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Outbreak Season 4 Intel


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Requiem (20/20)

Audio Logs (5)

"Aftermath" (Location: ???) - After the incident at the Omega Missile Silo, Requiem's Senior Staff discuss the fallout from Maxis's rogue operation.


Weaver: Well, people, we've got a bit of a clusterfuck on our hands, won't we?


Carver: Our own strike team running an off-the-books operation cooked up by a Soviet officer and someone on house arrest? Yeah, the Director's gonna love that.


Strauss: A-hem. Agent Maxis is not under arrest, per se. "Under observation," perhaps. Though no one observed her straying outside the chain of command...


Grey: Look, maybe it wasn't sanctioned, but was it really wrong of her to dump those warheads in the sea? She might have saved the East Coast from becoming one big outbreak zone.


Weaver: It wasn't her call, Grey. She should have come to me first. However good her intentions -- nobody hijacks my troops.


Carver: Besides, I have serious doubts that those warheads were really meant for use against us.


Strauss: Carver, this isn't more of your "Dark Aether Overlord" talk, is it?


Carver: Do I walk into your lab and slap the test tube out of your hand, Strauss? No. Show me the same respect. I think Omega recognizes the real danger here, and so should we.


Grey: So, if those missiles were meant to stop something worse than what we've already seen... and we just eliminated them... did we just leave the world more vulnerable?


Weaver: Meeting's over, people. I don't know how this will all shake out, but it wasn't our best day by a long shot.


Weaver: Grey? I'd like a word alone...

"You Know Better" (Location: ???) - Weaver chastises Grey for her role in Maxis's rogue op, as Grey raises more pressing concerns.


Grey: Weaver, I don't know what to say...


Weaver: There's nothing to say. Your lack of military experience is no excuse for what you did. You knew better and you did it anyway.


Grey: I just wanted to let her talk to the team. I didn't know what she--


Weaver: One thing you are not is stupid. But I also don't think you're a traitor. Which is why I'm taking the heat on this one.


Weaver: No one upstairs is aware of your role in Sam's little side operation, and that's how it'll stay. As long as you never fucking cross me again. Understood?


Grey: Yes.


Weaver: How is she, anyway?


Grey: Agent Maxis is still showing high levels of Aetherium contamination in her bloodstream. But the way it's affecting her is different than any other subject I've observed.


Weaver: Meaning...?


Grey: It's not just her eyes. There are things happening on a cellular level I can't quantify yet.


Weaver: You keep your notes on our central database, yes? That would explain the new orders.


Weaver: The Director wants to run more specialized tests on Maxis. If you're asked to cooperate, you do as instructed. Are we clear?


Grey: Yes, sir.


Weaver: And, Grey? Remember, if it's on the mainframe, everyone above my pay grade can access it. If there's something you want to tell me, you tell me in person.


Grey: I promise, Weaver, I won't keep anything else from you.


Weaver: I'm glad we understand each other. Dismissed.

(R) "What Tomorrow Brings" (Location: ???) - After losing his strike team, Weaver is paid a late night office visit by Carver.


Weaver: Come in.


Carver: Late night, brother?


Weaver: You could say that... What can I do for you, Major?


Carver: Mac.


Weaver: Yes, Yes... Mac. What can I do for you?


Carver: I was hoping I could do something for you. You're clearly under a lot of stress at the moment... I take it you've been getting it both barrels from the Director?


Carver: None for me, thanks.


Weaver: I insist. Cheers.


Carver: Look -- I don't want to speak out of turn. Feel free to put me in my place if need be, but I know how you must feel... losing the team and all.


Weaver: No. You don't know how I feel. You can't. This bastard -- Kravchenko. We go way back.


Carver: I know. I can see it in your eyes.


Weaver: Eye. Singular.


Carver: Sorry. I just mean... I know this is personal, but that doesn't mean you have to take it that way. I spent the best part of ten years feeling the way you do right now -- downing the liquor, trying to numb the guilt of my own failures.


Weaver: I know... I can see it in your eyes.


Carver: Yeah. You should. That guilt isn't going anywhere. But you ain't gonna deal with it any better with the Scotch. You're still gonna have to look yourself in the EYE every morning.


