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    MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    All right, man, it ain't MY problem. But whether he's smart enough to tell the difference between an insult and a compliment notwithstanding, he DID come up with a good idea. The newspapers. Think about it. Black Ops took place during the Cold War. Everything was so heavily redacted, covered in black ink. Concealed. That's what made the time period unique, in that every important thing was conducted in such secrecy that the information didn't get out, and when it did, it was so filtered. Like when carbon got that briefcase. Honestly, I think a fistful of half-redacted documents like the one he got SHOULD have been stuffed into the Prestige edition box. But these days information is everywhere. Something happens and it's in the papers the very next day. The average citizen has his own spy camera built into his own communication device. Cell phones, social networking, CNN and the internet have made information flow at an unrestricted pace. If you've ever played the first Splinter Cell game, you'll be familiar with the concept of "Information Warfare." Grand Theft Auto 4 had its very own internet. So yeah. I think that including some newspapers and a fake issue of Time Magazine would be the perfect thing. It would not only set Modern Warfare apart from Black Ops, but also give it an atmosphere of its own.
  2. ChrisMathers

    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    If you ask me, I wouldn't give PTG the time of day. I don't recommend it. I mean I know we should be getting past all this, but I say the best way to do that is to just leave it be. He made a whole video just complaining about Ascension, I posted on it, I didn't call him names or act untoward in any such manner, didn't say anything about codz or that I posted here, I just made a few statements regarding a few points he brought up, statements of facts, I left my opinions completely out of it, more of a "hope this helps" kind of thing, and he blocked me whilst laughing about it like the cheeky English douchebag that he is. It's one thing not to pick on these people. Anybody too mature to still be in grade school can do that. But I'm telling you, don't try to contact them. What's said is said, what's done is done, and we should move on, but that doesn't mean we should try to build any bridges with these people, the least of which would be PTG. We know what they're like and it's just playing with fire. Carbon is right. We should move on, not talk about the whole mess anywhere else but here, direct people who bring it up elsewhere to here so we can cut down on the spammier threads, and not even fight with these people. But I'm gonna say the same thing the minigun-toting Russian Spetsnaz commando said to the sociopathic serial killer with the medical license about the creepy psycho redneck prison inmate in the movie Predators (and no I do NOT remember their names, obviously): "You should stay away from that guy."
  3. ChrisMathers

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    What the Hell are you talking about? 2 weeks? No...we've had it for NINE MONTHS longer than everyone else. And now, free or not, everyone gets Moon. And the people with standard still have to pay for it. Exclusivity still applies but why do you even care?
  4. ChrisMathers

    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    Thank you, carbon. You've been such a great community guy since day one, and you've taken a great deal of responsibility off of everyone's shoulders with this thread. Before whenever somebody would bring up Henry, playthegameco, Twodown, Salad Man, or any of the hoaxes they would run the risk of being shouted down on account of the mass annoyance these hoaxes caused, and not knowing something was never an excuse for the amount of backlash they got in return for asking simple questions about what were apparently important issues. Of course, they needed to know just what sort of resentment these hoaxers were causing, but still. Now, whenever somebody posts a "why do you hate these guys so much" thread, we can just say "we don't hate them, we just don't like them or the way they do things, we don't agree with them, we don't believe they deserve all the attention for what they did, and after all this time, now that tensions and tempers have cooled and we can take a rational look at the issue, we can direct you to this thread posted by the man in charge and hope you don't get offended when we lock your thread." Because everyone just wants to move on, and now it seems just a little bit easier.
  5. ChrisMathers

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    All right, look, I'm sorry I was such a seven-and-a-quarter-inch dick. To each his own and to be fair, this IS a site for Zombies above all. But we wouldn't have Zombies without Call of Duty. For that matter, we wouldn't have Call of Duty without Medal of Honor, a sister series to Battlefield in that it's owned by EA. And despite Battlefield's history of using botmatches as a shitty substitute for a campaign, unlike the way Black Ops uses it as an excellent substitute for shitty multiplayer with just any creep on the other end, I've really liked their Bad Company games and BF3 looks like the shit. I mean, it just looks flat out awesome with shiny graphics as opposed to Call of Duty's shiny action. But admit it. Your first post came off selfish as shit. You had the special edition game for free. I bought Prestige for the RC car but if I had just got the Hardened for the WAW zombie levels, I still wouldn't complain because I'm getting Moon and an update to the maps for free. If you had the standard edition you'd have a leg to stand on. A lot of people didn't like paying for multiplayer maps when they only wanted the zombie level. I didn't mind whatsoever as the botmatch combat training made me come around. You could complain that you wanted multiplayer maps but it just seems like you're complaining about having gotten an exclusive that's no longer exclusive. Even if the exclusive part was a limited time only thing. You still got to play it early. So dude, PLEASE clarify your argument because NOBODY can be that selfish...unless maybe you're related to a Republican politician.
  6. ChrisMathers

