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  1. Dempsey hinting at secret?

    no thats nikolai
  2. *URGENT* CoDz Server Downtime 3/24

    HOLD IT why is this in W@W zombie discusion?
  3. How Far Have you Gotten?

    me :3 recnetly beat that record tho 36 sad thing is iv only had it for less then a week an most people in xbox arnt even close to me :S
  4. Dempsey hinting at secret?

    pfft dempsy scared yeah right
  5. The Waffle Womp Tutorial Explained / Questions?

    gave you back your brains stupid trolls
  6. The Waffle Womp Tutorial Explained / Questions?

    ha nice sig/quote
  7. The Waffle Womp Tutorial Explained / Questions?

    WTF? This strategy has been mastered by NGT SPIDERBITE AND RADAUSTIN (Solo) all you did is add extra player then make it so it's retarded with fire trap he found this before them so they sorta copied him he just didnt post on codz till later dude you need to chill
  8. The Waffle Womp Tutorial Explained / Questions?

    nice hopefully will be testing this out today
  9. Ghost. (formally I am done thread)

    It is Ike Eisenhower when he was general. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4166 Me agreeing with WhosOnFirst about quick scoping. viewtopic.php?f=53&t=4060 Explaining the storyline to new member There was this member I spoke with before about GkNova6. We tried to find something by doing TFAs on the tape that carbon got. We found nothing. ya i dont see you agring with any1 (srry im typing bad its 5 am n i stayed up 2 days in a row
  10. Ghost. (formally I am done thread)

    im with u legend im sick of this but what bugs me more is your a ghilli i always do this hurray free kill that guys got a sniper but it seems to have died down a lil on ps3 and i noticed u took my addvice well not really advice but whatever :roll: and put the part were reznov actually says "my name is reznoz and i will have my revenge"
  11. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    ur sig should be the part wean he actually says that
  12. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    hudson isnt dead u mean reznov right
  13. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    that did get me a lil angry wean that happend ps hes not dead
  14. So, who was this cosmicsilverback?????

    mikeh i cracked the code its the numbers in black ops wean u go to numbers and press pause the numbers show up theres 50 numbers 50 letters