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  1. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Also, on the steel boards, you now hear a drill rather than a hammer. Seriously though (and I hope I'm wrong) do you think there are any more? The devs don't tend to help all that much and they've already given us 2 sec revives, steel boards and a headshot bonus(maybe? I'm not sure on the extra damage either). That seems like a helluva lot given the help they have given in the past i.e. none. Sure hope I'm wrong though. Also, all those people looking and running around for hours firing their guns up into the air - God speed and do us proud.
  2. New Perk Machine Pic

    Awesome post Mr_Waffles. Everything makes sense. Confirms a lot of things that seem pretty obvious. Alot of people are over thinking things in these forums and drawing ridiculous conclusions. I don't even think the programmers have a definite backstory for zombies (the programmer in the trailer hints they didn't even know they were gonna have a moon level till recently, "How do we beat guys pushed up by water?") but theres so many people thinking that they do! How many pseudo-quantum theorists can there be? Brains for you! [brains] [brains] [brains]