesn't. I actually tested the randomness of this and this can be controlled. If you place just one part to any of the buildables before you have Simple Jack build it, he will complete whatever has been started. i.e. If you want the Head Chopper in the Courthouse, just find one of the parts for it like the large blade, build the blade at the courthouse table, then bring Simple Jack to the table and feed him candy. He will finish the Head Chopper. Aside from that, this is a nice quick reference guide. Thanks! Good stuff will add the info into the reference guide.
  15. CGZombies

    The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Well we thought it would be best to have a place where everyone could see all the things they need to know about the map, Buried. Here you go:   Persistent Upgrades A.K.A Perm-a-Perks   The Hillbilly A.K.A Leroy A.K.A Simple Jack A.K.A Woody Harrelson:   Achievements   Strategies Special Thanks: way2g00, TheBSZombie, My Little Dash, TheNathanNS Videos for these topics will be released by us, on our YouTube channel soon. In the meantime if you have anything to add just comment below, thanks!

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