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  1. Your emblem

    There we go i got it =). Well this is my Emblem hope yall like it.
  2. Your emblem

    Well this is my album idk if it would show tough it dint show on the preview.. i put up on photobucket.
  3. Your emblem

    How to i post my Emblem i have it saved in my computers picture but because i need a URL it wont let me post it.
  4. What Is Your Highest Round On Nacht Der Untoten?

    27 solo 33 4 people 21 2 people and 19 with 3 people i dont know why! i just cant get higher with 3 people >=(
  5. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    highest is 41 with 2 other people and 32 or 33 solo