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    Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    If you want a good game and you need two players, me and my pal will help you out..... thing is, are you two good enough for us lol? we have some serious stats on zombies ill only state the decent maps played.... shi no numa 159 solo ( no glitching or modding, just extra guns....4 in total ) shi no numa 38 with 2 players der riese 45 with 3 players kino 40 with 2 players "five" 32 with 2 players ascension 38 with 2 players There mine and hes stats and there clearly on my leaderboards, last time i checked it was 62 on ascension....i wana get there and can get there with the right team.....let me know Xbox GT NuttyTurn0ut
  2. NuttyTurn0ut

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    They will keep reseting the scores until they patch the glitches people or shall i say noobs are using.
  3. NuttyTurn0ut

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    Me and 2 others have got too L 38, that was not knowing about any easter eggs, so know im just trying to get past the DM part which is doing my nut in!!! Kino - 40 ( 2 players ) Five - 30 ( 3 players ) Ascension - 38 ( 3 players ) Der Riese - 45 ( 2 players ) Do need a 4th player if anyone needs a game.....we play alot lol Im on Xbox....GT NuttyTurn0ut

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