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    In about 2 hours time, I'll be taken the website offline for a period of time, we will be upgrading the site to IPS Suite 4.2.1 - which brings a host of new features with the site and also brings us up to the most recent version. This is not just a simple update, this is a new version of the suite taken us from 4.1 to 4.2, you'll like the new features.
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    For those who don't know, the Zombies World Championship ("ZWC") is a collaborative effort by popular Zombies YouTuber mcsportzhawk and 1P Entertainment to create the first ever real-time Zombies tournament. The physical event will take place in Los Angeles, CA. in Thunder Studios on August 19th. 12 YouTubers - including MrRoflWaffles, TheSmithPlays, Glitching Queen, MrDalekJD, RadAustin27, and more - will be competing against one another with 4 lucky but overall winners from the online tournament that went down from the end of June to July 26th. In the online competition section, 4 challenges were crafted to test the mettle of slayers - 2 Easter Egg speedruns on Gorod Krovi and Revelations, and 2 high round runs on Verruct w/ no Juggernog and Origins starting room. Each top player per challenge is being flown out to Thunder Studios for free to compete with the YouTubers for a dip in the prize pool of $20,000! As of July 5th, Call of Duty Zombies proudly teamed up with mcsportzhawk to help promote the ZWC! Not only are we advertising it, but we also have special amenities for our fans and community. We are setting up booth at the ZWC on August 19th for giveaways and special Zombies items, but most importantly, we have a very special registration link for those who still wish to enter the tournament and submit their video before July 26th to compete. It's only $15 to compete instead of the normal $20, and who wouldn't want to play with the YouTubers?! Even if you aren't competing, we invite you to come down to Los Angeles in August to meet us up at our CoDZ booth! We got lots of special goodies being given around, and would love to see some Zombies fans out there from the CoDz community as well! Who will we be seeing there?
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    I have avoided joining discussions about life purpose and such because that is not what I come to this forum to discuss, but I think this thread is an appropriate place to offer my perspective. This post for me is opinion and personal belief. I am a Christian. My life purpose is to follow the Bible and spread God's love to the world. After death if someone has recognized that Jesus died for their sins and had surrendered themselves to Him then they go to Heaven and if not then they will be in Hell. Only God knows someone's heart, and what they truly believed at the moment of their passing is a mystery (although we can speculate). Accepting Jesus' sacrifice is the only way to heaven and God in His trinity is the source of all truth. Everyone is naturally "bad" and we are all sinners in need of Jesus' sacrifice in order to be worthy of Heaven. There are lots of tangents and specifics to debate about but really that is the basis for Christianity and what I believe. That is where I derive my purpose. God is alive and working, and He has proven Himself multiple times to me personally. I looked for Him and found Him, and now I would die for Him.
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    Oh boy the thread for me. I haven't typed this anywhere before but a very close long-time friend killed herself a few days ago and I never got a chance to tell her that I loved her. I mean I'm sure she knew, but still. We'd been really tight since like my freshman year of highschool, over the years we talked a lil less because she got mixed up with some abusive assholes who didn't let her have platonic male friends. When she finally broke free she moved in with her dad again, and her and i started hanging out semi-frequently, having a really awesome time. It was funny, we spent like 3 years knowing each other only through social media, and when I knew her in high school, she had really short hair, so i got to see it grow out over the years just through her profile pics. Then like a week before I saw her for the first time in years, she cut it all off again lmao. Despite her unthinkably troubling past, she was really consistently happy and borderline giddy all the times I was with her. She was an intrinsically curious and playful person who loved animals and nature. The purest heart and most free spirit I've ever encountered. She hated not living on her own, so I basically offered to give her rides any time she needed any for any reason, cuz I could tell she really wanted to breathe. She really appreciated it and seemed super optimistic about life going forward, like her job prospects and long-term plans. Her and I talked through really unpleasant events in each other's lives, and probably saved each other repeatedly. Whenever she felt tired or sick I let her crash in my bed all the time while I just played zombies or whatever downstairs lmao. I remember less than a week ago, her waking up and asking what I was playing (It was Shangri-La) and I made a mental note to play with her sometime. Saturday I hit her up and was going to ask her to hang out the next day but she was with friends so I was like "i'll be polite and message her when she's home." Well, i never heard from her again. She killed herself in the park in which I spent my childhood, rather unexpectedly, after a few seemingly minor unprecedented psychotic episodes. I've been crying and collapsing on the ground and unable to go to work for days. I'm turning into Nikolai 1.0. It's just so fucking stupid man, she was so level headed. This was out of nowhere. It just goes to show, as Monty said, there are just some things you can't change. A momentary lapse of judgement can cause irreversible change for everyone. There's not much more to say on the matter really, although I still find myself editing this post. Saying my goodbyes to her in 6 hours. Love you Rose. PS Never had much of a family. Had to make do with what I had. Everyone here, + Rose, and others over the years, filled that gap nicely. Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Love u guys <3
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    Awarded. Congrats. :) About more IW medals, I'll see what can be done about that. @ZombiesAteMyPizza! I almost overlooked you. ^^ Enjoy your medals as well.
