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  1. Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    Research away! Ping me on here or Twitter if you want assistance with anything. I am thinking we need to have a solid plan in place by next week. They'll be in Vegas for the launch party, then probably on vacation for a week or two right after the game drops.... Wonder if we could get a solid idea of their post launch agenda? Anyways... we wouldn't need to hurry to get this out if most of them will be out of the office for a few weeks. Gives us time to do it right! Quality counts!
  2. Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    My clan has done grab bags (or boxes) for devs before. Everyone sends something to one person, who makes a sort of care package to send over. We did custom home brewed beer, we also did dog tags, keychains. If you're going to do this... do it big.. make it quality. That way you will stand a chance of being remembered.