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  1. Weekly thought: IRL; Everytime you kill a zombie, 100 gallons of water disappear from the earth. Do you make yourself a survivalist, or take on the onslaught and hope for the best?

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    2. RedDeadRiot


      Man you missed my part about math killing zombies for me :P Okay, about say 10,000. Would that make it more of a do or die choice?

    3. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      How about this: to end the apocalypse, the only way to kill the zombies is to kill yourself, but doing so kills 1000 zombies. Who would do it / how many?

    4. The Meh

      The Meh

      Well, depends on the amount of people and the amount of zombies. If the amount of people vastly outnumbers the amount of zombies, then that would work well, Jesus. But remember that this is a zombie apocalypse. There's not going to be enough people. Henceforth, killing yourself is not only a futile act, it's just cowardly.