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  1. What Is Your Highest Round On Nacht Der Untoten?

    19 alone, only one zombie left and he got behind me and slapped me to death. With 2 ppl 24 (Split screen).
  2. What do you hate most about MW2?

    Well it aint. If it get fixed i may try couple of round, but otherwise it doesnt matter.
  3. What do you hate most about MW2?

    Well, today was my last time im gonna play this game. First thing off, i died 3 times on one guy, and got twice in 1 killcam. In other round, there was glitchers in Fuel, another FFA i spawned just infront of the guy (Scrap yard) in the L shape plane place. Then i got bored of FFA, i went in SnD, there was first off strike wich went somehow good and bad, but some bullshit happened, somehow my bullets didnt kill riotshield guy from behind, shotty range suddenly dropped and couldnt kill a guy trhought a window hole close to B (downstairs area). Then afterall the game lagged just when i was going good for last 2 rounds. I went a new one, immediatly "Client command overflow". I went again new SnD round and it was Fuel. Round was almost over and it was second round on our defense, started late. There was 2 guys left and what did they do, glitched in the rock, with OMA, danger close and ninja, u know what i mean. Then suddenly my internet just wants to fuck around and goes offline... So no more MW2.