Weaver: Nicely put.


Carver: Anyway, I was on my way out for the night. I just wanted to tell you... I know how you feel. Honestly.


Weaver: I appreciate it Carver.


Carver: Mac.


Weaver: Mac.


Carver: Let's see what tomorrow brings.

(R) "Goes Without Saying" (Location: ???) - Grey and Strauss talk about the fate of the strike team, and the potential of a new device.


Strauss: Doctor Grey! To what do I owe the pleasure?


Grey: Cute. Very cute.


Strauss: Forgive my levity... and perhaps my... brevity? How can I help?


Grey: I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. Well... three actually.


Strauss: Hit me. Not literally, of course. I just mean... What do you want to know?


Grey: The strike team are missing.


Strauss: Presumed dead?


Grey: I'm not presuming anything. I just wondered if you had more information on their current status.


Strauss: Shouldn't that be a question for Weaver?


Grey: Yes. Yes. I'm just... trying to... not piss him off any more.


Strauss: After how Ms. Maxis led you astray? 


Grey: Fuck me, Strauss... Do you have to be such a prick?


Strauss: Well, I try not to be -- but I am very busy!


Grey: I honestly don't know how Weaver hasn't punched you in the face already...


Strauss: So. That's two things I can't help you with. Dare I inquire as to the third topic you wanted to discuss?


Grey: I wanted to... see where you were at with your research regarding the Aetherium Neutralizer...?


Strauss: Well... it's really quite fascinating. The potential for travel in and out of the Dark Aether -- safely -- could yield many benefits...


Grey: No shit, Sherlock. But what about the downsides?


Strauss: I think the downsides "go without saying"...


Grey: But -- now we are saying it...


Strauss: Yes. We are. I can't help but wonder if those within the other dimension have harnessed similar powers. Could they perhaps be... on their way here?


Grey: You really are a barrel of laughs, aren't you? I'm going to bed. It's been a long enough day as it is...


Strauss: Auf Wiedersehen.


Grey: Just... don't. Okay?

(R) "The Berlin Situation" (Location: ???) - Weaver and Carver discuss a developing situation in Berlin and their noticeable exclusion from involvement.


Carver: What the actual fuck, Weaver?


Weaver: What's wrong, Mac?


Carver: Major Carver. Unless we've completely abandoned the chain of command.


Weaver: From your tone, I'm guessing you heard about the outbreak situation in Berlin?


Carver: Damn right I heard about it. I still have friends. Some of them in high places. Higher even than you. Why the Hell haven't we sent a team to engage?


Weaver: You answered your own question -- Orders from above. Not only has the Director made it explicitly clear that we are not to engage, but he's also taking a LOT of our other options off the table.


Carver: I think I'm going to need a little context on that statement.


Weaver: The Director is handling the situation in Berlin personally.


Carver: What? Like he's gone there himself? As in boots on ground?


Weaver: Dammit, Carver. You of all people should know there are ways to make things happen without actually holding a gun to someone's head.


Carver: I don't like being out of the loop, Weaver.


Weaver: Neither do I! This is all coming down from on high. You, Strauss, Grey, even me for fuck's sake -- none of us are on the "need to know" list.


Carver: Jesus... I had no idea things were that bad.


Weaver: They are that bad, and all of us need to hope that they don't get any worse. Strauss and Grey's research has already been seized for reasons... unspecified.


Carver: Fuck. Are we falling apart here, Weaver? Have we been mothballed?


Weaver: I wish I knew the answer to that, Major.


Documents (7)

"DASA Station Blueprint" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies.) - Design specs for the Dark Aether Specimen Analyzer, used to broadcast specimen analysis data back to Requiem HQ via satellite. With additional notes from Grey.


Marked 03/13/84






Note 1: 

Q: How does a severed head scream?

A: Quite loudly, apparently!



Note 2:

If you want to get ahead, get a brain 🙂




"The Omega Eight" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies.) - Report for the Director discussing the Omega scientists who wish to defect to Requiem.


