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  1. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Hey guys! Long time no talk! . My highest round was round 26 with a random lobby. I highly recommend getting the Dual Wield CZ75 and upgrading it. It gives you "Calamity and Jane", two fully automatic CZ75's. It is just amazing. My strategy is just staying in the main room until the beginning of round 4 and then open the top rooms in the map. Then go for the mystery box. Save up for Juggernog, that's the first thing you want whenever you have good guns and enough money. Then from there, get better guns from the mystery box and/or save up enough money for Pack-a-Punch. And this was with random people. [brains]
  2. Request userbars for your signatures

    Could I have one like Shoreyo, except it has a Spain flag and it says 'Spain'? Also another one that has a little bit of the image for Map Pack 3 on World at War? Thanks :D
  3. Request userbars for your signatures

    Could you make me a prestige gamers one? One that says Leon3311?