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  1. How aggresive are you while playing?

    8 if the game doesn't go my way or i get a death streak i freak out and yell like a psycho.
  2. I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    No because they are on my friends list and knew i was joking around. Im talking about when a stranger plays then i play seriously. For the most part.
  3. I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    haha yes i know what you mean. me and my freinds call it an "I AM LENGEND finish" just grab a grenade and run towards the undead basterds. it feels epic Yeah but then a player kept going to me to revive me im like no leave me save yourself then he would run off and die.
  4. I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    I hate quitters to they get mad that they went down i think it's funny when i go down last night i was just goofing around and kept running into the zombies with a grenade in my hand then i would blow up and take some of them down to. Well i thought i did.
  5. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    Me and 3 others got to round 22 and almost went to 23 but the game kicked us all for some reason i guess it was to much for the game because we were in a corner i had the upgraded Colt and was shooting that then someone fired a WunderWaffle DG-2 and boom the game died. Oh and the upgraded Colt is insane.