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  1. Future Perk and Gobblegum Ideas

    I've heard that perk be referred to as Banana Colada. A clever and relevant name, especially if we will be visiting Ponhpei in a future DLC. Bananas-Banana Trees-Island. Hopefully the first ever fan-made perk to be included in zombies, and also a necessary PhD avenger.
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    What if zombies in BOII had its own map pack aside from multiplayer? Maybe with elite? Idk thats not my main point. The packs should be the history or origins of the characters of The Crew. Map pack 1: Tank Dempsey. 2: Nikolai Belinski. 3: Takeo Masaki. 4: 935 (richtofen/maxis/sam?). That would be good to build up towards the final map pack (935) maybe to end it all out.
  3. Zombie Suggestions

    New map idea/theory The first time you get to the zombie menu on BOII, you will select maps and there will be two. However, since May 1st, only one has been advertised. So your obvious reaction will be to play the unknown one, called "CLASSIFIED". You start in Nacht der Untoten, then teleport through all the maps through automatic transitions. Ndu to V: NUKE V to SNN: buying DT SNN to DR: close up on box DR to KDT: Teleporter KDT to FIVE: downed with M&S out and shooting the ground FIVE to A: Number teleporter-Gersh portal A to COTD: after color surge after power, lightning strike at beach COTD to SL: flopping down waterslide SL to MOON: power switch once you are on moon again, you will need to find your PES. You look in the original air locks, but there is no air because the evxcavator cut through it. There fore you become downed. But not to worry, the astronaut saves you and gives you back any perks. You follow him to the teleporter that had fallen onto the pyramid. You teleport to Area 51, but green gas fills your screen from the radiation from the missiles, and has the effect of MP NOVA gas, but the circular area where the PAP used to be is a hole and you jump in it to find yourself in a dark tunnel. This is where the population escaped to during the missile apocalypse. Trust no one. They will offer prrks, guns, attachments etc for free. Some are infected and zombies, but some you can trust. They slowly walk toward you at round 1 speed and gradually speed up. You realize that with the billions of refugges of the world population are becoming zombies, you run shooting them down the tunnel. Dont make a wrong turn, but you need to follow the familiar sound that was made by the mystery red named astronaut. You will want him to teleport you now. He teleports you to a staircase that has a heavy steel door at the top with an exit sign on top. To the right there is an all perk vending machine (similar to a coke machine having Dr. Pepper, Gatorade, Sunkist), and to the left there is a wonder weapon box for 950. Zombies begin spawning at the speed you teleported away from them at. You run up and up, but it gets longer and longer. You finally ate backed up to the door. It costs 7500 pts. You rack up pts with your ww, and run out of ammo you arr not up to 7500. No going to get it its blocked by zombies. You turn around desperate to find that the door is only 1000 pts to which you open it and escape out of it to find yourself in a feild of freshly cut grass with a small jungle across the field, to right of that you have an enormous garden , past that a dry, dense NEVADA DESERT!!!!! You start to realize in the light of dusk that you recognize this place. You go in the back door of the home that owns the field in the back. You walk through the house to the cul de sac where you see all of the call of duty characters ever in a game having a potluck. you look to your left, and theres a shiny sign that read WELCOME TO NUKETOWN!!!! Population (zombie counter). You yell to the classics of the attack. Richtofen is not there, however the original three that you are not are there. (if you are dempsey, takeo and nikolai are there. The zombies pour out of the fallout shelter. when the zombies start do lessen from the epic nuketown callofduty zombieslaing reunion, it is noob the next day. Then Price or some worthless modern warfare guy yells NUKE and they leave you to begin by yourself on round 1 in nuketown, that is signifies by the nuke dropping that you survive it with your suit you got from area 51. When you left the moon power room, it was after the nukes hit earth. You teleported to A51 and it was a day before the attack. A nuketown nuke is dropped at the end of every round. Perks and weapons are here, whatever you may need. Hacker is here, but you must have the suit on due to the radiation in the air after a round starts (lasts until zombie counter is halfway to zero). When the game is over, your screen with be an over head of nuketown, that will zoom out so you can see the entire Earth, to where you see the missiles collide and blow it up. This was sort of a story of what your first reactions would be and i though it was a good way to incorporate the PES/Hazmat, map reunion as well as characters, attchments, ww box, zombie counter, and NUKETOWN!!!!! Multiplayer would work the same as solo, with 2-4 ppl. You cant go on w/o your team mates. Epic