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    Thank you @andydabeast, but I would like to make clear that there is not such thing as a good Christian or a not good Christian. I mean, in your eyes there is and you surely can think and believe whatever you want, and maybe it is the truth what you believe, but that does not make Christians that believe and act a bit different immediately a bad Christian. He/she has just as much right to believe what he/she wants as you. In their eyes, you might be a not good Christian, but that does not make you a not good Christian either, does it? Sorry, I had to say that. Now here are my questions: 1) Someone who does not believe in God yet is a nice person who never killed someone or committed a crime, goes to Hell. A murderer who really believes in God and acknowledges that Jesus is his son, will go to Heaven. Isn't that a bit hypocrite? If I recall correctly, Jesus sacrificed himself to purify the sins of humanity. Humans stealers, murdered and destroyed. Yet God forgave them and his son sacrificed himself. If someone has murdered, yet confesses and believes in the Messiah, he will still go to Hell, even while his kind of sins (murder) were the cause of Christ's sacrifice. A normal person who has not killed someone will go to Hell if he does not believe in God and Jesus, even while he has not sinned. He has killed no one. If there would be only good people like him on Earth, God did not even needed to sacrifice his son. And yet he goes to Hell, while the murderer, the cause of Christ's crusifixion, can go to Heaven. Don't you think that's odd? 2) @NaBrZHunter, this question is for you. You are such a devoted Christian, yet you always make such sciencific topics. The nature of the Aether. Plasma wonder weapons. It's all physics and chemistry combined. Even in the comment you just posted you a talking about "the laws of physics". It's funny, I always (perhaps unfairly) connect religion to the disbelieve in science. So, my question is, do you and @andydabeast and @FatedTitan believe in science? And in the big bang and Darwin's evolution theory? Has God created the laws of science along with Earth and the universe perhaps? Maybe God created things like gravity, mutations and survival of the fittest? I mean, like @DaveLo07 said: What caused the Big Bang? Maybe it was indeed God... 3) You've talked about the Devil. Do you believe he exists too? I self (like I said in the OP) am partly Christian: I believe that God exists in the form of love (remember: love has a very wide meaning: forgiveness, friendship, affection, true love, etc), but not in the form of a supreme entity and a Creator. Therefore, I do not believe in the Devil. Evil humans are just filled with bad emotions and have no God a.k.a. love. If the answer is yes, I would also like to know how the Devil has influence on Earth. What he does and causes. 4) Has God, besides after your death and before your birth, influence on you? Like that he can make you feel happy or sad or some sort. Can he manipulate the mind and feelings of a human being? 5) Have any of you ever had the feeling that you are directly connected with God? "A moment of enlightenment" or however you call it? 6) From Christians here I've heard that humans are basically borrowing Earth of God (forgot the name for that) and that it has to keep it in good shape. How do you feel about the direction Earth is going right now. The destruction of forests, coral reefs and the pollution of the air, sea and soil. What should we do? Should mankind act for ttheir selvesand is it our own fault if Earth becomes inhabitable? Or should we trust in God? 7) When you turns ill, is it God's will? Do you use medicines and drugs to get better or do you trust in God? 8) The last one is a very direct and simple one: Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Thanks in advance. I'm sorry if I have asked a few things the wrong way. It's all curiousity that comes from my side, nothing more. Although I disagree with you some times, I respect your opinion about religion, and after all, we are now talking about YOUR religion. But these things I just wanted to know
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    I'm not Andy, but I'm willing to answer for you. He seems to fall in line with traditional line of Christian thought, so I'm sure my answers won't differ from his. 1. Murder is a sin. If someone kills a person, they have sinned. But murder isn't an unforgiveable sin. A person can still be forgiven if they repent and believe in Jesus. It's not about having a knowledge of who God is. Heck, demons believe in God. It's about repentance and belief. If someone has killed a person and repents, then yes, they can go to Heaven. 2. Many say that the Bible is just a book of moral teachings, which is does have many of those, but that's not the purpose of the Bible. The purpose is to tell us about who God is. How He created us in perfection, but we sinned, causing a separation between us and Him. But because He loved us so much, He sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life, die on the Cross and pay the penalty for our sin, then be raised to life. The Bible teaches us that we are dead in our sins (Ephesians 2:1). Dead things don't do anything. They just lie there dead. It takes a miracle to bring that dead thing to life and that is what Jesus did for us. Now why do I say that? Because our works aren't what justify us. Our greatest works are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) to God. There's nothing we can do to justify ourselves, only God can save us from our sins. So it's not about how good of a person you are, it's about if you have repented and believed in Jesus. Now that's not to say Christians can live like Hell because they've got a 'Get out of Hell free' card. In fact, Paul writes in Romans 6 "Are we to continue to sin that grace may abound? By no means!" We should seek to live good lives, but our 'good works' are the fruit of our salvation, not the root of it. So good works aren't enough to get you into Heaven. They never have been and never will be. In fact, the Bible basically says we're all bad and can only be made good by our Savior. We like to believe we aren't that bad, but the reality is we are. We're a rebellious people against a loving God. It's not a matter of how much you sin, it's the gravity of the One you have sinned against. 3. Jesus isn't just a prophet. It's always been strange to me how people, including most Muslims I meet, will tell me that Jesus was a good guy and had a lot of great teachings, but He wasn't the Messiah. Well He claimed to be God fairly explicitly. If He did that, we're left with three options: (1) He's a liar, so he's not that good, (2) He's crazy, so definitely not someone worth listening to, or (3) He's telling the truth about Himself. And if He's telling the truth about Himself, we have to submit to that truth or face the punishment spoken of. Once again, it's not a matter of if they believe Jesus was a prophet or not or even that He really existed. The demons believe that Jesus is the Son of God and they aren't redeemed. It comes down to repenting of your sin and placing your trust in Him. Muslims have not done that. So no, they would not go to Heaven. 4. I'd side with the latter rather than the former. We see from the beginning in Genesis that God made man and woman in His image, something very distinct from the rest of creation. While plants and animals, heck even rocks, can and do give glory to God, not in the same way that humans do. We are different. And that's a good thing! It shows how much God loves and cares about us. That doesn't mean He doesn't care about the animals or the environment. He does. We see in Matthew 10:29, "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care." But check this out, in verse 31 Jesus goes on to say this, "So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." While God does care for animals and plants, He cares for us so much more. We're different than them. We have dominion over them. That doesn't mean we should exploit our environment or the animals around us, but we should take care of it and do good to it. We are called to do that. 5. Yes, from Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." This is probably the most offensive verse in Scripture honestly, but it tells us exactly how things began. God created the heavens, not referencing the location "Heaven", but the heavenly bodies, i.e. space, and the earth that we know and love. God is the originator of it all. I hope that helped. Got pinged to this thread by @NaBrZHunter so wanted to check it out. Glad to see some interest in this topic.
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    Do you believe in God? Yes. Although I come across as very agnostic, I believe in a higher power (was born Roman Catholic, then turned to Christianity and stepped away for a while). While I'm uncertain who is in power or if any of the miracles of a Jesus Christ are 100% believable, I personally agree with a good chunk of it. I don't exactly follow a God creating Earth or any other extraterrestrial object in the universe, but I do believe abstract concepts (emotions, free will, etc) are something that originated from God. And the coming of Jesus Christ and his tales? 50% plausible, but without a doubt was a real person. A good person will do good. The idea of a sin, in my eyes, is a scare tactic for society to keep itself in check. Because nothing is more powerful as an influencing agent that fear. And if you fear the consequence of being a sinner (i.e. going to hell and burning for all of time), chances are you're going to wanna sin less than usual and be mindful of what others are doing. At the same time, every religion follows the Golden Rule - do good unto others as you would have to yourself. Shouldn't be hard to be a decent human being, even if people are different than you in several ways. But hey - if someone puts their entire lives and faith into any God and religion itself, and it makes that person happy BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY does not infringe on the sanctity and well-being of others, then I'd all for it. I've met devout, good followers of faith like our men @NaBrZHunter and @FatedTitan that have never outed or pushed beliefs onto others. Do you believe in an Afterlife? I believe in something, but unsure what. As I get older, I begin to question the possibility of just nothingness. Many don't like the idea of just disappearing, but it's definitely on the table. I am a firm believer of reincarnation on a slight degree - which means our souls live infinitely but in the bodies of others. When we arrive at certain scenarios that we've come across before, we experience deja vu. I used to believe that it was because of a dream I had years back, but it's becoming more common the older I get. Maybe I'm just delusional. Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely. Personally have seen a few in my lifetime, including supernatural experiences that have scarred me to this day. But it's not your ordinary "woOOOoooOOOooo I died and have nowhere else to go so I'm gonna haunt this bathroom forever" kind of experience. Like I was saying before, I don't have a direction towards an Afterlife; however, I believe in a middle-ground realm, where souls who refuse to disappear linger. I can't explain it - not a purgatory but not limbo either. It could be forces of darkness at work, or really anything. Hallucinations that allow you to see beyond the realm of the living, but we take it as fake visions. Whatever they are, there are definitely spirits within our midst.
