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  1. Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    I would immensely enjoy slaughtering zombies with you guys. Highest round was 25. Only ended because everybody else died and I had to survive alone on 24 so I was out of ammo by 25. Hahah
  2. Crawlers in kino aren't monkeys

  3. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    I'm on every day and I believe I am qualified to be a moderator. I'm also new, but that doesn't mean anything :D
  4. Request userbars for your signatures

    If carbon isn't dead, Can I have the Gknova one with "Ascend from Darkness" OH OH OH And An xbox ambassador with my GT: FlatLine777
  5. Der Riese Server Exploration

    someone try ascendfromdarkness or ascend