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    First of all, sorry for being gone for a few days. I had trouble with signing in but eventually resetting my password was the key. Now I am here with this kinda absurd apologize: Anyone in here ever seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? A movie released in 2008, three years prior to Black Ops I. We have seen that the movie had inspired the developers of Black Ops: Zombies multiple times. I watched that movie recently once again, now mature enough to actually understand the whole backstory of that movie. And honestly, truly a lot of the content reminded me of our Zombies story and the theory that ancient alien astronauts visited early human societies across the world. The Skulls First of all we must try to help one mystery out of our story: the long humanoid skull on the Shangri La loading screen and on the Richthofen altar. While we used to believe those were alien -Vril Ya or Aryan- skulls, we discovered that the Keepers, the alien race that inhabited Argartha and were on the background the whole time, appeared to hd no eyes. So what are those skulls? According to Indiana Jones and Wikipedia, the ancient Nazca society in South America performed so-called artificial cranial deformation, a form of body alteration in which the skull of a human being is deformed intentionally, giving it a long, alien-looking skull. They did this with the purpose of honouring their gods, who are believed to have such head as well. The Nazca weren't the only ones doing this. Ancient American, Indian and Eurasian tribes performed this ritual. So my most logical explanation of the skulls in Shangri La are that they are human, tribe members to be exact, deformed in such way to honour the Keepers, who have a similar headform. Akator In 1972 German photojournalist Karl Brugger encountered an Indian named Tatunca Nara in Brazil. Tatunca said he belonged to a tribe called the Ugha Mongulala. The Ugha lived in the subterranean Golden City of Akator in an unexplored part of the Amazon, known as El Dorado in popular culture (note that “Golden” also means “wisdom” in Nazca language). In some Asian cultures, a synonym for this location is Shangri La. The Ugha Mongulala were chosen by the gods to be the record-keepers of the planet after the gods’ sudden disappearance in the year zero (10481 BC). This sounds like early human's interaction with advanced beings. The Ugha, among with other Latin American cultures such as the Nazca, Aztec and Maya, claimed that their gods had learned them agriculture and basic technology. The gods built a highly protected underground fortress in a very inaccessible locale. The Ugha Mongulala were given special stones to “view” any place on earth and to record key planetary events. These records were written in a hieroglyphic text called the “script of the Ancient Fathers”. They told of the gods arrival, great wars, the building of the Akakorian empire, the departure of the gods, the birth of the Incas, the construction of great cities, the coming of the Spanish, and three periods of great planetary upheaval, two that have happened and one that is yet to come. The dates given in the account were remarkably close to dates referred to in other accounts of prehistory and ancient history, such as the Bible and the Sumerian record. The gods left one of their “flying disks” as “credentials” for the Ugha: A Vimaña, or pyramid in modern language. It is said that there are four gods remaining in stone columns in the deep inner recesses of the temple, possibly mummified. If you want to read more about Viamaña's and the technology and story behind them, take a look here: Brugger published his findings in 1972 and was planning a trip to Akakor at the time of his murder. Shangri La in Latin America? I know. It sounds absurd, but I would like to make South America as a potential location for Shangri La as well. The Amazon has tropical rainforests and large mountains as well. The soil in Shangri La colours red, the colour of a tropical soil that you find near the equator, like in the Amazon. The Hymalayan soil colours way different, since it lays further away from the equator. Also, the style of the Vimaña’s in Shangri La, the pyramids, look more American (Maya/Nazca/Inca) than Asian (e.g. the Borobodur). The monkeys in the map look very similar to the monkeys in the Indiana Jones movie, possibly the same American breed. And next to this one, there are countless Crystal Skull references in the map: the water rad, the waterfall, the traps, the natives, etc. So could Shangri La be Akator, the lost city? I know about the Tibetan tattoos on the natives, and the Asian-style gongs and Naga-statues. But maybe these items were originally part of a global culture: A global shared human culture that honoured the extraterrestrial gods: From Sumeria to Hyperborea and from Egypt to Mexico. Everywhere on Earth pyramids were built...or were possibly brought there by the gods. Other interesting points in the Crystal skull. The gods/aliens that lived in the pyramid in Akator are said to be not creatures out of space, but interdimensional beings. Eventually, when they leave, they are said to go to the space between spaces. I’ve never heard such obvious reference to CoDZ’s “Aether”, and it would fit perfectly with the 4D theory (imagine a hypercube with every 3D cube in it as a universe, and the space between those 3D cubes as Aether). One last interesting note: in the movie the main characters discovered art and statues from all over Earth in a room in Akator. It was made clear that the beings are actually archeologists of other dimensions. They are the Keepers of these stuff. When discovering our dimension, besides doing investigation, they learned civilizations over the entire globe about agriculture and technology. They were the roots of human society.