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    I just played Virruckt with two friends last night and with no pap or wonder weapons and not relying on GG too heavy we only got to wave 19. It was quite refreshing to play a map designed for what is now considered "low rounds". As for my thoughts on the trailer, Visuals- Holy cheesbergers it looks awesome! Textures seem to be a huge improvement that makes a massive difference. As a PC player I look forward to maxing out the visual settings. Setting- Fantastic! German expedition to uncover an ancient relic and the human experimentation gone wrong thing is great. Dark tunnels and laboratories YES. Gameplay- not a whole lot to go on here, but I am a little sad to see the mystery box return. It is literally the ONLY mechanic in Treyarch zombies that has never been altered. I hope ammo is limited and they do something different than wall weapons. Maybe each new area you enter there is a random gun on a dead body you can choose to pick up, but no ammo buying? Zombies- I am so glad the eyes don't glow. and it looks like there are more different types which is good. I am really hoping it is not just treyarch zombies with a new setting and new visuals. They need to change the formula.
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    Here we go again I think... I was so determined that after BO3 zombies I'm done with this franchise but but... WW2 trailer got me all hyped up again. Not gonna pre-order or anything though, just gonna wait and see how's it gonna be like. I really like the more horror themed approach they have at least in the trailer. I really hope they don't go the Treyarch way and make the game too easy with Gobblegums and double pack-a-punch kind of things. The reason why I liked zombies in the first place was the build up and the actual tense feeling when the rounds got up and weapons started to be useless and ammo was going low. Really hoping they go for something like that.
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    @InfestLithium I'm in it.... but it would be nice to have a longer time frame seeing I'm moving in 2 weeks. But between the relocation process and getting my internet reconnected, only 1 week to submit doesnt seem likely especially with my daughter starting school. Two weeks per challenge I could manage....
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    Wait. Are you speaking about the one who talks in TranZit and screams when you grab a power-up? Because that's for sure Richthofen. "Fetch me their souls", the quote that can be heard when the Hellhounds are teleported to Earth, is Richthofen too. It are Fluffy's puppies, stuck in the Dark Aether. Richthofen is able to teleport things from a location to another location, but also from the Dark Aether to Earth (Power-ups, jumping jacks, and yes, Hellhounds). The hounds don't really have a side they fight for. They are not loyal to someone and hate someone else. It are just by darkness corrupted animals, killing everyone on their path. So it does not matter if Samantha or Richthofen sends them, they do where they exist for: Hunting. And the voice is obviously the same as the TranZit and power-up voice: Doctor Richthofen. If you are talking about the girl giggling when you roll the teddy bear...I don't know. It does not really sound like Richthofen, does it? But it could be an ancient evil, sadistic spirit within him: the Apothicans, or the Dark Aether EDIT: or are you talking about the announcer in BO1 now?
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    I've always looked at it as Samantha. Since the loop has been going on endlessly, she would age and the fact that she has been completely corrupted. I don't think it's German either, especially how much things have evolved. To me it sounds serpent-like, slithering when it speaks... and the same goes for the demon in the MPD scowling at Richthofen. Or maybe none of this. Not even the Shadowman. I am open to something bigger than them
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    It is Doctor Edward Richthofen, and some kind of demon at the same time. He is inhabited by the Apothicans, an ancient evil that originated of corrupted Keepers, ever since Richthofen touched the MPD. I guess that's the only explanation, if it even could be called an explanation, for the girl voice. Or it is Richthofen immitating Samantha.
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    Too many unmarked graves out there... Too many lost, forgotten souls who have faded into obscurity, pistol in hand as they curse their fellow survivors for being too slow or stupid to reach the box alley in time to revive them on waves 50+. A word of warning to all who prefer quick revive over Tombstone... I am not a Medic. This means after, roughly wave 20, I am not reviving you unless the current situation allows for it. Not because I don't want to risk my own ass for the sake of your weapons, but because if you liked having weapons and perks, you should have bought insurance for them... I may seem like a bitter, jaded ass for even creating this thread, but too many times I have had sessions regress into total failure because people cannot stay on their feet. And look, accidents happen, I'm a knife guy so I know, lol. But when you have decent players who go down on waves 20+ and have to be manually revived, therefor losing all perks and needing to do a full run before they are fit to fight again, it gets so tiring, so annoying. Most of your problems in COD Zombies are solved with one Perk costing you a mere 2000 points. TOMBSTONE Behold, the drink of Champions... Let me give you the Skinny on the best Perk in the game, hands down. Reasons To Buy Tombstone Being Downed costs you NOTHING, only the cost of another Tombstone (2k points). You don't have to stress whether or not you'll be revived in time. You don't have to worry about the cost of perks. When you get back, you have everything, the other 3 perks you had, and all your weapons/PaPs. You never have to buy your perks again! The other 3 perks you had, are still there, that's why it's even better than Jugg, because it locks in your Jugg so long as you buy it. NO REVIVES. All you have to do is keep doing you, survive the round, and everyone comes back just as they left... Most people who are aware you've gone down with Tombstone will change their strategy to sweep the round as quick as possible to get you back. You wake up with Jugg and Tap, ready to go. It only costs you 2k to recover from a down. I mean it's common sense, lol. Quick Revive is for newbs, period. Only time it's logical to buy is on solo (obvious) or if you're in a session and came to realize there are going to be a lot of downs, but you're too committed to just leave. I'm approaching the point where I simply won't revive people, ever. Then maybe, just maybe they'll be forced to ask themselves, "why?" EDIT: Also, when you have Tombstone, as soon as you hit the floor, hold X (360) or Square (PS) to activate Spectator Mode. NO, it does not take you out of the session, it removes your downed body so no one revives you, ruining your Tombstone effects. Do not, I repeat, do not lay there expecting us to know that you have it, lol.
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    This may sound cynical but when playing with randoms I have kind of given up on trying to force teamwork. It requires too much effort for it to usually fall upon deaf ears. Usually my online randoms games go like this- Wave 1-5 I and someone else who knows what they are doing get most of the kills, open doors, get guns. The other two are noobs and one goes down. By wave 10 the good player and I have perks and maybe a papped gun and we have tried to help the two noobs find jugg and a good wall weapon but they may just suck too bad. By wave 20 the two noobs have downed so many times they have just quit and the good player and I finish it out and friend each other. I had a guy once on the Giant not know how to play. like at all. He didn't know how to buy a wall weapon and had been running around with an empty pistol for a couple rounds.