Marked November 28, 1984



FROM: Weaver
SUBJECT: Omega Eight


Per your request, I’ve compiled all known intelligence on the Omega defectors who’ve been in contact with Field Asset POWDERKEG. On November 24th, asset reported eight Omega scientists in total wished to defect (known internally as the “Omega Eight”).


The Omega Eight are comprised of high-ranking scientists from four of Omega’s departments, including Exoscientific Phenomena, Psychotronics, Necro-Analytics, and Weapons Development.


1) Dr. Dietrich Schultz. Male. 52. Scientist in Exoscientific Phenomena. Reports directly to Dr. Peck. Assisted in the development of the Reality Inversion Warheads.


2) Dr. Hanna Kovacs. Female. 46. Scientist in Exoscientific Phenomena. Reports directly to Dr. Peck. Also assisted in the development of the Reality Inversion Warheads.


3) Dr. Natalya Zarkova. Female. 38. Scientist in Psychotronics. Reports directly to Dr. Valentina. Claims to have been developing a device in secret that will be of high interest to Requiem. Also, she was the first scientist to make contact with POWDERKEG.


4) Andrea Brzezinska. Female. 35. Research Assistant in Psychotronics. Reports to Dr. Zarkova. Claims to have valuable intelligence on Dr. Valentina.


5) Jakob Kaminski. Male. 32. Research Assistant in Psychotronics. Reports to Dr. Zarkova. Also claims to have valuable intelligence on Dr. Valentina.


6) Dr. Hugo Jager. Male. 35. Research Lead of Necro-Analytics. Has extensive documentation on the secretive department. Also responsible for arranging safe passage to the Ural Mountains for their rendezvous with POWDERKEG.


7) Marek Cherneski. Male. 39. Records Manager in Necro-Analytics. Has extensive documentation on the department.


😎 Dr. Marina Vengerova. Female. 42. Scientist in Weapons Development. Worked with Dr. Peck developing the Red Soldier Mechanized Armor.


We will continue the verification process. Once we have received approval, we are estimating at least two weeks until we can proceed with extraction in the Ural Mountains.

"The Child's Note" (Location: ???) - A note found on the Mystery Box Bunny. Appears to be written by a child with a connection to the Dark Aether Object.



















(R) "Operation Excision Report" (Location: ???) - Weaver's Report to the Director on the fallout from Operation Excision.


December 15, 1984


FROM: Weaver

SUBJECT: Operation Excision


At 2300 hours last night Requiem's strike team moved to intercept and exfil the Omega defectors. As you know, at 0130 hours the OP ended in catastrophic failure. Seven of the defectors were KIA, and my team were captured by Omega forces.


It appears Kravchenko had planted one of his own loyalists within the group: Doctor Hugo Jager, head of their Necro-Analytics research department. During our initial reviews he eluded suspicion, primarily because he played such a pivotal role in orchestrating the defectors' escape. However, as we have now learned, he arranged for the chopper crash, and subsequently, personally, executed the other scientists. He led us into Omega's trap. The blame for this should lie with me and me alone.


We have learned more about why the defectors chose this moment. One of the scientists, Doctor Zarkova, had been developing an "Aetherium Neutralizer", a device capable of removing Aetherium air particles from an environment - as well as neutralizing its effects. It is believed Zarkova's defection was motivated by her desire to deliver this prototype device to Requiem, as she did not want it to fall into Omega's hands. While we were unable to prevent Omega from acquiring it, a portion of its blueprint was successfully recovered. Maybe Strauss can make something of it.


Finally, in regard to my team. I have all Requiem departments assisting where they can, and a rescue plan is being coordinated as I write this. I have reached out to our contacts within the KGB to ascertain what can be learned from within. Rest assured, we will find them and bring them home. We will not stand by and allow Requiem's secrets - or people - to fall into enemy hands. You have my word.

(R) "Where's My Robot?" (Location: ???) - Grey writes a memo to Requiem's senior staff regarding the whereabouts of her latest project.


January 13, 1985

MEMORANDUM FOR: Carver, Strauss, Weaver

FROM: Grey

SUBJECT: Where the hell's my robot?


First of all, let me make this clear - I'm not angry. I may be disappointed, possibly irked, but definitely not anything approaching vexed or even... chafed? I just want to know who took Klaus and why.


When the Director tasked me with this project, one thing was clear - I could take whatever time was needed to make sure we got it right. Yes, the prototype unit was assembled from parts delivered to us, and my work has been mainly focused on improving its central processing unit. Now, that may seem like a simple task to a manager with the clipboard and a checklist, but these things take time! I was promised 6 more weeks of R&D.


This is the reason I was shocked to discover that, during my lunchbreak, someone broke into my lab and took Klaus. If someone I know is taking the piss, haha! But if someone else has taken him believing he's ready for the big show, they've bitten of more than they can chew.


Yes, we've made massive improvements to his combat abilities, but there are still basic concepts of human interaction that Klaus was only just beginning to grasp. Did you know he crushed Jerry's ribcage giving him a hug? A hug! He thought he was helping, that he was doing a good thing! Such misjudgments could have serious ramifications on the battlefield.


As I said, I'm not angry. Not even a little bit. I would just like to know who the hell took my robot and why.


[handwritten across the bottom:

Grey - 

Burn this and delete any record of it from the mainframe. Klaus was taken by the Director for use in Berlin. I don't know anything beyond that. I told you to come to me first - something is happening.


(R) "CRBR-S Report" (Location: ???) - A memorandum for Requiem's Director discussing the progress of the wonder weapon prototype -- and its delivery to Berlin.


January 13, 1985


FROM: Secretary, Executive Office



Sir, I wanted to inform you that, along with KLAUS, the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon has been successfully packaged and shipped to Berlin. Delivery expected by January 28. I hope this is acceptable.


As the CRBR-S was developed as a joint project between Containment & Security and Energy Research, both Major Carver and Doctor Strauss have been made aware that the weapon has been reappropriated for field use. Both raised concerns that the weapon was not yet ready. However, having conducted several tests myself, I can confirm that the base weapon, as well as its three mod kits, all function as intended.


As expected, Carver and Strauss cited the missing vocalization module as one of their primary concerns - this suggests they remain unaware of your little side project. On that subject, the recordings you secured of Carver, Strauss, and Grey over the past several months provided the necessary baseline for the CRBR-S's A.I. to adopt and synthesize each individual's voice and personality. If I may say so, this is some very impressive work, Director. I personally made sure the voice module was successfully installed before transport.


Hopefully, the CRBR-S and KLAUS will prove adequate to accomplish your goals in Berlin. As always, I will keep you apprised of any developments.

(R) "E Cipher" (Location: Acquired in the second main quest) - Recovered Requiem cipher. Decryption is required. (Solved here)




Plaintext: G: I don't know whats happening to her, but we both know something is happening to her. We each care about her so I wanted you to know that I'm doing everything I can to help. W


Radio Transmissions (4)

"Welcome Back" (Location: Found at Requiem Radio locations.) - Weaver berates his strike team for their involvement in the incident at the Omega missile silo.


Weaver: Welcome back to the Ural Mountains. It's been a few weeks, but now that you've been cleared to return to active duty I expect you to be on your best behavior.


Weaver: You got off lightly. After what you did in Ruka last month, you should be facing a court martial. You can thank the Director for intervening and sparing you that fate.


Weaver: The incident has been expunged from your record. It never happened.


Weaver: As far as the CIA is concerned, the missile launch was a mechanical failure. You were never there.


Weaver: And in case I haven't already made myself clear: you acted without oversight. You participated in an operation without the approval of anyone at Requiem. That cannot happen -- ever again.


Weaver: You do not answer to Maxis. You answer to me. If she contacts you through a back channel, you report that to me. She is not one of us. She is not Requiem.


Weaver: Now. That being said. Your actions had a ripple effect through Omega. Ravenov contacted me -- he's in touch with scientists who want to defect. We're working on a plan to extract them.


Weaver: You are making an impact in this fight. You just have to do it the right way.

"Patterns" (Location: Found at Requiem Radio locations.) - Grey provides some insight into what she's learned about Aetherium, and one particularly unique case study.


