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    I've gone over everything with Java and C++ and no results that are different than the rest of this thread. This easter egg is over. It is just a stupid incomplete easter egg that doesn't do anything. This isn't the first time (i.e: the fly trap.) This is just getting out of hand, some stupid idiot at Treyarch is probably laughing uncontrollably right now at the results of his little stunt. This is just stupid, I mean honestly, its going to happen on Survive, then the next map, then the next map. (If you don't know what survive is, its the next zombie map, some idiot leaked it.) Treyarch is just like that, they put stupid stuff in the game to satisfy people, like the thundergun on Kowloon in campaign, that is just retarded. I looked at all the codes, tested all theories, and even came up with my own, but I realized that I'm not that stupid. Anyway, stop posting, just STOP talking about it, ITS OVER. :facepalm: