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  1. <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    I just got it on solo so yeah its possible. However it didnt work for the first insta kill drop but for the second one. I think you have to reach at least round 5 or kill a minimum amount of zombies to be able to obtain the persistant upgrade.
  2. Play as the demonic anouncer!

    Yeah that would be a little bonus like Dead Ops Arcade from BO.
  3. My K/H (Kill/Headshot) is 6,5 and the regular K/D is 270 and i still have shptguns, so the idea with the headshot based rank system is good but not true because it would be too unfair for people like me using often ray gun M&S and jet gun :p
  4. Loading Screen Analysys, Zombie Timeline Hint?

    Wow i never noticed that looks like the postcard of the farm is nailed to a barrier. All the loading screen were taken after the zombie apocalypse. Looks like the people who survived (in the shelters?) are tried to remember the good old times to keep being motivated but then got overrun by the zombies (because of the blood on the postcards) .
  5. New Hidden Perk? Perk without power.

    Because the timing is important and it looks like your timing was only perfect as you bought the second perk. Here's a tut
  6. Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Wow that's true even if it does not sounds like sam but you still can clearly hear the word "danger"! And you are sure that only Misty can hear this voice/noise ?
  7. Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    It says that the video is private :/
  8. Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Can you prove it with a video because i don't have my BO2 at the moment.
  9. Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Abigail was a friend of Samantha and their parents worked as scientists (Dr. Maxim and whatever). Maybe Samantha wants that her old friend Abigail helps her to kill Richtofen. :o
  10. Yes but only the first line belongs to the jet gun. The rest is mysterious coding...
  11. i checked the text and all the way at the bottom i found something interesting that i haven't seen or heard in tranzit before: does anybody know what this means? Someone mentioned this already, his idea was that there is a night bus which can be controlled by the player...
  12. Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    I thought you gonna say that the original creator of this layout was on crack as he made this picture, there are a ton of better ones. :mrgreen:
  13. BirdDog Dan Tranzit EE next step train station |Update|

    Some beams are red Others are blue I am a poet It's time to troll you
  14. BirdDog Dan Tranzit EE next step train station |Update|

    I cant believe that here are so many dumb people on this forum...how old are you? Under 18?!