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Oh, well if it's just PC then no big deal. I miss mods and cutting edge graphics, but a combination of having to constantly upgrade to meet system requirements, long installation, having to put the whole game on your hard drive, unexpected, unexplained and uncorrectable errors, fascist DRM, a control scheme that doesn't lend itself at all to first person shooters or any other game that requires reflexes, and the fact that any other program that opens itself up can just totally come in fuck up your whole unsaved game at any time like a cat jumping up on your table while you're building a house of cards ensure that PC gaming has been dead to me for the last seven years anyway. The REAL crime is when good PC games like NecroVisioN and StarCraft 2 don't get console ports. If Wolfenstein and Halo Wars can do it, NecroVisioN and StarCraft 2 can too. Don't get me wrong...I WISH I had a modern PC, but...well, maybe I can afford one IF I get that sweet government job. But you gotta admit, this guy has done nothing but cry about getting free stuff to go with the free stuff he already has. Oh, hey...you're that guy who did all the quotes and put 'em on youtube. Hey, I really like your work, man - you've really simplified the life of every obsessive compulsive nerd like myself on here.
  7. ChrisMathers

    MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    That post was a compliment. A compliment I now regret. You are a fucking moron. You know what? Get off the internet, take your computer out back, set it on fire, and never use one again.
  8. ChrisMathers

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Eh. MW3 will be trash. You know what? Get. The fuck. Out. You're not a Call of Duty fan. You've shit on everything in the foreseeable future from both core developers. I don't care if Activision is milking the cow because that's just what greedy publishers do. You got a special edition game for free, and because Treyarch is giving more free shit to anybody with a special edition, you're shitting on them? Go play Battlefield. Do some community service. Get cancer. Kill yourself. Hell, I don't care what you do. But every time you open your mouth you turn our beloved forum into a sewer. I'm ashamed for you. If I was a moderator, you'd be long-since banned. Complaining is one thing. I hate the way zombie levels are structured. Left 4 Dead does it better. But I don't accuse Treyarch of screwing us. So again, just to reiterate...
  9. ChrisMathers

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Oh my God, all this fucking complaining, Jesus, go to fucking Africa and volunteer or something. Play a Battlefield game. You do not have an actual existing real problem. If you bought Prestige you got an RC car and classic maps early. If you bought Hardened you got classic maps early. If not, you can make up for all that money you DIDN'T pay, you CHEAP BASTARD, by buying the classic maps, and turning your regular edition into a Hardened edition. Of course, I bought Prestige so on top of the three maps packs that I bought, I get a free new map, with extras, and a 4-wheeled camera drone I use to chase my cats every once in a while.
  10. ChrisMathers

    MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    And here I'll bet you thought your first post would get a or a "STFU NOOB!" But NO! You had such a great idea that I decided to give you a brain point! In fact, you posted, what I think, is the best idea on here yet. Newspapers from America, England, Germany and France about the Russian invasion. Also maybe a file folder or four of semi-redacted classified documents. Soap MacTavish and Captain Price action figures would be pretty cool too though, but they gotta be made real good like the Sergeant Baker figure that came with the special edition of Hell's Highway.
  11. ChrisMathers

    BlackOps - MapPack2 - ESCALATION - Details 05.April

    And...that's all I have to say. Oh yeah...I heard that, in the zombie map, instead of Tank, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen, you're gonna be playing as Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Geller, Michael Rooker, and...uh...someone else. Now THAT'S an epic trailer I'm looking forward to.
  12. ChrisMathers

    How aggresive are you while playing?

    I take cover, pop out long enough to pop a target or two, duck back, pop out, rinse, repeat. When the coast is clear I bolt from cover to cover, shooting at anything that pops out in the meantime. I might yell FUCK if a grenade blows up in my face and kills me. Especially if it keeps happening at this one spot I can't get past. But being as it's Call of Duty, it's not hard to get past through trial and error, and the checkpoints are very generous. Zombies on the other hand freaks me out and makes me panic when the swarms intensify. Not that I don't have fun, but it pisses me off that all you do in that game is turn on the power and die.
  13. Huh. I never thought of that. Oh! Hey! One thing I DID notice though: there's this guy on these boards who recorded all the quotes from Der Reise, Kino Der Toten and Five. He posted them on youtube. Here's the link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cjdog23#g/u One of Richtofen's quotes, don't remember if it was from Der Reise or Kino, references fooling the zombies "like we tricked Peter."
  14. ChrisMathers

    The Roof

    Well I'd already dropped it, but consider everything you just posted. No individual point you listed is 100% preposterous on it's own. However just picture the concept of four guys from two different sides of a war that was just fought teaming up to fight zombies as they go on a time-traveling killing spree using superweapons as they get harassed by the disembodied evil spirit of a dead innocent girl that one of them killed as a side effect of killing his boss because the secret society he works for told him to. And that's not even to mention what happened at the Pentagon. Look, dude. You're fighting Nazi Zombies. Nazi freakin' Zombies. It's fun, okay? It's awesome. It's badass. But it's not SUPPOSED to make any sense. And all that the fact that the science, religion, philosophy and magic behind it makes sense does is reinforce just how awesome Treyarch is, and just how seriously they take not being all that serious. ;)

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