Grey: Well look at you: Requiem's Strike Team, back in action! I imagine that must feel nice.


Grey: So. About what happened with Sam... Not sure if you heard about my role in that whole... "business."


Grey: Earned myself a bit of a slap on the wrist for that one. Not to worry, everything's fine. ...Or so I've been told.


Grey: Just imagine if those missiles had detonated. The effects of Aetherium on a populace of that size... the outcome would have been grim.


Grey: It's tricky to nail down, Aetherium. From our tests at the DASA stations, the only pattern we've established is that there is no pattern: the effects of Aetherium exposure vary greatly between subjects.


Grey: Yes, many suffer from advanced necrosis infections -- "the undead."


Grey: But there are others whose side effects appear strictly cerebral. Hallucinations, paranoia, amnesia.


Grey: Then there's Maxis. Not sure what to make of her. No necrosis. Only side effect appears to be the amnesia, but there's more going on there.


Grey: Her Aetherium concentration? Off the scale. Highest I've seen. Normally a subject with a fraction of that exposure would be fully transformed... but she seems unaffected. So far.


Grey: Now I'm not saying she's dangerous. We just don't know what she is.


Grey: I probably shouldn't tell you this... but something happened. I think. It's not clear. When she asked me for my access codes... I swear I saw her diary move across the desk. By itself.


Grey: Now. I wasn't looking directly at it. I had just finished an eighteen hour day. I was exhausted. I mean, I probably just imagined it... right?

(R) "Eye for an Eye" (Location: Found at Requiem Radio locations.) - Weaver sends Kravchenko a message.


Weaver: I don't know who else is listening to this -- and I don't care -- but this message is for you, Kravchenko.


Weaver: You made an enemy of me a long time ago, but I wanted you to know for sure -- there's no way on God's green earth I'm going to let you walk away from this.


Weaver: If any harm comes to anyone on my team, you're going to regret it in ways you can't even imagine.


Weaver: You know the saying -- an eye for an eye? Well, this is going to be worse. Far worse.


Weaver: Think about it. A good, long think about what I might decide to cut from you...


Weaver: Sweet dreams, fucker.

(R) "Marked Man" (Location: Found at Requiem Radio locations.) - Weaver reaches out to Ravenov to discuss the aftermath of their latest joint operation.


Weaver: Ravenov?


Ravenov: How did you get in contact with me?


Weaver: Ironically, Maxis helped me with that -- even though she doesn't know it yet.


Ravenov: What do you want, Weaver?


Weaver: I want a lot of things, most of which I'll never get. I'm sure you can relate -- especially now that you're a marked man... an enemy of the state... several actually. You helped my team walk in to a trap.


Ravenov: I betrayed no one. Like Maxis, I was trying to do the right thing. I had no idea events would play out like they did.


Weaver: See? That's your problem. You're not as smart as you think you are. Too much fire in your belly, too much ice in your heart -- but not enough smarts. Not where it counts.


Ravenov: Are you any different? Hm? At least I'm here -- in the field -- putting my ass -- and HEART -- on the line.


Weaver: Well... maybe you can redeem yourself, Ravenov. Maybe.


Weaver: But just so you know -- I am rapidly running out of fucks to give.


Artifacts (4)

"Recon Rover Model" (Location: ???) - A model of Unnatural Science's Dark Aether Recon Rover, prototyped before the rover went into production.



"Healing Aura Canister" (Location: ???) - One of several interchangeable canisters for the W.A.N.D. weapon. When used, summons beams of energy capable of healing wounds suffered by members of Requiem's strike team.



(R) "Ring of Fire Canister" (Location: ???) - One of several interchangeable canisters for the W.A.N.D. weapon. When used, generates a ring of ethereal fire that empowers an operator and their weapon with an additional damage output. Also, any enemy that breaches the perimeter will be set on fire.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 10-40-15.png

(R) "ECM Model" (Location: ???) - A model of Energy Research's Essence Conversion Modules, prototyped before the module went into production.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 10-40-21.png


Omega (18/18)

Audio Logs (8)

"Greater Threat" (Location: ???) - Kravchenko laments the destruction of his Reality Inversion Warheads at Requiem's hands, and plots his next move.


