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  1. Haven't seen this mentioned.. but thought it was a cool trick. You can actually do the plate gathering and golden rod steps early in order to get the death machines DURING the 100 soul collection step. Me and a few buddies did this, and having the DM's to kill 100 zombies was pretty awesome.

    Am I the only one that thinks Mule Kick on all maps SUCKS?! It seriously cheapens the concept of 'Road to Round 100+' when 1-50 will be that much easier now. People have been finding creative ways to get to ridiculous levels ever since W@W, managing their ammo of 2 and 2 guns only. This is just silly. It can help 1-50. Past that, you can't outgun everything no matter how many guns you have. So I don't think it will effect WR attempts. The purist guys will probably choose to not use it. Any future high round attempt I do will NOT use Mule Kick. Period.
  3. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    If this dude can't see the discrepancy and goofiness amongst the following, then I am wasting my proverbial breath. 1. I have THREE messages from him discussing his end game points of the round 161 game. The numbers do not match either of these photos, but now there is a SECOND game. He was just confused. OK!!!! 2. Removing the blemish on the original pic would have required him to redraw both the thunder gun and the bloodstain behind score perfectly, yet he failed to preserve the 0? Oops. 3. Admitting to digitally altering a pic he's submitted as proof does NOT help his case at all. 4. His answers get more bizarre with every question or criticism he fields. So you can announce the greatest feat in zombie history publicly, but any negative response has to be made in private? I see the logic there. With that, I've spent way too much time on this silliness. I'm done.
  4. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    PM was referring to the 161 round game. And you've beaten the world record twice, yet still have no viable proof? I could post the entire msg, but don't feel it's appropriate to do so in order to not start any flame wars. It's just the more you explain yourself, the more your story falls apart. Sorry guys. I did not mean to hash this out in public. I don't understand the gratification one gets from their need to gain approval from others by fabricating zombie stats/scores. Totally baffling. There are more important things to judge one's character upon... zombies is not one of them. I will no longer be participating on these forums. Later!!!!!
  5. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    You've also EXPLICITLY told me via pm you had 1.3 million points at the end of your game. Where'd this extra million and change come from? I'm not participating in this silliness. Later guys. Was fun while I lasted.
  6. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    So... those are identical photos, you just photoshoped the original to make the score look better and remove a mysterious blemish? In doing so, reconstructing the texture of the thunder gun camo, AND the bloodstain where the score is represented? Come on, man. I was going to give benefit of the doubt considering scores actually can momentarily land between multples of 10 if you freeze frame while shooting. This is just getting silly.
  7. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    *Edit. nevermind.
  8. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    Hey thanks. I like this place.
  9. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    If you watched the video, it's not a thunder gun fail. The game spontaneously restarted itself. I'm guessing a RAM or GPU error aka the developer not accounting for an unexpected condition. Similar to the frequent script errors in the WAW maps. Identical thing happened to Spiderbite from NGT on his run for the Ascension record 2 days earlier to my own run for the record. And in terms of development, thunder gun fails, mysterious disappearance of grenades, or vanishing mustang & sally or wunderwaffe shots should not be an acceptable condition. May be an oversight, but why the hell would a developer make guns that don't work ON PURPOSE? By design? I don't think so. Thanks for the input though.
  10. Ascension Solo Leaderboard

    Treyarched at round 135. The same thing that happened to Spiderbite at round 142 happened to me. Edit. Looks like this thread is no longer maintained by the tc. oh well. http://www.justin.tv/cjgarof/b/293236521