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  1. Please be a joke...

    haha it'l cost ya buddy :P
  2. Please be a joke...

    haha my gf loves zombies.. she baught an xbox 360 just for call of the dead haha
  3. Please be a joke...

    the way i see it... Treyarc are looking to take the zombie story line to the next level but they are trying to vere off from the begining and make a new chapter.. me personally i beleive that the original vioce over cast are wanting to move on to something else instead of sticking around.. hey they might even actually like this mode and disagree with treyarc with the whole storyline mess so they quit. hence why they are bringin in other people who knows.. i agree with those of you who say give it a chance, when i watched the trailer i wasnt really impressed but i have yet to watch the inside xbox.. i dont really see the point in ranting and raving.. as the map hasnt even been released.. why dont you wait untill you have played it then decide..
  4. New Finding in Veruckt

    play2often......i think your name states everything...do us all a favour....STFU!! thank you :)