Kravchenko: November 30. 1984. It has just been over two weeks since the…


Kravchenko: ...unfortunate disaster involving Omega’s Reality Inversion Warheads. It appears chaos follows Doctor Peck wherever he goes.


Kravchenko: I have been told Peck’s removal is not viable. He is our premier expert on Aetherium, and there is no time to find and educate a suitable replacement. Another unfortunate disaster.


Kravchenko: Peck hoped the missiles could be recovered… But, as I suspected, our salvage efforts have proven futile. What remains of the warheads belongs to the ocean now. We must begin again.


Kravchenko: We cannot afford another setback at the hands of Requiem. I had hoped to deal with them after Operatsiya Inversiya, but I can see now they require my immediate, and undivided, attention.


Kravchenko: If there is any consolation, it seems Requiem remains in the dark about our agenda. They believe the Inversion Warheads were to destroy the West.


Kravchenko: Little do they realize a greater threat looms in the Dark Aether. The entity must be contained.

"Day of Victory" (Location: ???) - Valentina discusses another strange visitation from her father -- and the next stage of their plan.


Valentina: 21st of November. 1984. Personal Log.


My father visited me once again. Our day of victory approaches. His triumphant return. His righteous revenge. The world is not prepared for what we shall unleash. He could not tell me when, only that it would be… soon. After so many years, decades, it is hard not to feel excitement. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of this moment.


I will never forget when his ghost first appeared to me. I was five. Maybe six. At first I was terrified, but how else is a child to react? But when he called me by my real name, I knew it was him. He has guided me ever since. If all goes according to plan, not only will I have completed his mission… but he will be free. No longer trapped in that dark, evil place…


I can save him. I have to.


The time is soon. Our day of victory approaches. East, West, Requiem, Omega, even Kravchenko --  they have no idea what is coming for them.


"The Survivors" (Location: ???) - While on the hunt for the Omega defectors, the strike team recovers an audiolog left behind by Doctor Hugo Jager.


Jager: Hallo? Scheisse! Ravenov, it is Doctor Hugo Jager. I hope either you or Requiem find this recording. Most of us survived the crash. We are heading to Monument Island, where I hope we will be safe from Omega. Before you ask: ja, that is on the other side of The Phase, but the scientists I am with? They have created something incredible. A device that will allow us to travel through the Phase without dying… or worse!


They only have one prototype, but they are assembling another from spare parts so you can follow us. Unfortunately, we are missing a component: an Aetherial Orb. Find one and bring it to the bridge. There will be a *slightly* modified Recon Rover waiting for you.



Please hurry. Omega shot us down. They will not leave the job unfinished.


"The Device" (Location: ???) - The strike team find another message from Jager, discussing a secretive Omega Device: the Aetherium Neutralizer.


Jager: Ravenov! Requiem! Jager here. If you are hearing this, you must have found the Rover and completed the device. They call it an Aetherium Neutralizer. It does what it says on the tin -- it neutralizes Aetherium particles in the air, pacifying a radius around the device by boosting power from the orb’s primordial energy. Allowing safe passage through the Phase is just one of many potential applications for this device.


This improvised device should hold a charge long enough to traverse the Phase. Once you are through, make your way to the Monument. We will be on the roof. We eagerly await your arrival. Too long have we been silent about Omega’s atrocities. There is much for us to discuss. Soon, we will change the world.


"The Trap" (Location: ???) - Jager reveals his true intentions.


Jager: Hello, Requiem. So glad you could make it. Enjoying my handiwork? Do not worry, they did not go quietly. Dr. Zarkova? She put up quite the struggle. It was almost honorable. But there is no honor in betraying Omega. It is a despicable act of cowardice. When Kravchenko learned of their plot to defect, I could not volunteer fast enough.


Once I infiltrated their group, the Colonel gave me two tasks. One: Kill the traitors. Easy enough. Nothing a hacksaw and a gas can could not solve. But the second? To lure Requiem’s so-called “elite” strike team into a trap. That added a complication, but fortunately, crashing helicopters is easy once you’ve poisoned the pilot.



