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  1. A Few Things I've Noticed

    1. The paintings inside of the corridor where Samantha's room is located change each time you play. Don't know if anybody noticed that, but it's happened to me twice already. 2. Players can only hold one of each Bow upgrade until you do... something with it? 3. Upon grabbing a bow upgrade, a tile starts glowing purple (with a similar effect to the Bow pieces) on the ground in the circular room a little bit past Mule Kick. Don't know what to do there. 4. Upon running across all of the tiles on the walls in the underground area, a "ka-ching" barrier repair sound effect is heard. I'm yet to discover what this actually does. These are just a few interesting things about the map I've noticed so far. You guys find anything worth noting?
  2. Der Eisendrache is pretty cool.

  3. The Official Der Eisendrache Feedback Thread

    I'm loving the map. Great atmosphere, pretty solid difficulty and a nice layout overall. The only thing I hate is the giant mech zombie, but maybe I'm not used to it because I never played Origins? Bah.
  4. CoDz has a chat now?

    Damn... I remember when chat got removed the first time. The site looks beautiful, by the way.
  5. this place looks different

  6. yo

    What did I miss?
  7. Homepage is now live

  8. The Mustang Update

    I've been around for almost three years, and I just recently got 1000 posts.
  9. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Hai dere.
  10. 5th area?

    I personally had no idea that there WAS a shortcut. I have to check it out tomorrow. Is it well hidden?
  11. 5th area?

    It's really not, though. This is a quick map I conjured up in MSPAINT (a powerful image editing tool, mind you). Look at the area that I circled in orange... some may argue that the path that I have highlighted does NOT exist, but I beg to differ... even the BradyGames map begs to differ: (Note: make sure you rightclick, and then view the image in another tab. Also, the BradyGames map is upside-down compared to the map that is supplied ingame, at the menu.) I've been wondering about this path for a while, but I thought I was crazy. I haven't been able to search for it either.
  12. The Mustang Update

    Excellent! I can't wait to get my hands on that 2 year Vet medal.... ;w;
  13. The Mustang Update

    I'm really anxious, when is this launching?
  14. What do you expect on Wednesday(zombie reveal)?

    good god your username scares me :shock: I expect all of my tension from waiting to FADE away.....
  15. Calling all of you out

    Because, we're BETTER than that. Activision/Treyarch looks to this website for theories and ideas, not to see it's game leaked... that's why they remove leaked footage off of YouTube. Be advised that I for one will be reporting all leaks on the site; and you should too. If a mod or admin could lock this... that'd be great.