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    Hello all! I was browsing through /r/CODZombies earlier today, and came across THIS post. It got me thinking as to how COD2018 Zombies could start: The date is April 26, 1944. Victis wakes up from the "On ice" state that they are left in from Issue #6 of the comics. They find that the room is empty, but receive this message from Maxis: "To any survivors of this realm, I am truly sorry. I wish I could offer you some words of comfort, but I cannot. It is my hope that I can rid the universe of the evil that has plagued us for so long. But in my heart, I know many more dimensions will be lost forever as we continue our journey towards peace. Forgive me." The teleporter is broken, and Victis must quickly repair it before Dimension 63 is destroyed. The spawn room for this map could be like No Man's Land in Moon, where you can choose to hold out in there or teleport to the actual map. When Victis actually teleports, who knows where they'll go. Of course, they could go to London, as commonly theorized, but that's not what I'm trying to cover in this post. I made the below flowchart for how the beginning would play out. Of course, it could play out in any way, shape, or form, but I just think it would be cool to have another No Man's Land to create records and challenges for. Let me know if I'm missing something or if this doesn't make sense with the storyline, I easily could have messed up! ~Alyx
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    Not sure that Deep Thought was the best section for this, but I don't blame you. Who knows, maybe finding this has become your mental conundrum.
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    Wow, just like Spork I got a notification through my email that I was tagged in a post and, well here I am again aha. I've missed this place and the theories, the days of old. But I think more than that I've missed the people, just like you. I planned on hanging around here through BO3 but my squad kind of did our own thing with solving the EE's and doing them blind, so I just sort of fell out of touch. Just was taking some time to reminisce on the old posts I made here, and wow, the nostalgia hit hard. Miss you guys
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    You're referring to Black Ops 1 and all, correct? The Origins Crew specifically (also called Primis) never were at Call of the Dead. Back in Black Ops 1, they didn't actually exist as characters. What the Origins crew is, is just another version of the Original Crew (also called Ultimis in the Zombies Timeline) from a different dimension (Dimension 63, according to the Timeline). The crew in the map is just the Original Crew, Ultimis. Hope that helps. If there's something else you're talking about that I missed, do tell.
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    Preface: This is a ridiculous theory with minimal evidence in-game to back it up, but I just can't put it aside! So, with that out of the way... What if Barbarossa's sword is the Spear of Destiny? Assertion: The sword of Frederick Barbarossa is contains the Spear of Destiny (aka: Lance of Longinus, Holy Lance- will be used interchangeably). Background: The Holy Lance is the spear, wielded by the Centurion Longinus, that pierces Jesus Christ's side during his crucifixion.(1) It is said to have mystical powers for those who wield it. It's specifically called the Spear of Destiny, because it's supposed to grant the wielder victory in battle. Notable owners of the Lance include Constantine the Great, Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa, and Hitler.(2) Legend is particularly poignant about the double-edged nature of the weapon. The wielder gains power and victory, but if they are to lose the Lance then doom should fall them. According to legend, Charlemagne carried the weapon through 47 successful battles, but died when he accidentally dropped it. It's claimed that the reason Barbarossa drowned in a river was because he had accidentally dropped the Lance into the water. Hitler gained possession of the Lance when he annexed Austria, and ordered it moved to Nuremberg. If it's to be believed, the Lance was captured by the Allies on April 30th, 1945, and not even an hour and a half later Hitler had committed suicide. Evidence: I have no hard evidence linking my theory to the game; all I have is history and mythology which leads to circumstantial evidence at best. Here's my best summary- Barbarossa was in the possession of the Holy Lance. This is a common story surrounding the mythology of the Lance, but more importantly, you can actually track the ownership of the Austrian Lance back to the Hohenstaufen dynasty, of which Frederich Barbarossa was a member. Some legends of the Joyeuse, the sword of Charlemagne, state that the Lance of Longinus was forged into the sword. Thus, there is a mythologic basis for claiming that the sword itself is the Holy Lance. (3) In a story that I'm not sure I believe, a former Uboat commander claims the Himmler founded a society of knights that worshiped the Lance, and ordered the commander to take the "real" Lance to Antartica. At the very least it suggests that Himmler and other Nazis of the Ahnenerbe were interested in the Lance. (4) Glitching Queen pulled game files of the murals on the walls of TFR. Interestingly, she found an extra mural that looks like it might go where a zombie spawn currently is. The missing mural depicts Barbarossa going into a cave and coming out with the sword. The relevance for me, is that one of the origins for the Holy lance is that it came from the Cathedral of St. Peter in Antioch during the first crusade. If you google the "Cathedral of St. Peter in Antioch", you are directed to the "Church of St. Peter in Antioch" which is considered one of the oldest Christian churches in the world; it is essentially a cave with a facade blocking the entrance. I wonder if a SH researcher found the connection and just drew that Barbarossa discovered the sword in the church. (5)(6) Hypothesis and Theorizing: If we're hunting down pieces of the Spear of Destiny, our next DLC map will be in Nuremberg, not Berlin. This is because the Lance was stored in a museum there during the Nazi's rule. Furthermore, the Lance temporarily went missing towards the end of the war, but was discovered near the city by General George Patton. In the story thus far, our crew has escaped the bombing of Heligoland on April 18th, 1945, and is now headed towards the mainland to support the Fürher. Nuremberg was under siege by Allied forces from April 17-21, after which the city was lost and the war ended soon after. But what if in our story, Straub goes to Nuremberg under the pretense of helping the city defend itself from the Allies, but instead he's focused on retrieving the Lance? Benefits of this theory: It gives the sword a reason to have supernatural power and a reason to fear it's completion. If the sword is forged from the Spear of Destiny, by completing it Straub/Barbarossa would start winning victories and change the outcome of WWII.
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    Supplied and thank you.
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    I feel like now would be a pretty good time to request the Donor medal. ...for obvious reasons, I suppose.
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    Forget everything you know... Blow my mind & maybe we will. How is everyone doing these days? Hope everyone is doing well. Regards Snake.
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    Hi all, its been a long time. Im kinda craving the original Five, and looking for serious distance runners to go 40+ tonight. I shall be on 12ish tonight EST, but will try to sooner. My PSN is a12yr_old_virgin. Hope to see you, someone, anyone. BTW good luck to everyone in 2018.
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    @Lenne good to hear it's not just me who has that error. I also had it with Rad's prior post like the one about Richthofen he posted recently. I believe it might have something to do with the "edited" part underneath the OP page. Posts that aren't edited I actually can like. Not sure though. @Radzakpak Excellent read as always. It seems that this London paper, together with the Victis-Alcatraz thing and an odd cipher in Revelations are the only intel about Zombies 2018 so far. I'll link this intel at the end of this comment. Concerning London. In my opinion, it would be interesting if the map takes place in the three different fractures: the Parade one, the secret zombie attacks one, and the zombie outbreak one. Perhaps the characters "play" the map in the outbreak fracture, but through temporary Rifts they are allowed to travel to the other fractures as well. Or the starting cutscene takes place in one fracture, and the game itself is set in the outbreak fracture (similar to Shadows of Evil). And while talking about London, the City is also a good location for some Illuminati references (since we know, due to the Timeline and Alcatraz, that that organisation will reappear again): London is an old city, and has always been seen (espessially around WW2) as one of the, if not the most important global city's on Earth. An excellent location for a secret underground movement, infiltrated deeply into the city's important organs. And a final thing that popped into my head is that the Timeline is from Richthofen's vision, and it talks not about London. That means Ultimis or Primis (or Richthofen at least) won't be playable in that map. So you might be on the right track about the celebrities there. Pröst!
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    @RadZakpak First off, I want you to know that I appreciate you, sadly I can't show it via liking your posts, cause for some reason I literally can't... like... the button isn't there. Do you think the london map, which would be cool as hell, will be yet another night time map? Bit of a random question, I know, but I feel like it could really shine as a nighttime map. (No pun intended). I also appreciate the fact, that you didn't call CoD2018 BO IV. Thanks for the read and the pics and yourself.
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    Pretty much everything @MysteryMachineX has ever made is gold in my eyes. This man's got an unparalleled understanding of Call of Duty Zombies.
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    "Only time will tell" Kino!
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    Once you get to paypal you'll see the following.
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    The deep discussions and debates with @AlphaSnake @Covert Gunman @Tac @FatedTitan @Rissole25 @Naitrax @GRILL@Boom115 and many more fellow surviors. It’s funny how a video game can bring those young, old, and in the middle together with such passion. It’s quite diabolical Treyarch thank you!
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    And just like that, I have been resurrected onto this great community...of which I seem to have sadly abandoned(adulthood and responsibilities hit me like a ton of bricks...just an excuse, I know lol) . Lol I got an email notification when you tagged me. Thank you for the kind words, pal. I feel a bit nostalgic after hearing about that post I made ages ago. Glad to know it meant something to ya. Happy slaying, guys! I’ll be sure to pop my head in from time to time. as far as my favorite posts on here...idk..too many great ones to choose just one. To be fair, I think the conversations in the comments are home to some of the greatest topics.
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    ^^^^^^ this a thousand times my dear numpty. Would it be too much for to ask for just a straight up zombie map with no buildables, no parts, PaP behind a door, and a sidequest that doesn't scream at you to complete it? Who's leg do I have to hump to get an EE that doesn't prompt you to start it on the first f***ing round? The Call of Duty Zombie community is absolutely brilliant, and in that fact we can appreciate subtlety as much as complexity - we don't need this bullshit hammered into our skulls over and over every new map that there is a secret quest. WE F***ING GET IT, a standalone tower defense game doesn't jive with your marketing anymore so you have to amplify the fact that it is more then just a side mode. News flash, it didn't jive to begin with. It's always been a mode apart from the mainstream What I have seen, I don't know about all of you, is a systematic dumbing down of the overall complexity of the zombies mode. It seems more important to find a modern yet retro nostalgia cast then to actually focus on replayabiilty. It seems more important to focus on what parts you need to get to the next step on Round 1, then just f***ing enjoying Round 1. Don't tell me I have shit to do, I know I have shit to do - this is zombies... and here's the important part, IF I DON'T KNOW then eventually I will learn from other players what to do. It's honestly part of the magic, learning from people. I never knew there was anything more to zombies until someone showed me the EE on Ascension, my mind was blown. Yes, Yuri gives you a hint at the start, but it is nowhere near as specific as the directions given in zombie maps now. I'm rambling. It's quite simple (to me, at least - but I'm just a dude so what do I know): have your Origins (loved), have your TranZit (technical difficulties), have your Die Rise (vomits in mouth), but give us a Kino. Give us an Ascension. Give us a spooky throwback that doesn't rely on any mechanics past BO1, when the formula was intact. There are so many zombie survival games out there, all I want is for it to be the game it was. We don't want a copy of a copy of a copy. /endrant also hi.