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    The almighty Trailer Mr Darlek JD breakdown Drift0r's brief overview MrRoflWaffles in depth breakdown SH twitter Below are SH twitter quotes- "We are geeks. We've dissected horror." "That dread. That fear of the unknown. That's where you can really get people." "Were building this story that's based on characters." - @CameronDayton on the approach to the new co-operative mode "They deployed small units looking for stolen art. They find much more than that, however..." - Jon Horsley on characters as part of MFAA "You had a political divide in a family... Marie ended up taking off and joining the other side." - @CameronDayton on Marie and Klaus' story "It's going to be the hardest Easter Egg hunt you've ever been on." "He swears a lot. Full of bad language. I'm terribly shocked." - David Tennant on his character, Drostan Hynd "You're a scary motherf*cker." -@GameOverGreggy on Udo Kier's maniacal character, Doktor Straub "She's not only a very brilliant engineer, but she kicks ass." - @KatherynWinnick on her character, Marie Fischer "We do have perks and a special reward system." "We maintain a Mystery Box and Wonder Weapons." "The universes are separate and they don't intersect." - @MichaelCondrey on #WWIIZombies and AW Zombies New in depth information about wall buys and other things Round based confirmed - IGN interview and JD Game informer mag new info -Zombies mode takes place towards the end of WWII, when Nazi Germany was in a desperate situation. -Zombies features a new “dynamic approach.” One example of this is where players are forced to kill Zombies in a constantly moving radius to create an electrical charge to unlock the next area. -The Zombies are created by man, Dr. Straub. Straub’s Zombies are centered around the nervous system. The Zombies are created by bolts and other items that you see stuck in them. Their backbone is the energy which charges their nervous system. The Zombies are actually being tortured. -Lot of this story is based on actual events that were happening during WWII. -There are different classes and types of Zombies. Not all have every body part you may expect. Pests class do not have any arms, rather they are assembled from spare parts. The Bomber class of Zombies are stitched up from parts. -Zombies features customizable loadouts, but also permanent-unlocks that work like perks. GameInformer directly compares this to gobblegums, but these are permanent, not temporary uses like gobblegums. -There are 4 classes: Offense, Control, Support, and Medic. -Boarding up windows and collecting currency is back in this mode. -There are both wave based rounds and location/event based encounters -Players can earn some “special abilities” in Zombies mode. Activated by pressing R1 and L1. An example is Unlimited Ammo. -Tesla weaponry unlock able by gaining additional power by killing zombies in a specific area. -Super bosses are back in Zombies. -Easter Eggs are extremely difficult in this game. I will add more. Thoughts, opinions?
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    Always hoping for the day when I can get an EE run in...been talking with my pal @FatedTitan and actually, my wife as well about one - you could be our #4! As usual, no ETA as of yet, however. lol! Family life keeps me on my toes. And I found out yesterday it just grew +1 brains (joke for the benefit of the old CODZers who remember). XD This weekend is jammed packed because I wanna give my lady time to get in some more thrill park stuff before it becomes "not doctor recommended." Otherwise, I'll keep you on the top of my list for folks to shout out for EE plans! The video is blocked by my employer's web filter, but I'll give it a watch this evening - looks like a good one!
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    Hmm. Well, I can see that the "Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts Club" post has been dead for almost a month now. To hopefully alleviate this in some way, here is a chicken sandwich.
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    I was doing a challenge for the Ancient Trials and accidentally discovered a really nice strat that would also work with more people. I got to wave 18 with no jugg and not really trying too hard. No GG needed. Strategy: 1. Get the turned re-pack on the L-car9 2. Camp at the bridge. 3. Try and always have the turned zombie at the upper end (more zombies) 4. Use the turned zombie to kill flamers Pros: -pretty easy once you have turned. -ammo near by -GG near by -with more people and more turned this could be an amazing strategy -turned zombie kills flamers and screamers in one hit Cons: -L-car9 will get weak after wave 20 I suspect. only use it for turned. You will need a good secondary. -relies on luck for the repack. I got it first try on wave 9 -you don't get many points because the turned is doing most of the work. There were multiple times when I had the flame left over from a flamer on one side of the bridge and my turned at the other. I imagine even with just two players having one turned on each side of the bridge this would be high rounds easy. Add in GG and jugg (I didn't use jugg) and a deadwire secondary and bam, high rounds. I'll record it if I try this with more people
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    Happy Birthday mate
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    @anonymous Whoa, awesome!!! Wel een eind weg van Drenthe, hoor And my god, I never knew. Amazing!
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    Hij leven hoog hij leven hoog. Ja hoog. Ja hoog. Hij leven hoog! I live in Southeast-Brabant :P Oh, and @Lenne and @Slade are from our boring, flat, and everything except adventurous country too!
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    Happy birthday friendo!!
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    Happy birthday, Blurryface : )
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    @NaBrZHunter Thanks my friend, take your time. I'm going with some friends to a local festival tonight, so I'm gone anyway. Over, like, 6 yourself or so, or perhaps tomorrow morning, I'll be back. So no hurry! @Steelie: supernatural beings, remote countries and abandoned buildings... We share an interest for the unknown. For mysteries. I'll come back on this, would love it to talk with ya about these things
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    @anonymous I share your interest! And this idea of otherworldy creatures and us sharing an afterlife is amazing food for thought. I really love sci-fi stuff as well, and especially designs in it (I also play Warframe because of this). I'm an absolute sucker for space stuff in general though, with dangerous things like black holes and neutron stars and such being the focus of my interest (^8 I could talk for hours about those, but I'll spare you that I'd also love to go touring through countries, searching for who-knows-what. Or walk through abandoned things like houses or factories or theme parks, I always wonder what makes them abandoned.
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    Seems like @FatedTitan and I have extremely similar faiths I am fine with discussing here. Maybe others have similar questions. I do like explaining my faith to people with questions because it seems like there are a lot of people claiming to be Christians in this world while contradicting Jesus and the Bible. Nobody is perfect, but from facebook conversations it seems too common for a non-Christian's view of Christianity to be skewed and mis-communicated by one incident involving somebody not being a very good Christian.
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    Great! I like it how Monty's story summarizes the events happened prior, in Book 1, 2 and 3. In this way, Book 4 will continue the Anthagony excellently. Oh, one small request. In the old chapter of Extraterrestrial, the Apothicans in Richthofen's head say "Coming home". That quote gave me the chills, really. Would you mind putting that quote back into it? Furthermore, awesome work as always, Rad
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    Hey guys, I'm back with some new chapters I've been working on (Shocking, I know.) Here's Chapter 5: "Infernal Rite", Chapter 6: "Great Science", and Chapter 7: "Extraterrestrial". ALSO, here is Chapter 1 of Book 4, entitled "A Guide To The Universe". I wouldn't consider this an official start to the Primis story, as I am still mapping that out. But I went ahead and made this introductory chapter starring Monty, and I really just wanted opinions on how I portrayed Monty and if I did a good enough job in establishing how the multiverse works in layman's terms. I want the chapter to be a good explanation of the Keepers, the Apothicons, Agartha, the Aether, and the fractured multiverse, and I am no expert on the subject. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable on the subject can offer a better way to explain it. As always, I will be back.
