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  1. Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Guys, guys, guys, guys! This is a desperate attempt at clutching straws; there is NO "danger", it's clearly the zombies and SFX that are creating this illusion; I mean, even someone noted that turning down SFX effects removes this so-called cry from Sam! I call bullshit. No offence meant to OP either.
  2. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    Several things have just struck me... NavCard... As in navigation and card... One would think, as the main mode of transportation around such a large sand-boxed environment is a bus, driven by a robot, that this card is for use with the bus to specify the destination. Perhaps not for Green Run, but maybe for future DLC... (1) Either the card is for Green Run and specifying destination whilst on the bus, within that game-mode. (2) Moving between maps, I mean everyone must have heard the bus bib on Nuketown, right? So it could be to literally to move around the zombies world. Though I think the second possibility may not be so likely (just a thought) as stats are separate between maps, and Nuketown (for instance) is only survival not TranZit. Though we should probably pay more attention to that bus bib on Nuketown. Just another thought relating to Nuketown is the map layout, it's Black Ops 1 style (1970's), not the BOs2 future (2025). Which was described as "Nuketown 2025 Zombies".