As for the Aetherium Neutralizer -- rest assured, it will be well taken care of in Omega’s hands.



Soon, we will change the world, Requiem.



Auf Wiedersehen.


(R) "A Trap Is Set" (Location: ???) - After successfully infiltrating the group of Omega defectors, Jager meets with Kravchenko to discuss his next move. Recorded before the events of Operation Excision.


Kravchenko: Ah... Doctor Jager. Come. Sit. What news of our little "pet project"?


Jager: I have done as you have asked. Doctor Zarkova has welcomed me into her little circle of defectors with open arms. She does not suspect I am acting under your orders.


Jager: In this process, I learned that my Records Manager, Cherneski, is one of the traitors. Shame, his organizational prowess was unmatched. He will be missed.


Kravchenko: Well done, comrade. You have confirmed their plan?


Jager: Ja, Colonel. Zarkova has made contact with Ravenov. He has made arrangements with Requiem for their extraction.


Jager: In an effort to secure their trust, I arranged their transport.


Jager: I'm sure the KGB will not mind if I "borrowed" a Hind.


Kravchenko: Pah. Cost of doing business. I trust you are ready for the rest of the task?


Jager: My paralytic cocktail is powerful enough to incapacitate an elephant. Though, unfortunately for them, they will still be able to feel pain when I begin my... work.


Kravchenko: Spare me the details. Just remember: use them to make a statement. This is what happens when you betray us.


Kravchenko: Once you have confirmed Requiem's arrival, I will make my move.


Jager: Wunderbar, Colonel.


Jager: There is one other thing. Something Dr. Zarkova said. She has built a machine. She would not go into specifics. Something she hid from us.


Jager: She says it will change the war.


Kravchenko: Find out what this machine is. Be sure you bring it back, whatever state it may be in.

(R) "Play Your Part" (Location: ???) - Kravchenko reveals his plans for Requiem's strike team.


Gorev: --and as you requested, the Requiem strike team -- and their pilot -- have been transferred to Potsdam.


Kravchenko: Oversee their transport personally, Gorev. No mistakes. No escapes. No "accidents." I need them alive.


Gorev: Of course, Colonel.


Kravchenko: Something on your mind?


Gorev: Would their... termination not send a stronger message to the West? We apprehended them operating on our soil. We should make a statement -- a demonstration of strength that inspires our brothers.


Kravchenko: Yes, comrade. We should send a message. And we will. In time.


Kravchenko: But first, I have work for them. In Berlin.


Kravchenko: A certain member of our organization has gone to ground recently. I am sure you've noticed their absence.


Kravchenko: I believe they are scheming against us -- and will take action in Berlin. We must use Requiem's team to stop them -- and keep the Kremlin in the dark.


Gorev: Sir?


Kravchenko: This department will not survive another scandal. Using Requiem's team keeps it off the books, and keeps the noose form our necks.


Kravchenko: Smile, Gorev. We may yet live through this.

(R) "Peace is Our Profession" (Location: ???) - Kravchenko and Gorev interrogate Requiem's Raptor One pilot.


Kravchenko: That is enough, Gorev. We still need him able to speak. Remove the gag.


Gorev: How are you feeling, pilot man? Eh? Ready to tell us name?


Raptor One: Call sign Raptor One. Captain. United States Air Force. Service Number FR-16-9-8-6-3-4-2. "Peace Is Our Profession."


Gorev: Ah. Still you persist with brainwashed American loyalty nonsense. Colonel?


Kravchenko: Again.


Gorev: Feeling more sociable? Or do we need more icebreaker?


Raptor One: Call sign Raptor One. Captain. United States Air Force. Service Number...


Raptor One: FR-16-9-8-6-3-4-2. "Peace Is Our Profession."


Gorev: We have plenty of time, Pilot Cowboy. This is not western spaghetti. You are not man with no name.


Kravchenko: Well? Anything new to share?


Raptor One: Call sign... Raptor One... Captain... United... United States Air Force... Service Number FR-16... 9-8... 6-3-4-2. "Peace Is Our Profession."


