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  1. I'd say they're using it just because. I remember for Origins, Treyarch used Vine to release their teasers so I guess they just wanted to add another social media app to their arsenal.
  2. What's up with the person (presumably a little girl) looking at the camera in one sequence and then turning away quickly in another right after
  3. Maxis EE Step Proved Wrong!

    Before, one of the steps to the Maxis side of the Die Rise easter egg was to revive Russman as Stuhlinger with an upgraded Ballistic Knife. We proved it wrong in the following video. watch?v=6xC_m2bL-sM
  4. Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    My GT is SaggyBerries. I did it with MrRoflWaffles so when he uploads the guide you'll see it then. I post it to my theater as an edited clip when I get home at around 2:30 EST
  5. Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    My friends and I were doing the ballistic knife part to the Maxis EE, and proved that ANY character can have the Krauss. Also, you DO NOT have to revive Russman. It just has to be shot (in what seems to be the bottom floor of the Buddha room) a total of 3 times. Try it out for yourselves guys. I'm not making this up.
  6. Bottom right seems to be a film reel as well as a microphone maybe?