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  1. Vodka not there?

    Oh, then the thread I was reading was wrong. Anyone got the combo?
  2. Vodka not there?

    OKay, gave him the vodka. He asked for the golden rod. Went to the ship. Turned it to it's one to the right of the bottom, pulled the first down once, and the other down 3 times. Nothing is happening. What the hell guys. I did this in single player easily. Now it's not even working.
  3. Vodka not there?

    Oh it roams! Thanks!
  4. Vodka not there?

    -.- Dude. It's not there.
  5. Vodka not there?

    I'm playing co-op right now. Destroyed the 4 generators, and they asked for the vodka. But it's not on the railing. Am I missing something? Please help guys. Edit: I also keep hearing this faint elephant noise. Every like 30 seconds. What the hell?
  6. I'd like to confirm this works in solo. I have the green light shining.
  7. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    Okay guys. I already have the original 4 made, from the first set of pictures that was posted. I would like the same size, which set do I download and print off? I just need Stammin' Up and Flopper. Thanks, -Angry_sun
  8. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    Waiting on new stickers.
  9. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    I don't have paint, and I didn't think it was that important. :)
  10. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    Just got done with mine:
  11. BIG secret on Kino???

    ... O_O "mythos_giant" ?
  12. Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Sophia is the dog, isn't it? >_>
  13. BIG secret on Kino???

    Ya you no cliped up there but I'm pretty sure it is a Cosmic Silverback but we probably wont see it until more maps come out. It's not a Cosmic Silverback dude. It's CLEARLY the Creepers.
  14. the question marks on the map

    They aren't pointless scribbles. I added them to show where the "fire in each room" were. >_>
  15. the question marks on the map

    I think I might bust out Zombies to check this out. Edit: Yea, only 2 rooms have the flaming barrels... The one by Juggernog, and the one by the "SOS" shed. The others just have something burning. Not sure about the Quick Revive room though, the only part burning is the start of the underground area. The one with the double barrel doesn't have anything burning in it... Double Barrel: Nothing in the room is on fire, outside the window however, a pile is on fire. Juggernog: A flaming barrel RIGHT ON the question mark. Quick Revive: The wall of the hole in the floor is on fire. Whether this counts as being "in the room" is questionable. Teleporter B Room: Nothing in the room on fire, but inside the Zombie window some stuff is burning on the floor. S.O.S. Shed Area: Inside the shed is a burning barrel. So yea, what do you guys think?