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Sony had it's E3 conference on Tuesday and they have announced a few new games and of course DLC exclusivity for Black Ops III, which we are sure a few XBox owners are going to be disappointed with.
Come and discuss the E3 show in our dedicated forum topic.
So Xbox have been on stage at E3 with great looking games, Rare bringing out some classics, Gears compilation, Gears 4, Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and more.
So what are your thoughts so far, let us know in the E3 topic.
That's right folks, you read that title correctly. This year, @Flammenwerfer and @Covert Gunman will be attending the 2015 E3 Expo in Los Angeles. This means that we will be providing you, the community, with on-the-minute coverage of various Black Ops 3 news, announcements, and hands-on experiences. Be sure to check out the Front Page as we dish out coverage, and follow us on Twitter @CoDzombieforum to get our up to the minute news (please note: I will not hesitate to tweet hilarious pictures).
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