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  1. Hells Redeemer

    I just did it. It becomes the Hell's Redeemer. You have to kill a bunch of Zombies with the Retriever then throw it into the lava pit. Wait a round and then while in Purgatory, go into the "secret room" where the Retriever spawns and you'll be able to pick it up. Revive yourself and you'll have the Hell's Redeemer.
  2. Music Easter Egg Locations

    Spoiler alert, OPE. It's Johnny Cash.
  3. I think more people should understand that George really balances the map out. I feel like it'd be too simple without him since it's such an open map. Plus, he definitely does help if you know how to use him.
  4. I've been thinking maybe we feed the "demon" zombies, and doing so will give us some sort of reward? Edit: Possibly think of this demon as "Fluffy" from Harry Potter. It blocked the characters from getting into a special room. Maybe this demon does the same.
  5. Die rise loading screen corner

    If they were actors filming a movie, Treyarch would have said that in the description like they did with Call of the Dead. Treyarch flat out said this is set during the prohibition era.
  6. Bagel, you're about 15 minutes late, buddy.
  7. Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Stratagies High Levels

    Can we make it like a forum rule to not use the term "rape train?" It actually offends a lot of people, including me.
  8. PHDFlopper found....

    Why would it be a sin ? Is it because they extensively use NoClip and Hacking ? I'm against that too ! Well CODZ and PTG used to have beef. No sure anymore though.
  9. PHDFlopper found....

    Not sure if it's still a sin to talk about them here, but PlaytheGame posted a video about it. The room is just for show, seeing as how there's nothing on the other side of the doors in that hallway. It's the inside of the building, yaknow like how when we glitch and can just see the solid things? Hard for me to explain..
  10. Nope. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=28002
  11. Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    You don't have to use the search function if you don't want to, because this was a great post. Definitely going to try the PermaPHD later
  12. I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    But who's been saying that the first, or any either word in the name, is in German?
  13. I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

  14. Opinions on Greenrun characters

    I was a bit... well I guess butthurt when I found out that we wouldn't play as the original crew, but these new 4 are definitely growing on me. Misty: My favorite character to play as. Funny quotes and an all around badass. Russman: My second favorite. Relatable lines, the whitest black man I've ever seen, and I think he's hilarious to play as. Stulinger: Not the worst character, but certainly not the best. I'm okay playing as him and he has some decent lines. Him being able to hear Rich is definitely interesting, I can see him being used in later maps for Easter Eggs. Marlton: Dear god no. Painfully irritating character. The new crew's equivalent to Takeo. Only interesting thing is the fact that he has a science background, and I strongly believe that he knows why the Zombies are in Green Run.
  15. confused about NACHT !!!

    Awesome, thanks so much! Definitely an interesting read, I didn't know half of the crap these guys went through. A lot of respect to the developers.