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  1. Next wonder weapon idea

    melee weapon... so like the chainsaw paddle in dead rising 2? maybe, it could be a folding shovel, RT to hack and RS to slash pack a punch makes it quicker and more powerful
  2. Next wonder weapon idea

    i fancy a godly melee weapon and the grass idea might be quite good, something that shoots a vine that flies through the air horizontal and groups zombies together like ties them up. Could be handy to buy you some time
  3. Next wonder weapon idea

    we already had the flamethrower I agree, i think a fire based weapon is out of the question probably a light based weapon will be the next to make a debut, something gold that fires yellow beams of light, much like the heat ray. it would be awesome if they put a spin on it like the holy hand grenades from worms
  4. How Far Have you Gotten?

    we started out with 4 then someone lagged out early on. had a very similar experience tho, got to 29 with 2 guys... DAMN YOU SPACE MONKEYS So far the best tekkers for dealing with them are using either a ray gun or something knife based like the ballistic or sickle