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  1. Thankx for the update @​pinnaz cant wait to see it on youtube and maybe mp3 album would be nice too.. Too bad nobody from the forum could be in the event..lets hope they repeat it in other locations.
  2. Is there any media from the concert out yet? havent found anything on the internets
  3. lol i guess you can use ur own advice too. plus nobody is sayin rely on somebody else, this game originally was sopose to be a co-op game, now because of this is just turning into more of a solo game, just saying i know about the focus and pay attention basic skills in any game, but im talking more about attitude of players that now tend to play more solo, and also tend leave/escape games more because of the rank system and importance of the emblem/status
  4. And now that we having a new map Die Rize, we have to decide... Do we wanna adventure on the map not knowing wheres Jug, where to train/camp,(that's how i like it!) or Should we wait for someone else do the dirty job and educate us how the new mechanics and strategy's work? ... the first one will affect negatively our k/d and this rank system has affect negatively how we enjoy playing zombies, and the attitude how we approach the game play itself.
  5. General consensus is I believe 70. Although it happens at different times for everyone and there's no set spot where you rank up. That's kill/down too btw, not kill/death. i think the kill/dwn percentage will depend on time played, i got my skull and knify at 60k/d with 13,000+ minutes, got a friend on who got shotties at 120k/d, so im pretty sure it depends on time spent.
  6. Finally got my skull and knify, got it at 60k/d to my surprise, i was trying to aim to 70k/d wich is the lowest i have seen in others. To do it sadly had to play solo (wich i dont like )and aim at 600+ kills per down after week and a half did it Got a friend who surpass all my stats but has less time played and has 70k/d and still at skull I think the ratio needed for next emblem will depend on time played Im thinking aiming at shooties but to do it, i think i need to play 1600 kills 2 downs daily for the next 35 days to put my k/d at 120 cause saw someone on my list with this and shotties so maybe i could get the shotties at this k/d too , is it worth the hassle and boredom, not sure i dont think so , dont get me wrong love zombies but i have fkt my k/d playing with randoms on tranzit and the first days on die rise will also afect my k/d negatively So the decision is.. should i play solo for the k/d and emblem? or should i continue playing for fun forget about my stats
  7. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Haven't read the whole thread so sorry is this been brought up. Nobody knows what or how could this permanent perk be..looks awesome though
  8. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Ist me or steal boards were gone with an recent update?
  9. Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    Wow didnt noticed all this.. i guess i need to piss him off more :D
  10. Storing money in the bank

    I would like to know how much i have in the bank, could that be posible?
  11. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    yeah right!! theres like some others issues more impoprtant to fix, but oh well, haters will continue to hate
  12. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    Hmm, feels like dubstep is in the air....
  13. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    finish reading the ongoing comic series and its really good, has alot of details not showing on AMC's remake of the series, highly recomend the reading
  14. The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Stop whining bichess get on the bus, im with less money here ill pay and bust shut up u stupid! robot driver, you sound like some here that think their brighter these streets here look like no easy fun if u wanna stay alive go and pack n punch blast one to the feet, the other to ur mouth when this game is over you'll never be aroused go run to ur mommy, while you can 25 zombies running wanna eat ur ass forever alone no one will revive u now ur dead, watch my game, let me show u how to
  15. The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Damn it treyarch no freaking trailer Been on this wait since last november Im a to desparete? Fk that sht This crazy drug has me offset Love the days in new map im lost Dont know power, where the fk is jugg Find the box ajaa !! Let me rape it New wonder weapon im gonna take it Love this game, still hate this wait Midnight preorder till morning awake Once in my hands play it till burn I want round 50, 15 hours long Thank u treyarch for zombies game For listening to players keep us entertain Hope this game is like 10 times better No matter ill Still be hook from now till 2 novembers..