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  1. Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    Man, if they're going to make another ascension trailer and try to be funny, im going to be mad.I want them to bring the old zombie trailers especially if this is the last map pack.
  2. The Ultimate Zombie Media Thread - Origins

    Nice Post Alpha! Bumped Up Your Brains [brains]!
  3. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    I Think it could be a possibillity that the new wonder weapon could burn the zombies.because theres monkeys for boss rounds.If you noticed in CotD Geogre was there which replaced special rounds (Monkeys, dogs Theif).I Doubt if that they would make a special zombie and have a monkey round.

    I Got It Just Last Night!But I Couldn't Kill Him In Time And He Took My Death Machine D: It Left Me With Both Of My Original Guns Though :D
  5. Where do YOU want the next zombies map?

    Sorry but getting off of the polls i would actually want one to be in the St. Louis Arch.That Would Be Epic!(voted for artic base though )
  6. How Far Have you Gotten?

    (First post )Round 38 Solo.