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  1. Where did all my money go?

    If you play local your bank is not the same as online you mite have been experiencing that @ThunderGlove142 Violent Professional
  2. Do you have your PP out at all times?

    @blackhandsmith don't you worry about getting your PP dirty running around like that Violent Professional
  3. Do you have your PP out at all times?

    I don't run around with my PP out because I wanna conserve it only bringing it out to impress, if only but a short while. Lol But seriously I usually use the crapy weapon I wanna get rid of first cause I wanna maximize my points Violent Professional
  4. The Purge

    I know somebody had to be thinking it!!!! Violent Professional
  5. The Purge

    I would eat spicy Hispanic food the nite before and wait and hold it till the purge and once the purge happened I would take the BIGGEST crap on my plant managers front porch!! Violent Professional
  6. Who's your favorite Black Ops zombie 1 character?!

    I didn't even think of FIVE Castro was my guy in that map!! Nice Violent Professional
  7. is moon worth buying?

    Cool Violent Professional
  8. is moon worth buying?

    Get @me when u get it I'll be down to play. Violent Professional
  9. is moon worth buying?

    Moon is a awesome map and the EE was a fun one to do Violent Professional
  10. Greetings

    Hello and welcome ! Violent Professional
  11. Do you guys play WaW on Steam, xbox or playstation?

    Microsoft Fan Boy here!! Violent Professional
  12. Madden Giferator

    Violent Professional
  13. hello there friends,allies,enemies,and fellow slayers

    Welcome @Onecooldude123! Violent Professional
  14. ~Zombies Hangman~

    Taiko Violent Professional
  15. Clash of clans clan recruitment

    Np well good luck with ur clan then. Violent Professional