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    • Smok3y

      Why does everyone hate on the multi EE reward, full clip mr6 for max start points and rk5 to deal with noob window stealers ?!?! lovely!
      · 5 replies
      1. AetherialVoices

        Because on solo it glitches out so when you go down instead of Death & Taxes you get the RK5.

      2. Spider3000

        Disappointing reward for going through all Easter Egg's really.

      3. Smok3y

        Understand where Aetherial is coming from, that doesn't effect me so much but understandable, especially at higher rounds. In terms of underwhelming reward I think it is well balanced. It makes setup (especially for EE's) that much easier moving forward with maximum point efficiency in the first rounds. I think maybe something cosmetic in game could be good like the 04/N4 character models but what other suggestions would you have that would not be over powered/game breaking?


      4. Spider3000

        I would've also liked something cosmetic for the characters, perhaps the Primis costumes. Sure, the RK5 and MR6 ammo can make setting up that much easier. But for completing every Easter egg, it's a terrible reward. I understand the reward can't be too OP, but if you had told me a year ago that the reward for completing all EE's would've been a starting room pistol I would've laughed. Zombies has been very hit or miss this year, and I definitely count this as a "miss".

      5. Smok3y

        AFAIK there was no persistent reward for completing the trio of main EE maps from BO1, lighting the spires for either maxis or Richtofen gave a one of reward that you needed other people to activate. I think this time round is a step in the right direction. For those that enjoy playing zombies your setup became easier for every other game after.

        The only alternative I could think off that is big enough would be access to the staffs but you would need to limit it to revelations and even then there would need to be a process in game to obtain as you couldn't start with it and therefore if you have to do a process anyway, defeats the object. hear what your saying though. I think if there had been a decent 10 minute cut scene filling in a lot of blanks story wise that would have been more than acceptable.

    • Rissole25

      Yo guys you should make a thread discussing Zombies #1. I would, but I'm avoiding it till I get my physical copy.
      · 2 replies
      1. anonymous

        Today I have no time, but if it isn't done tomorrow yet, I could make a thread about the comic. The comic probably even explains the time difference between nuke town and tranzit

      2. BoomByeYeah

        Maybe I'm losing my spark, but didn't find much outside face value.

    • Lenne

      So many things going wrong this year. This world seems to get scarier from day to day. :S
      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Chopper

      Hello CODZ I have missed you 
      · 5 replies
      1. anonymous

        Good to see ya, Chopper

      2. Hells Warrrior

        Good to see ya @Chopper - have you started the move yet? I've been pretty quite myself recently, far too much work load, far to much happening at home and just no time for anything these days. Hardly played since March/April.


        Played very little of ZNS, GK and haven't played revelations at all.

      3. Lenne

        Hey Chopperooo.


        I/we missed you too.


        Can I bother you with a few questions?


        How do you feel about BO III as a whole? (gameplay wise)


        Did you see Hamiltons terrible start at Suzuka? At this rate we will see Rosberg as a world champion which I would welcome, but only if we actually saw a battle between the two. It comes down to the one with more luck winning the thing.


        How are you doing otherwise?

      4. Chopper

        @Hells Warrrior Move to Brussels 12/11, move to Aussie land next Feb or July, depending on visas and schooling!  TBH, I only got revelations like 4 days before PC and Xbox release, and I have the season pass for it!  Hadn't played any zombies since Der Eisendrache.  I'll make a post this weekend explaining what I've been up to!


        @Lenne It's frustrating to me, but I'm also torn.  On one hand I believe the engines should be shared, so Hamilton wouldn't have had that penalty, which turned out to be irrelevant. However, maybe Rosberg manages them better. What frustrates me is that Rosberg has now actually turned up, but I'd say for 70% of the season he has been far outdriven, on both the course and for pole. The failures have destroyed Hamilton.  TBH, I hope Rosberg just wins the next couple from pole to remove the luck factor.  If Hamilton wins the rest, I'm not sure what it will do for the championship but if Rosberg still won it wouldn't seem fair.  

        BO3 - really good, kinda.  I'll make a big post this weekend saying a lot about a lot!

        Kids are great, wife is great, so that makes my life great!

      5. DeathBringerZen

        Hey Ben. Nice to see you have been active lately. Hope all is well bud.

    • Tombstone737  »  MrRoflWaffles

      · 0 replies
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