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  1. Haven't seen this mentioned.. but thought it was a cool trick. You can actually do the plate gathering and golden rod steps early in order to get the death machines DURING the 100 soul collection step. Me and a few buddies did this, and having the DM's to kill 100 zombies was pretty awesome.
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    Am I the only one that thinks Mule Kick on all maps SUCKS?! It seriously cheapens the concept of 'Road to Round 100+' when 1-50 will be that much easier now. People have been finding creative ways to get to ridiculous levels ever since W@W, managing their ammo of 2 and 2 guns only. This is just silly. It can help 1-50. Past that, you can't outgun everything no matter how many guns you have. So I don't think it will effect WR attempts. The purist guys will probably choose to not use it. Any future high round attempt I do will NOT use Mule Kick. Period.

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