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    @DaveLo07 I have nothing to say to that. What an answer....but you are breaking my mind as well. @Steelie I definitely agree with you on that last part. In these modern times, we have discovered less than 5 percent of our oceans. Surely there is something extraordinary down there... I'm almost 100 percent sure that extraterrestrial life exists. I mean, look at the size of the cosmos. Like Monty said: It would be nearly impossible if Earth is the only planet having life. I mean, even some scientists have discovered planets being just as far of the sun as Earth, and having H2O on it. There's gotta be life on such places. The thing is, like you said, we will never get there. And aliens will never get to Earth. The distances are just too far. It is highly possible that there are more advanced civilizations than humans in the universe, yet even they have not succeed in visiting Earth (and no, I do not believe in alien cornfield circles and that kind of stuff). They would, indeed, limit their selves a to see our past, possibly the dinosaurs :P. However there might be other life forms closer in the universe, simply missing the intelligence to built devices to visit Earth, and I hope one day mankind discovers such creatures. Even a single bacteria would be good to me. Thinking about living extraterrestrials, every living thing will die one day, and so do they. Would that connect them with our afterlife (if we have one)? Our would our afterlife limit itself to humans/Earth? Odd to think about it. Y'all ghost stories scare me man! The story of the knife seems a bit too absurd, but that what happened with you MP3 and such....you almost make me a believer too. Happily (or sadly perhaps), I do not have some kind of sixth sense, although I do have the feeling that someone is watching sometimes. It's weird now I think about it, that one can FEEL others' eyes burning in your back if someone's watching you. I do have that ability: And basically always when I have that feeling, someone is really watching me while I did not noticed him/her. But very sometimes when I have that feeling, I can see no one... Maybe ghosts just think I'm a boring girl and leave me alone :P. I wonder, how do you feel their presence. Like they are really on that location for you specific, or are they just wandering around randomly. If that latter is the case, perhaps it are some kind of reflections of the past. One late man's energy that's still present. Fascinating talking
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    If I may give my vision on this: Of course please note that this is MY opinion and trains of thought, and I don't mean to bash or offend people or get into heavy discussions. I just want to present another viewpoint! I was raised in Protestantism, and later on I started doubting religion and we kinda stopped going to church (also because my parents were in a divorce, my dad still goes to church every sunday but I've always lived with my mother, so yeah). To me religions are just... stories that got passed on and blown out of proportion. People love exaggerating stories, always have. If one person back then could swim, then a few decades later he'd have been walking on water. Get what I mean? I don't mean to bash on religion at all, though. I think it's a good thing for people who need it, as long as they aren't too radical, you feel? I don't believe that any god would want the beings they created to suffer. I do believe angels and demons exist, though. I just don't see them as really religious or from a religious viewpoint, but more as beings that kept everything in some kind of balance. And while I do think that demons are more "bad" and angels are more "good", I don't believe for a second that angels are all that pure and innocent, and that demons are all evil and merciless. I think both of them have good, as well as bad traits. As for ghosts, I'm certain they exist. At times I could swear that there is someone standing behind me to my left, and when I turn around there's nothing there. This has even happened when it would be physically impossible for someone to stand behind me, as they'd be standing in a wall in that case. There has also been once when I was in bed listening to music and suddenly I spotted ?? something out of the corner of my eyes, and it jsut flew over me. After that the volume of my mp3 player started acting really weird, getting louder and softer without me doing anything, and I was terrified. I have also known and been friends with several persons who could see ghosts, and one of them has even been attacked by one and was stabbed in her back. Luckily not anything physical, but according to her it might as well have been because it sure as hell felt like it was an actual knife. So yes, I do most certainly believe in ghosts. On my view of the afterlife or what happens to you when you die, I don't have a single clue. Of course there's the Tunnel theory and all, and I think it does hold some truth. I mean so many people have seen it, been through it. There must be some truth hidden in there. But I'm also skeptical. The human mind is extremely powerful, and can let us see, hear and feel things that are not there. I mean the presence I felt behind me might have been my mind playing tricks on me, I don't know that. But in the end I believe what I'll see my loved ones again who died before me and that we'll all be in another world, in a good world. I also think that when you die, truly die, that you'll get to know everything you ever questioned, from philosophical and existential stuff to "how big is the universe" and "Is my dog gonna be okay". Writing it down like this kinda makes me think again, to be honest. Am I believing in fairy tales? Again, no clue. But if I'd have to make a guess that'd be my guess. But until then, I guess I'll cross the bridge of afterlife and death when I get to it (haha yes sorry terrible pun). I also believe that there are other supernatural creatures out there and/or deities that we don't know about. I don't know what is out there exactly (and I almost don't dare to guess), but especially in our oceans there must be something, we've discovered so little. I also believe there's life outside our solar system and all, but they probably can't travel to us or are so far away that they still see the dinosaurs walking around on our planet. Or they aren't interested, or they're in another space pocket and can't interact with us in any way. I have no idea. But we can't be the only ones.
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    Looks like Verruckt & Der Riese if World at War was made in 2008. I mean, 2018. The game looks refreshing, but this just looks like a remake from 10 years ago. Carbon Copy of OG Zombies, but if you find a good thing, beat the living shit out of it. (Modern Day trailers have amazing graphics though. Top notch definition)
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    The end is coming. @sushine1 continues to hold onto the lead with a currently flawless 8 points in the month! @andydabeast still keeps close in second, but what's this? @RequixEclipse enters the ring with only a 2 point difference! Things are starting to get heated this month, friendos. But who will take the lead with this new challenge? Challenge #3: Speed King Mode: Speed Challenge (credit: u/2Gud2beHuman Map: Shangri-la Type: Solo Power: Yes Gobblegums: No Time Limit: N/A Description: Return back to the forbidden temples of Shangri-la with limitations on perk machines. In this unique challenge, playing can only use speed-related perks as their vantage points. Rules: To keep track of participants, use this link to see each player standing. Although the current system on Challonge states that players will go up against one another, scores will actually be inputted based on highest round/score obtainable throughout each challenge. The stats on Challonge are not reflective of true scores - they are only to show how many participants have entered and what they scored in. These scores will not be reflected until the very end of the month. To see the true results of each challenge, use the following link(s) below: Ancient Trials July 2017 Tournament This spreadsheet will display each player's scores per challenge, and also include the Top 3 slayers of the monthly tournament. Use this as your reference for overall scoring, not the Challonge brackets. New update: Players are now allowed to submit their own scores on the Challonge website. This is due to an increased demand in other players wanting to see the scores of others. All scores will be corrected and reviewed upon end of the challenge week. The challenge will end July 29th at 11:59 pm PST. Once finished, the next challenge will be posted the following day alongside the results of the previous mission. To submit your results, please click here to complete the submission form. Happy slaying friendos, and may the Ancients guide you through the Aether! UPDATE: Olympics news coming in 2 days! Stay tuned for more important information!
