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  1. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    Can't wait. They filmed an episode in the neighborhood across the street from mine. A buddy of mine's house was used in some scenes. They actually paid him to NOT maintain his lawn. Then they threw dead leaves all over the place and piled up mounds of garbage in front of everyones house (No garbage service if zombies are running around ) I took some pictures but I had to agree not to post them until after the episode aired. They kind of made a big stink about the pictures but since all of them had my daughter in them they relaxed and asked me nicely to please not post them. It was really cool watching them film. There were probably 100+ zombies walking around in really good make-up. It really felt eerie when the sun started going down. My daughter who is 10 started to get a little scared, one of the zombies really scared her and she took off running then she picked up a stick turned around and said ""I'm surrounded! Bring it mother-truckers!" Maybe this should be under the "you play to much if"...your kids are quoting Dempsey :shock: