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    Link Note: The following are just some notes I put together of where I’d like the storyline to go based on what we know so far. Groups of Characters where are they now? Origins Crew: Trapped in a time loop. Cannot interfere with major events directly. Origins Richtofen maintains a psychic link with Stuhlinger allowing him to relay messages and instructions to the tranzit crew. At the time of this Map Primus Crew is in the middle of a war for Der Eisendrache shortly before they win and fall off the face of history. Where they end up after the battle is yet another mystery which may or may not be discovered later on Tranzit Crew: In the perfect world hiding from Monty. Stuhlinger receives instructions and messages from Origins Richtofen. Tranzit Crew communicates and Raise the Children via radio messages as well as inform them of the situation. They woke up in the New World after the events of the Zombies comic and immediately start taking instructions from Primus Richtofen. Stuhlinger must act for him while he is trapped in the Loop. They were awake during the events of Revelations and managed to hide the children on the remains of the Original Earth. The Children: Now adults hiding among the ruins of the Old Multiverse. Training all their lives to breach the perfect world. They vaguely remember who they were in their past lives and how they came to be on Earth 1. Their version of Richtofen tends to remember the most of who he was before his soul was collected. There are also reasons as to why we don't see Richtofen's soul being collected. Every version of richtofen has secrets thats pretty much the Bane of Monty's Existance. Map Overview: Link takes place in 4 corners of the earth. Japan, Russia, Germany, and America. Each player spawns in a different area and must activate a teleporter to link the areas. There is no Announcer until after the egg. The easter egg revolves around accessing the new world. To do this the players must listen in on the radios for vague instructions from the Tranzit crew. In each of the 4 areas there is a tower that must be lit. Upon lighting up all the towers the players can then initiate a Link which must be done in a time Limit. Lighting the Beacon means the remaining Apothicons can sense a connection to the perfect world. If the rest of the Egg cannot be completed in Time the Apothicons will use the breach to enter the perfect world and the Map will be altered to represent failure. If the Egg is completed in Time the 4 characters will successfully breach and arrive in the perfect version of the map now taking place in Monty’s reality. Post Egg interactions are just bits of Lore from character quotes and Monty interacting with the new crew and catching them up on "His version" of the zombies storyline. Players will be greeted by Monty who will mention that Richtofen and his crew traveled around the multiverse at one point and killed all other versions of themselves save for “The Children”. He tries to convince them that he is not the bad guy but rather just a tired God that wants to let things be as they are. He will also attempt to use guilt into making the new crew think they're doing wrong by allowing the 115 they bring with them to pollute and spread across his world. Anyways. I'm tired of Typing. Sleepy. Night. It's been fun typing something again like the good old days. Maybe not as detailed but whatevs
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    I'm very intrigued. I still think we'll see plenty of the OG crew. Don't forget that the campaign has been done away with and more focus is being placed onto zombies this year, and I firmly believe we'll start to get more than one zombies map per DLC, likely with two separate storylines running alongside each other that may end up being linked toward the end of the season.
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    I think I'm one of the people who's... overall, VERY excited to see how this plays. A staff that pretty much zombifies things, with imagery the looks alike to Egyptian-esque stuff in the hands of what looks to be a secret cult-like group with origins back to Roman times. That sounds like something that's simply campy as hell, and y'know what, I love it. Not to mention that... well... Blood of the Dead is a thing. Shit name, given, but... it exists. I'm overall very hyped out for Zombies. They're delivering in a way I'd like to think is unprecedented compared to what they've done in the past, and it's an exciting prospect.
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    If anything it’s rejuvenated some interest in the game, for me at least. Say what you will about the previous story, but IMO it jumped the shark more than once and scrapped the bottom of the barrel by the end. I mean, the last map was basically a battle between “God” and “Satan”.
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    Apologies all, I haven't had the time to get deep into this until today but it seems to be the case that local storage v's S3 storage has somehow corrupted profile pictures within the uploads folder and some are missing, some are not some are on S3 some are not and I'm not entirely certain why but it's my fault. Can you manually update your profile pictures temporarily please?