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    haha great to hear man. There is a surprising amount of strategy in this challenge I did not realize till half way through lol.
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    It looks insane! Loving the whole horror theme approach. Honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the game.
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    @The Meh I loved the use of that song in that map, and it was a great introduction to the band for me too. In fact, I don't think I listened to much metal music at all up until I'd started playing zombies
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    I'm glad that you shared this. I'm sorry for your loss and lm glad that you've seen a little at a moment of tragedy. Prayers and my deepest condolences for Roses family and also with you. Stay strong brotha lol <3
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    I want to make this for those to feel like they're constantly at the bottom of a never ending roller coaster. We've all been there and sometimes we feel like it's never going to come back up but trust me life is the roller coaster and it's always going to come back up. This past April I lost my 17-year-old cousin to suicide. It was about a girl and he was with that girl. He was threatening to go to himself in front of her and she left the room and eventually left him by himself. That night he took a chair and a belt and he hung himself. Earlier then I he was having fun with his friends out camping laughing and appeared to his best friends happiest guy in tHe world. He had a future after college and a family that cared about him and a girl who he would do anything for I simply want to say that no matter how far down you think you are no matter how bad or how sad the moment seem. You matter and what you do matters. I want you to take your hand and place it where your heart is.. do you feel that? That is called purpose. Your alive for a reason don't ever give up.
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    I'm glad you've made this topic and the glass castle analogy really resonated with me. I've been an extreme introvert my whole life. Last year I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test for something school related (Yes I know it isn't really considered a totally reliable test in the scientific community) and I got a 30 on the Introversion/Extroversion scale towards Introversion, meaning every single question regarding the topic I leaned towards Introversion. While I haven't officially been diagnosed I do believe I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder or something similar. The amount of friends I've had has always been a number I can count on one hand because I have never had the courage or know-how to approach someone or start a conversation. The only friends I've had talked to me first or were introduced to me through known friends. I find it hard to relate to most people also, so a good portion of people I meet I end up not really meshing well with and I don't want to talk to them much anymore, even when the problem is with me, not them. Because of that, the friends I do have that I love I grow really really attached to, almost to a fault. Even if one were to treat me badly I don't know that I'd ever want to end the friendship. But I've grown better about speaking my mind over the years and have learned who my real friends are, or at least I like to think I know. My whole life I've tried to strike this balance between time I spend being social and time I spend by myself. If I spend too much time around people with not enough to myself I get really irritable and feel trapped. But spending too much time by myself makes me worry too much about my situation and how sad life can be (A product of GAD). I start to feel like I'm going insane and when I return to socializing I'm known to act strangely for a short time. Because of this delicate balance I tend to have an inconsistent personality. I've tried to get better at it, and have been trying to find some sort of inner peace and block out all the anger I feel. Anger is something I've realized that is toxic and I've realized most situations where I get angry are not that big a deal anyway and have learned to calm myself in the moment. For all the progress I've made I still find it hard to leave the house everyday for work. I dread the conflicts that have arisen between friends of mine and feel like I have to solve them in some way. Time I spend with myself I often get angry with myself for everything that I'm not. I'm not an artist. I haven't been practicing Java for school this Summer like I was supposed to. I'm costing my mother so much money going to college and feel like I don't provide any return. I'm not a good enough friend. I haven't been writing the Storybook much at all, and just mostly think about what I could do instead of doing it. I'm worried I'll never find someone to spend the rest of my life with because of someone I'm attached to that I have no chance being with. I'm not making the people around me happy enough. I can't solve the world's problems. All this has been compounding on me over the Summer, and I miss being at school where I can worry about an upcoming test or an essay because those things are much simpler and much easier to solve. I always feel like I'm doing something productive there. But at home over the Summer I feel like I'm stuck in a box. But I'm holding up well because school is right around the corner, and I've always been a sort of optimist in thinking things will eventually work out. I want to get better about my introversion and anxiety. I just want to be the best person I can be. I've been trying to become more adventurous and spontaneous to keep myself happy and hopefully socialize more. But at the end of the day I will always be an introvert, and unless I get a new brain, I will always have anxiety. I'll just have to learn how to cope with it in this future of mine.
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    So, this is a post that I've been contemplating creating for a long time now. Around the time of this post, to be a bit more exact. It's not exactly something related to my issues that I mentioned in the post, though I know that it's connected in a... particular sort of way, I guess. So... to get to the point... for a long time now, I've considered myself to be an introvert. I've seen myself to be, in a way, antisocial and shy, sometimes finding social interaction difficult. Of course, in knowing this and admitting it before, I have become better, but... you live a way for so long, it's hard to change like that. I think a part of me had known this for a long time now. I would go as far to say that plenty of family members of mine probably know of my introversion as well, and are the most helpful when it comes to helping me break through to a more social path... that being said, family's different since you live with 'em, and cousins and stuff are visited a lot over the course of life, but the concept's the same. Anyways... yeah. It probably isn't the newest thing for me or anyone who knows me like this. Personally, I never saw my tendencies as a large issue... I mean, they were kind of an issue, but not exceedingly large. A lot of my introversion stems deeply to having Asperger's Syndrome... speaking of, GOD do I hate the new classification under "Autism Spectrum Disorder". Asperger's, innately, gives me trouble in social scenarios, and... well, as I've learned just now, makes me susceptible to having rather absorptive hobbies/interests (tells you how much I read up on things regarding me that are as important as that), which really does explain a bit on that end. A very behavioral thing, definitely... and it's certainly affected me in life. I've got what I'd like to think is a small circle of real life friends, perhaps smaller in regards to online friends both on Xbox and over Skype and CoDz. I don't go out of my way to talk to every single person I've got on my friends list over Xbox every day, I don't go out of my way to talk to someone I don't directly talk to as a friend unless it becomes necessary to do so, nor do I often use my phone to text a lot or send selfies or what-not (I don't get why people are so absorbed in phones in this generation, and I'm a part of it...) I honestly don't use my phone much at all, really just for music. I have what I'd like to call a very absorbed hobby in the way of video games... which does help, considering game design is something I plan to major in college, which is coming up soon. The same can be said for music, shows like RWBY, and other things. Given with all this, I've grown to stick around my bedroom more than I should admit, playing my Xbox, normally coming out to help out my mother with household things, meals, bathroom, and so on. Now with the inclusion of my new laptop (Windows 10, kinda love it so far), I'm back to sitting on this as well, typing away posts like this, watching a lot of YouTube (believe me, I do that on my Xbox