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  1. More To Solve On Der Riese

    And what could these ways possibly be? There is literally no where to hide them. All sounds and textures for the game are stored in .IWD files (nothing more than a simple ZIP file with a different extension), period. If there was a voice over, sound effect, or texture from any object, it has already been seen. In order for any of it to appear in the game, the game engine must pull them from there. Map scripts, sound aliases, weapon files, etc are kept in .FF files, which are easily unpacked. For every single map in co-op mode, there is a script that handles everything for it. If there is any action taken by the game for that map, there is code in the .gsc file for it. The best that Treyarch could do to hide things would be to make the code as cryptic as possible. They, of course, did not do this; and we can be fortunate for that, because it helps the modding community greatly in the production of custom maps/mods.
  2. More To Solve On Der Riese

    I looked in the game files for the VOs that are played by this function by following the paths listed in the soundaliases for the map. Each player has about 3-4 things they say, but its nothing important, and most people have probably heard them before. If anyone has a copy of it on PC and really wants to have a listen, I can show you what subfolder and what IWD to look in. level.round_number It says that in the game code and in your own post. As for justifying why its a waste of time, I've already explained this in my first or second reply to this thread. There is nothing else for easter eggs in the game's code. If you really want me to take the script for Der Riese and post it, explaining function by function, I will. It will just take a hell of a lot of time, and most people will still delude themselves into thinking there's something hidden. Actually, I know pretty much anything there is to know about the mechanics of the map. You really ought to link me to this video everyone speaks of. I'm inclined to believe they're yanking your chain if they say there are more eggs so long after. There isn't a shred of evidence in the code that suggests there's anything left. There is nothing you can do that will increase your chances of getting these weapons, or any weapons for that matter. The ONLY modifier that occurs is by a simple count of how many times the box has been used since a previous ray gun, and possibly Wunderwaffe. This doesn't sound true, but I'll look into it and get back to it later. Do you mean the room between the bridge "room" and teleporter B?
  3. More To Solve On Der Riese

    He posted code and misinterpreted what it meant, so I corrected. I didn't say you should stop searching, I just said its a waste of time, because there isn't anything to find.
  4. More To Solve On Der Riese

    This is incorrect. There is no trigger. The function play_giant_mythos_lines() is called at the beginning of the map, and will continue running until round 6. Note that it requires level.roundnumber
  5. More To Solve On Der Riese

    There are many of them crying noises? The zombie behavior, not the sounds.
  6. More To Solve On Der Riese

    It's called a bug. There are many of them.
  7. More To Solve On Der Riese

    My point is that I don't have to try that. I don't have to try anything. The code for the easter eggs in the game is very clear cut. The functions that control the Flytrap, radios, etc are all clearly outlined and upon reading them it is obvious that all they do is play animations and sounds. That's it. Beyond that, its also obvious from the code that all the easter eggs of that type* have already been found, because they're all accounted for in there. Trying random combinations of actions is a complete waste of time and it will never get you anywhere. Obviously, I can't stop anyone from doing so. I'm simply trying to save you some time. * - Meaning the only easter eggs that might be left hidden are ones that don't do anything, such as writing on the walls.
  8. More To Solve On Der Riese

    I understand this, but in most cases people are just looking for meaning in things when there wasn't any intended. You can still try to piece together the story, of course, its highly unlikely that you'll find any new major clues. Furthermore, I'm saying that its downright useless to try shooting teddies in specific order while teleporting and with the last bullet in your PaPed weapon.
  9. More To Solve On Der Riese

    I've looked through the entirety of the code for Nazi Zombies, and I can assure you there's nothing major left to find. Furthermore, I can say with full confidence that the easter eggs have absolutely no impact on the game, and why should they? It's a fun little distraction, but that's it. Just a distraction.
  10. More To Solve On Der Riese

    There really isn't anything else to find, and the easter eggs don't alter the gameplay what-so-ever. There is no magic combination of anything that will help you. Upon looking through the code that handles Der Riese, all of the parts pertaining to eggs are already accounted for. The code that handles the eggs themselves does basically nothing but play sounds or animations. You'd be hard pressed to find even the tiniest decal somewhere that no one has seen before.