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  1. Tombstone

    Is it confirmed that whatever this tombstone will be revealed tomorrow on the trailer? Or is this something we are going to discuss until the game comes out?
  2. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    Could someone please post a link to the video of the announcement trailer. I can't find it anywhere and my smart phone won't load videos on CoDZ for some reason.
  3. Question and an idea regarding the UOTM

    Could you maybe post a link? Sorry for the trouble :?
  4. Question and an idea regarding the UOTM

    Hello everyone!! I had a question and an idea regarding the UOTM. First, my question is when is this medal awarded? Like what part of the month normally? And my idea is that there should be a thread ( I checked on the search engine but didnt find one ) that shows every UOTM winner. This could be cool for the viewing public to know who some of the best and brightest are on this sight, as well as for the winners of UOTM to kind of get their on little fame for being on such a prestigious list ( and who doesn't like getting that. ) So that was just my two cents worth on the subject. As always all feedback is welcome. And thanks for taking the time to read this topic. P.S. for the moderators: I didn't know exactly where to put this post. I didn't think that it belonged in the off topic subforum but if you guys believe it does, don't hesitate to move it. No harm done :D
  5. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Round 35 with a friend. Of course where I live I don't have high speed internet so the round was not recorded on my leaderboard :|