too), and writing things, mostly regarding areas of The Unity Series, as... well, I am dedicated. ...well, I sound like a hermit now, don't I. I've heard the term used before, so I understand it. Frankly... it's pretty much true. I'm not much more than a hermit. I don't particularly like that, yes, but... not exactly the easiest thing to help. I'm hardwired to be this shy, somewhat-antisocial introvert. I was hardwired back at the beginning of high school, and I know that it certainly was a part of my depression, since I had these issues arise and all I chose was to let myself be alone and not seek some respite of help in a time where I needed it. I let what had become a darkening cloud with a spreading shadow enclose itself around my mind, simply because a part of me wouldn't let me seek escape unless it confronted me directly. Which... it did. Thankfully. I did change a bit since then, though. I've grown a lot from what happened, and I consider myself to actually be plenty more social than I used to be. Same small group of friends on most areas I've mentioned, but I'm finding it easier to socialize now. I'm finding it easier now to be more open, and say things I need to say. I haven't broken my introverted shell, but I'd say I've definitely done enough to remold it. So... quite frankly, what's to take from this? Why talk about this if I've done better with it? Well, for one, it still affects me today, but also to sort of voice how a mind works in a position like my own, and perhaps help anyone else who may see themselves in a sort of way that presents itself as introversion. Quite frankly, I think a lot of people with antisocial or introverted tendencies kind of make this glass castle around themselves. It's comforting to stay inside it, but there's a mirror you find within it that only reflects the world outside its boundaries. This reflection itself produces somewhat of an innate fear. One likes to stay to themselves. They don't particularly want to leave the castle's protection. That's kind of the problem, though. The castle isn't safe and it isn't protective, it's only glass, and... unfortunately, in some cases, those who would throw pebbles begin to throw rocks, and the castle falls, until all you are left with is the mirror, still reflecting the world... though, now, you can see a silhouette, and it comes forward to reveal itself... and it's you. ... The point I'm trying to make here is that, if you're antisocial or believe you're an introvert, it's better to open yourself up and try to grow more out. While it won't always work out and you may find yourself in a bad place, what matters is that you're trying. You're trying to be a more open, accepting, and overall more social person than before. It's a good thing, really. Social interaction not only drives the world, but humans have an innate need to have it in their lives. Even antisocial people, even introverts. You need to make the effort to seek interaction and break through into a position where being social isn't as much an issue as it was before. If that makes sense... Look at life more like a mirror, y'know? I mean, it reflects you rather well, that's good and understandable, but it also reflects the rest of the world around you, and it is important to recognize that for what it is. ...whoo, I've dragged this post out... anyways. I would hope people see this for what it is. I've honestly had a harder time than I can admit to in trying to word this the right way. I've had to consistently think on the way I've grown to see this, and how I've seen myself over time. I wanted to cover this and I didn't want to mess it up. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure the analogies are 100% as perfect as I could have made them. Not that any post should ever strive to be 100% perfect... it's better to be as honest as you can be with what you've got to say. But... still. Tough post to do... If you guys have much to share on the topic, share if you'd prefer. I wouldn't wish to force you to speak on something you wouldn't want to, though, if you wish to, it is welcomed. Anyways, I hope you liked the post, and... well... per aspera ad astra? -The Meh
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    Firstly, and I want you to look to a clock. What time is it? Remember the time we were said we could save the planet by using different lamps? By driving less by car and more by bike. Well people, we are now beyond that era. We cannot stop the end of the living world as we know it only by these things. Climate change has already begun. Although I consider myself as an optimist, I always feel extremely pessimistic when I think about this inconvenient reality. Remember those sad pictures of a polar bear, floating around on a small iceberg? On the edge of extinction. Ahh, how sad he is, ja? You know, I frankly don’t give that much about polar bears. I don’t give that much about the extinction of a single, or a few animal races. But the edge we are standing on, people, is the edge of the end of life as we know it. Human caused climate change causes the extinction of many animal and plant races, many ecosystems, and yes, also the possible extinction of the human race itself. Maybe a few million doomsday preppers may survive, but it is the end of our current society and the end of our current ecosystems. The fresh cool air we breathe in today, the masses of clean, fresh water we can feel with our fingers today, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. It’ll be all gone. Note that I always speak of climate change, and NOT of global warming. You see, climate change does not necessarily mean global warming. The average temperature will rise, sure, and the world will become dryer, yes, and for most areas in the world, it will be a permanent and global “Dust Bowl”. But that does not apply for everything. The huge masses of ice that melt, cause the sea to have relatively more fresh water. Less “heavy” salt water causes the severing of several sea streams, like the Gulfstream. No Gulfstream will bring the continent of Europe into another ice age. Some northern areas will become completely inhabitable. Life will become impossible in those areas (except for some polar bears maybe, if they aren’t extincted in that time). Of course, this are all predictions. Predictions by the majority of scientists, but predictions nonetheless. But climate change is already happening. Several small island nations in the Pacific are, since recently, completely inhabited. Islands that used to have thousands of citizens are completely empty now. Everyone has fled. The only memory of those communities are the half-flooded villages on those islands. Or take Miami. Miami is literally sinking away in the Atlantic ocean. Each year, Miami has to invest millions in rising their dikes and building more pumps. Deserts are growing. Forests are shrinking. The three lungs of Earth, the Amazon, Central Africa and South-East Asia, are dying. In the Amazon and Central Africa, the rainforests are destroyed for oil and earth elements. In South East Asia, the forests are destroyed by fire (smoke! smoke!) for the creation of palm oil fields. A very lucrative market, since many Western companies buy alot of palm oil, a good alternate fuel instead of the “so bad” polluting oil. And then we have the growing population of Earth. Take India for example. India, a country in which farmers have recently seen half a year’s rainfall in 5 hours. India has 300 million citizens without power, just as many as the entire population of the US. What do you think will happen if they all gain power? And coal is the most cheap way of gaining power, we have to admit that. Smog is already killing millions of people in India each year. Talking about smog: China. A polluting country full of smog you might think. Yes, that's true, together with the US the most polluting country of the entire world. But do you know what's so great about China? Chinese citizens know about and believe climate change. There are protests in China against their polluting government every day (that's not something we hear about in our news, do we?). And the government responds. There is an app created in China, which shows all big factories in China on a map. If they are green, they are keeping to national climate agreements. If they are red, they are not. Most factories on that map are red, but still, it's a begin. The citizens of China can now see which companies are the bad and most polluting ones, and can take actions their selves. In 2015, China had 36 percent of global investment in sustainable energy. Besides this, China is currently building HUGE windmill farms in the Eastern wastelands, and has made a deal with the EU to together take the leading role in the world in fighting climate change and pollution now Trump has retreated from the Paris agreement. Talking about Trump and US politicians, according to Leonardo DiCaprio, one fourth of the US senate is fund by fossil fuel giants like Shell. Do you think it is odd that there are so many (from what I’ve heard) climate change deniers in the United States? Some US senate members who are actively trying to do something about the climate change are even send murder letters, and some eventually have to stop with their work. Also on US soil: Cows! I self love cow meat and I bet you do so too, but beef is actually pretty bad for our world. 