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  1. Pop Goes the Weasel (Easter Egg) VIDEO TUTORIAL

    Congrats Guys!!!! and you didn't need 2 days head-start or an inside source, go figure
  2. Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    I don't think it would say Root Beer if it didn't contain any alcohol. Root Beer doesn't contain alcohol, it's a soft drink...
  3. Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    Double Tap? how is it confirmed?
  4. Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    StopMock: In the COTD radio Richtofen talks about how the serum finally works after infusing it with Vodka. I assumed he was talking about Juggernog, due to Nikolai's quotes from previous maps. Also you can use vodka when you make Eggnog, although I prefer bourbon. As with everything though this could be open to a different interpretation.
  5. Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    Perks with Alcohol: Mule Kick= Beer (stated by Tank on Moon) Juggernog= Vodka (stated by Nicholai on multiple maps and Richtofen on the COTD radio) Deadshot= Rum (that is the alcohol in a daquiri)
  6. Educated Guesswork

    Why exactly have you been told not to talk about it? You should be able to talk about whatever you want to.
  7. an-94 death slide

    Because there isn't, you may think you figured it out, but one day it will get you. Also do you really think they designed it so you could only go down the left side of the slide on purpose lol.
  8. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    No it's not fall damage, I have dropped from the last stoop after going to the bathroom during a crawler break and still gone down. I had no damage whatsoever when I dropped down onto the slide and also had Jugg. I mean no disrespect Telexion, but this is just what I have experienced. This is a glitch/bug not a featured hazard of the map.
  9. Die rise Game over

    Here is why those cages are there, This is a little depressing... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2084971/Hong-Kongs-cage-homes-Tens-thousands-living-6ft-2ft-rabbit-hutches.html MMX I like the theory, I'll have to listen to the end again.
  10. Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    I've never understood this argument. A gun can only be over powered in Competetive multiplayer, where it could be used to gain an unfair advantage to those not equipped with that weapon. A gun designed to be used against a AI Controlled Melee enemy can not be over powered. It is powered exactly as the devs wanted it to be. You really have to know how to use this gun, it's not an "Oh Shit" weapon to be used to get out of jam, as a matter of fact most times when I see people try to use it in this way they end up face down in puddle of their own goo. The chance for a complete Cl*sterF*ck using the Jizz Cannon kind of balances the "Godlike" factor of this gun. As for the Original Topic: I would not use this spot because it sounds boring as hell and cheap, but do I think It's a glitch, No. It's exploiting a gameplay mechanic to your advantage, I contest that it is no less honorable than running a train for 3 hours at Farm, the Situation Room of Five or the Flopper area of Ascension. Running "Trains" is also a gameplay exploit, but nobody seems to have any issues with that. As a matter of fact it has become the "default" strategy, for all the "greats" on YT :roll: (Read lots of Sarcasm into that last bit) Personally I dislike Training or Kiting as I think it's boring and cheap, but I don't think its cheating or a glitch So in short I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't begrudge anybody elses choice to use it. The leader boards are f*cked anyway, so its not like it actually means anything.
  11. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    So you really don't like this map at all, but if it was easier to PaP and crawlers were easier it would be a great map?
  12. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    I really like this map as far as the baby factor goes: If Verruckt and Ascension got together for night of consentual stickiness Di Rise would be the bastard love child of that coupling. There are tight hallways and plenty of viable rooms to camp in, but it also has 3 or 4 good areas to train if your a circle guy. The new WW which we have all nicknamed the "Jizz Cannon" is the best thing since the "Baby Maker" as far as pure fun factor goes. The boss round is perfect it is easy to handle as a team, but punishes lone wolves, giving you the incentive to stay together. The only down side to me is the random nature of the Perk/PaP elevators it makes the first couple rounds after power gets turned on a scavenger hunt. Which is kinda a pain, but not as much so as Green Run or Moon. All in All I think this is great first effort for DLC and I hope they continue this trend with future DLCs
  13. Zombie buffs?

    Either way you CAN clearly see the human player through a wall in Diner. No? He's inside the diner with the zombie, the dark color scheme makes it seem as if the zombie has orange vision when he does not. Just watched the trailer again. He's for sure seeing through the wall.
  14. Am I missing something about Semtex?

    When training throw a semtex in front of you and run the hoard over it. They are slightly less powerful than a frag but they also don't roll into the lava and disappear.
  15. Zombie buffs?

    Either way you CAN clearly see the human player through a wall in Diner.