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  1. Highest Round on Buried!

    Made it to 34 on solo. The Paralyzer is crazy overpowered IMO. The fact that if you're stuck you can just fly straight over the zombies helped me out so many times. Got bored in the end though and died from a stupid death.
  2. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    I'm hyped. At college at the moment (i'm in the UK so basically school), got two lessons and then I can go home at about 1pm and download dis.
  3. Top 10 favourite albums

    Awesome list, OP. Although I disagree strongly with your number 1. Nextlevelism is an awful album in my opinion. 1. Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies 2. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 3. Noisia - Split The Atom 4. Zedd - Clarity 5. Nero - Welcome Reality 6. Bury Tomorrow - Union of the Crowns 7. A Day To Remember - Homesick 8. deadmau5 - Random Album Title 9. Camo & Krooked - Cross The Line 10. Pendulum - Hold Your Colour Runner up: Netsky - Netsky. Making a top 10 is too damn hard.
  4. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Yesterday I had probably the most fun I've ever had in a co-op zombie game. Was playing with Eye and Milo on Moon. We did the easter egg and then at round 18 started camping in the PM63 room in tunnel 11. We got a lot of trouble from the Astronaut and we split the hacker so we could hack all the drops. It was absolute chaos. We hacked the PM63 for ammo on the cheap and it was pretty much non stop firing until we eventually died at round 34 due to being really unlucky as we just happened to all go down pretty much at the same time. We all did great though, Milo has about 20-ish downs and considering he was lagging most of the game that was awesome. Eye had around 14 I think which was also great considering he was on a 3 bar all game, and I had about 11 or 12 downs I think and I was the white player, although I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes. So yeah, awesome playdate. Had several great games and I'm looking foward to the next one! :D
  5. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    I'm available all day today so if anyone wants to do anything just say.
  6. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Looking forward to the playdate tomorrow guys! It's gonna be great to play with you Jolteon man! Who else is on team awesome? :D
  7. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Here's my reaction when I got to round 100 on Ascension. As you can see I look absolutely overwhelmed. But seriously, I'm just bored aha.
  8. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    It would be an honour . Just hope we don't get disconnected this time, heh.
  9. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Count me in boys, I'll be there.
  10. CoDz Has Made Me a Worse Player

    Don't worry about it man. Mid 30s in co-op is still a big achievement. If you can get that far then quite often you can get to these high rounds you see people getting on here. The main difference is how much time you have on your hands, how much you play and how dedicated you are. Rounds alone do not show your skill level.
  11. Highest round on Der Riese?

    Just got to 40 with Dougie_All_Day in about 3 hours. I was on 1337 kills, we turn on the trap to suicide, stand under it and get a G spawn error. Can't believe that just happened.
  12. Official No Man's Land Records

    Slowly getting closer to 300. I can pretty much PaP every time now. Got a 263 game using the Side Drop earlier, then tried the Back Pool, got 244, tried the side drop again and got 276. I just need to get my group tighter a little quicker and I should be good to hit 300 soon.
  13. The Face Behind The Avatar

    inb4 "Silent, you look like a massive tool."
  14. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    That was fun, shame about the lag as that kind of screwed me over but I have to expect that. Didn't really make a good impression for myself, lol.
  15. How Far Have you Gotten?

    Very annoyed, just got to 100 solo and took a video however it didnt save.