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  1. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I think your getting a little mad right know dude. Did you read the post about the texture of the mountains? It's just about 100% confirmed
  2. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    What if when the Vril ya arrived on mars, the planet was actually life sustaining, they knew Mars had 115 but they need people to retrieve it for them so with their advanced technology they built a time travel device within their temple and teleported forward in time to earth. they took some humans so that they could mine the 115. The humans mimicked the temple of the Vril ya on earth. So their could be "two Shangri las" one on mars and one on earth. When the Explorers Brock and Gary go to Shangri la, they go to the one on earth, BUT they activate the temple's time travel device and teleport to Shangri la on Mars, Back in time when it was still life sustaining. That could explain how they got their. But since Richtofen got there first and killed everyone, everyone was turned to zombies, leaving Mars covered with zombies. Just my opinion. I urge people to debunk it in someway. I really want to know what people think.