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    Set your feet to the solid grounds of New Paris to unfold its mysteries. Will you find your way or will you perish in the darkness? Features: - Fully non-Black Ops 1 weaponry, such as some World War 2, Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Killing Floor 2 and Payday 2 weapons - Black Ops 3 characters to play as - New enemies, Buildables, Time Trials, Dig Sites and more - Ten perks with one being custom - In-depth main Easter Egg and various smaller ones lying around Screenshots: Download Links: Version 1.0.2 Installer: https://mega.nz/#!RtdlkRKL!KTq-6ftbipAXPA17tpTIc8d2YV8LYkJy46ZKhWR6RPg Manual: https://mega.nz/#!k09UER5Z!DdEO-tczc0SkOBoXcKe1-8b-xbgTFXLYRsCnkHKGCuM Note: Installer will install game_mod for you, but if you are using manual download, you NEED to install newest version of game_mod first. You can download it from here: https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/releases Credits: SE2Dev Nukem DTZxPorter Ege115 Harry Bo21 BluntStuffy MAK911 Z0mbie1337 Fruckbatt lilrifa Scobalula ZeRoY ElTitoPricus The Meh CHN treminaor Gildor Spy Tom-BMX Treyarch Infinity Ward Sledgehammer Games Raven Software Tripwire Interactive Starbreeze Studios Behavior Interactive Voice Actors: Syphon TheWubstepBrony Emlbrough Music Provided By: Dillinger Escape Plan Bl00dBox Michel F. April RichaadEB ToxicxEternity Blonde Redhead Alpha/Beta Testers: Fruckbatt Z0mbie1337 lilrifa johndoe
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    First (and least important) thing first, holy shit you came on to respond to this and I feel so humbled. Second... it makes me happy to know you've seen the research regarding the whole "prune" thing with PHD. I don't know if you'd mind getting me an exact quote, but I'd love to hear it. Only supports what I've seen as head canon for... practically years at this point. I wouldn't particularly be surprised if someone came out and said "oh hey, would ya look at that, it is actually just a stereotype from sushi and he actually did get sick from all the raw fish", and I can understand and certainly agree with the idea that teleportation causes adverse effects on the body and such. Not to mention that I completely forgot that quote from the trailer... though you could argue a lot of things about said trailer. I mean, zombies swarm Nikolai and you could say they killed him if you were so inclined to do so, and therefore un-canonize the whole thing. I won't make a big deal out of it either way, though. Honestly, on the other half of things, I've not seen Zombies Chronicles as anything big or in effect to the story, more than I have seen them in a more artistic light. Little Kid Doug: "Man, these maps are so different! They look so much more different compared to the previous maps, perhaps more detailed even! Complete areas look so different! WHOA, Der Wunderfizz is in a lot of these old maps! WHOA, Gobblegums too? Wowie..." Well, of course it's different, Doug! It's a REMASTER! It's the point. You're bringing back fan-favorite maps, integrating them into the system of your game with all new mechanics (kinda like they did before with the four originals in BO1), and editing areas where, artistically for its time, probably could never have looked the way they do now. I get that you could totally denote that the Moon in this portrayal of it could be SUPER different to its portrayal in BO1, but it makes no sense to not boil everything down to artistic interpretation. Hell... if Black Ops III isn't a trial in such, I don't know what is. I don't know if that's too harsh an understanding, but... don't worry. I can understand and somewhat agree. I can both understand and respect that you are willing to agree with my friend's side of things. As much as I disagree with him, he deserves his counterarguments in a post that's biased to my beliefs more than they are his. Truthfully, I don't exactly disagree with the purest notion or idea of his argument. I've the feeling, though, that I have had a lot of time with this story... and that, given all the different articulations and beliefs I would feel that separating the events of all of ZC (give or take Origins... I feel like Origins makes the most sense to be still canon) would be simply... wrong. As I've quoted above, my whole argument with this is that I separate the idea of the canonical from artistic interpretation. In my head, it's hard to denote ZC as literally anything else. It's the same maps with someone else's brand of paint in an attempt to blot out the blemishes, in my eyes.
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    So recently, I have been re-reading the comics and have been giving some thought to the direction this story may go given that issue #6 is the newest piece of media in this canon. I have been thinking of Blundell's tendency of teasing future maps with Black Ops III. There were little notes and coordinates connecting the current map to the upcoming one. But one small easter egg was found but shortly forgotten in Der Eisendrache that has only re-appeared once: at the last page of Comic #6. The easter egg in question is the London newspaper easter egg, which as of right now is not very well documented. There is a newspaper in the control room of Der Eisendrache which details a huge parade, pictured here: Upon acquiring the flaming plunger through another small easter egg and killing zombies near the paper with the plunger, the zombies will warp away as if being teleported, and then upon looking at the paper it looks like this: And after getting even more plunger kills, the paper will change once more. I appear to have run out of space for posting pictures, so I will post the others I mention in the comments. The last iteration of the paper reads "'ZOMBIE' ATTACK IN THE HEART OF LONDON!", with a nearby panel reading "Parliament gathers for emergency meeting" The running theory with this easter egg is that since the plunger is taken from another time through time travel, killing zombies with it causes them to be sent through time to London, and we are changing the future through our actions. Now, this is a neat little easter egg, but it was not solid enough evidence of things to come to really be sure. However, over a year later, issue 6 of the comic series ended with an altered loading screen from the past, very similar to the ones in previous comics, but very few talk about this one. It appears like the original Mob of the Dead loading screen, but with a page torn and Richtofen's scribblings. But more interesting is the newspaper clipping tucked behind the page, which matches exactly the final iteration of the newspaper from Der Eisendrache, with the Parliament meeting text visible. On one hand this could just be a way of connecting the theme of changing the past in the last comic to the paper which represents such actions. But I feel it is somewhat symbolic for this to be on the final page of the entire series, marking a sort of teaser for the future. This paper appearing twice is, I think an indication of London's future appearance in our game. Personally, along with London, I feel Mob of the Dead will be remastered, with Victis as the playable characters, similar to The Giant. My primary reasoning is that Victis is put on ice at the end of the same comic teasing London, under Alcatraz. Also Blundell stated that since Mob was not in Chronicles, they had another use for it in the future. If that is the case, then I think the London map may be a stand-alone map with actors like Shadows of Evil, if we are following the same formula as BO3. But, Treyarch is known to break the formula, so who knows how this will play out? What do you all think? Also, thank you @anonymous for suggesting I post this.
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