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  1. sorry but thats just a glare from the sun done in after effects
  2. i believe you just found our first look at zombies :)
  3. and what do you mean check back at midnight for more details? is this the "return for debriefing" thing?
  4. i hope it dosent get to complicated
  5. reminds me alot of ghost recon advanced warfighter
  6. If you look at anither picture of him you see a name on his vest. H. Woods I think. Just because he has the same device that says D. Mason doesn't mean it's not a standard issued tech. good point i think i read somewhere in a caption that it was masons son maybe not on kotaku it says that the player will play as masons son, so if that pic is woods son then could the 2 be freinds like mason and woods in BlackOps1
  7. also take note that their are red and blue lights flashing possibly s.w.a.t team?
  8. also something very interesting to take note of.
  9. not leaked Dan Amrich posted lots of information on his blog.
  10. possibly looking through the wall with the new attachment.
  11. that would explain the "sensor" at the top
  12. Barely visible but reads out D.Mason
  13. this thread got super quiet fast :lol:
  14. so its very possible that moon is around the time of Black Ops 2