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  1. What the "Future" quote actually means

    YES. I was thinking literally exactly the same thing. Kind of gets you thinking too about how advanced we REALLY are. I'm sure there is a whole lot that is being hidden from us by our governments.
  2. Mining on the moon? And logo on suits?

    My theory: The nazis originally had a base on the moon for a very long time (back during WWII) It was said that there were large quantities of element 115 on the moon, so they went mining for it. I PERSONALLY believe that the base was for experimenting on humans and trying to create their super army without any havoc breaking out on earth. This is what i think the capsules in kino der toten (the ones on the stage) and shangri la were for, transporting the dead into space to experiment. This is what created the space race, everybody knew there was a base and large quantities of 115 on the moon. It was a race to see who could get to it and use the resources to their advantage.
  3. BIG secret on Kino???

    Well, i think its just the crawlers, but if it was something on the roof i would have to say the downpour zombies from DOA. they carry maces , which they could hit the holes in the ceiling with