47 percent of US soil is used for the production of food. 70 percent of this is not even for growing food for humans, but for animals. The biggest share is food for cows. Also, cows produce methane (CH4) and methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Every molecule of methane is equivalent to 23 molecules of CO2. About 10-12% of the total US emissions is due to beef. So if you are in the supermarket next time, and you don’t care what meat you take, take chicken! Or horse! Or anything except beef. Of course, beef sometimes is okay, but try to reduce it. You may notice this post is pretty devoted to the US. That is because I’ve recently seen the movie “Before the Flood”. It is a real must-see documentary, and if you ever feel like and have time, please watch it. Note that the movie is a little bit old (1 year or something). For instance: At one moment they talk about the disasters that will happen when the Great Barrier Coral Reef dies, and that we should take action VERY quickly. Last week, I’ve heard on our local news that it is too late: the Great Barrier Reef is doomed. No matter what we do now, it will be dead within a few decades, together with the millions of living organisms that live there. The movie is American made, and therefore talks alot about the US. There is no country that produces and consumes so much, and yet has so many climate change deniers. I’ve once heard 42 percent of US citizens questionize or deny climate change. That's quite a number! And if it was Palau, or Micronesia, okay. But such big and important country as the US! You must believe climate change is real, because without you, we cannot save the world. I know there are many American friends on this forum, so that's why I made this post. In case you don't feel like watching to movie, here’s a short summary, but without images, proof and explanations. Again, I heavily recommend watching the movie. http://www.causeyoucareco.com/before-the-flood/ There is a point of no return. A point on which Earth takes over and, no matter what we do, Earth will fuck up life. But we are not on that point yet! Climate is real, and we have to take action. And it is possible! Germany and Denmark are gaining an insane amount of energy by windmill farms. Sweden has announced that it wants to be fully energy-neutral in 2050. Morocco, along with some other North African and Iberian countries, is creating enormous solar panel installations, that cover huge areas of land and are able to power complete countries! There is a Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, of which are only 100 needed to empower the complete world! One upcoming sea tide power plant (which gain power by ebb and flood) can empower a complete city. We have to get rid of fossil fuels. We are able to save the world. We only have to recognise that the problem does exist. Oh, and just to let you know, every 8 seconds a forest of the size of a soccer field disappears. Count how many forests have disappeared while you were reading this!
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    Already SH games have been really sneaky. The image that they showed earlier on at the reveal of WWII for nazi zombies seems to include a hidden cipher. The letters can be seen just under the zombies helmet on the left side. These have been solved to read as the following. IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA Official steps on solving the cipher Step 1: Head over to callofduty.com/classified Step 2: You will be taken to a page where you have some sort of type writing machine in front of you. This is where you will input your words. Step 3: Input the word IUFDJ into the machine and then click on the little white switch just to the right of where your letters where inputed. You will notice that the letters will spin and stop on ANEWH. Step 4: Next input the word BHLOP and click on the little white switch again. The words will spin once again to reveal the letters ORROR. Step 5: Finally input your last word JMUBA and click on the white switch. Once the words have stopped spinning you will get your final letters that are RISES. Once you have completed all of those steps your screen will dim down and you will be taken to a page with a document on it. Click the document to open it and you will be greeted with two images. One showing a character named Frederick Barbarossa. Now if we look at all of the letters we where given when we spinner the machine it reads ANEWHORRORRISES This one is pretty easy to tell that if we split it up it clearly says A NEW HORROR RISES. It also gives us a set of coordinates. These are: FORM - YMF - 212514 12123 131 These take us to the Dunkirk Battle. Thats the little quick and easy guide on solving the zombie helmet cipher. I hope you guys can have fun with this and hopefully even find more little clues within this new page!
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    You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong. Intel Call of Duty: World at War Nacht Der Untoten ~ November 11, 2008 Call of Duty: World at War completely changes the rules of engagement by redefining WWII gaming and thrusting players into the final tension-filled, unforgiving battles against a new ferocious enemy in the most dangerous and suspenseful action ever seen in WWII. Powered by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare technology, Call of Duty: World at War brings an uncensored edge to combat, as soldiers face the most harrowing and climatic European and Pacific battles in which an enemy, who knows no surrender and no retreat, will fight to the last breath, unleashing an arsenal of lethal surprising tactics. Peril and danger lurk throughout the battlefield as players combat the unknown risk of the new chaos of battle. From the remains of Russia and the ruins of Berlin, to the beach and jungles of the deadly Pacific Theater, the volatile action takes on added depth as players employ new features that previously were only-available in multiplayer, including perks, rankings and online stats in up-to full four-player cooperative gameplay. New infantry and vehicle-based weapons, like the potent flamethrower, bring the battlefield ablaze ================================= Mysterious Radio Transmissions Confidential Information / Security Level 5 Consider yourself lucky troops, because we're about to let you in on a little secret. Soldiers from the darkest reaches of our offensive are finding themselves facing the army of the damned, but that's not all they're discovering. Underneath this evil, we're guessing there is a Nazi spider web that connects all of these outbreaks and that out there, there are clues that can expose its gossamer threads. We are gathering reports of strange sightings and happenings, besides the undead rising from their graves that is, which seem to be creating trends within the field. What we're presenting to you today is one of these trends. Ever since the second outbreak at Nacht der Untoten, troops have been noticing strange radio transmissions and broadcasts taking place in the dead of the night. Back at HQ, we are hoping these rumors can help you soldiers come closer to unraveling the truth. Some of our men who've braved through the woods of Nacht der Untoten have dug up intel, which we found earlier to be irrelevant, but under recent circumstances, we now deem it vital to our growing case file. Our contacts say that there is a hidden radio, that for all rational reasons should not operate, but does. Those who've managed to activate the radio say that it plays an endless cycle of haunting songs and some of our Soviet allies have reported hearing their homeland's victory song through its cursed speakers. Of course, these phantom transmissions do not end in Nacht der Untoten. Shi No Numa holds its own fair share of mysteries. Within the walls of Shi No Numa, some have reported hearing not music, but radio calls from a rogue signal. We haven’t been able to get an accurate report on what is said within this radio call, but we are sure it is connected to this conspiracy. We can't be sure, but we are thinking that hidden transmissions can be found in the recently discovered Der Riese as well. That’s why we’re sharing this information with you troops. We need you to head out into the field and discover what we can't. You'll need to be smart and you'll need teamwork to survive, but if you can get past the hordes of the flesh-eating undead, you may find the truth behind the horror. Within the supplies section of the Call of Duty HQ, you'll find the only known transmissions we have. End of transmission. http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab125/callofdutyzombieslibrary/World%20at%20War/Nacht%20Der%20Untoten/NachtDerUntotenPoster_zps3482f36c.jpg[/IMG]