Raptor One: But you can go fuck yourself.


Kravchenko: Finally... progress.


Documents (3)

"Ravenov Burn Notice" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies) - Official KGB order announcing that Ravenov has been disavowed and is now an enemy of the state.


Marked 16 November of the year 1984


On Spetsgruppa Omega Officer Kapitan

Sergei Ravenov: All Directorates and

Affiliates per order of Viktor

Chebrikov, Chairman of State Security


Effective immediately, the Committee for State Security disavows Spetsgruppa Omega Kapitan Sergei Ravenov. He is to be stripped of rank, privileges, and citizenship. Subject has engaged in communications, traded classified intelligence, and facilitated operations with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Bundesnachrichtendienst. The Committee for State Security declares Sergei Ravenov an enemy of the state for high crimes against the Greater Soviet Union.


If encountered, subject is to be taken into custody. Be advised: subject is highly trained and will resist arrest. If apprehension is not possible, he is to be terminated. Any documents or materials found on his person are to not be viewed and are to be delivered with the subject. Subject is extremely charismatic and manipulative. While in custody he may divulge information, specifically with regards to the actions of Spetsgruppa Omega. This is to be disregarded. If any leaked intelligence regarding Spetsgruppa Omega can be traced back to the arresting officer, they will be arrested and tried for high crimes against the Greater Soviet Union.


[Photograph of Ravenov featuring “DISAVOWED” stamp]


Sergei Ravenov

Spetsgruppa Omega

"Aetherium Neutralizer Blueprint" (Location: ???) - ???





When activated, the Aetherium Neutralizer removes 99.8% of all airborne Aetherium particles within a surrounding radius. The device generates an energy shield that protects the user, preventing exposure to Aetherium and its known side effects.



Device requires harvesting energy from Aethereal Orbs, a rarer commodity that requires collection from Outbreak Zones. Mass production nonviable until we can create a synthetic alternative to replace the orbs.


Device cannot remove Aetherium from specimens/objects already contaminated. E.g.: we cannot stabilize specimens experiencing advanced necrosis.

(R) "Necro-Analytics" (Location: ???) - In December 1983, Kravchenko announces the formation of Omega's Necro-Analytics department -- and appoints Dr. Huge Jager as its Lead Researcher.


02 December of the year 1983

RE: Necro-Analytics Formation and Appointment

AUTHOR: Col. Lev Kravchenko



In the aftermath of the events at Morasko and Operatsiya Grobovschik, it has become apparent that a new department is required to study the necrotic effects of the new element. Dr. Vogel and Projekt Endstation made extensive progress towards understanding its effects on living tissue, and Special Operations Group Omega shall continue their work.


Today we announce the formation of the Necro-Analytics department, with Doctor Huge Jager acting as Lead Researcher. Doctor Valentina and Doctor Peck will continue their study of the new dimension and the element. All necrosis research will be redirected to Jager's department.


This department will focus on potential applications of the necrosis ailment, primarily its weaponization. Going forward, all undead specimens are to be delivered to Jager's labs. This will be particularly important when new species are discovered.


As of this morning, the Chairman of the Committee for State Security formally approved this plan. This department will be staffed by existing members of Exoscientific Phenomena and Psychotronics Research. If you are selected, you will recieve a notice of your new assignment shortly.


Colonel Lev Kravchenko

Commanding Officer - Omega Group


Radio Transmissions (2)

"Omega's Reputation" (Location: Found at Omega radio locations.) - Kravchenko and Gorev discuss the current state of Omega.


Gorev: --there is nothing yet, Colonel. Even if he is still in Russia, which I doubt, he has gone to ground. A ghost.


Kravchenko: And the Burn Notice?


Gorev: Distributed. There is nowhere in the Eastern Bloc he can run to. Any of his remaining allies have been made aware of his transgressions.


Kravchenko: “Transgressions”? You make it sound like he kicked your dog…


Kravchenko: The fucking traitor. How did this slip by you?


Gorev: I am searching for answers myself. I had known the Kapitan for many years. His record would suggest he was incapable of such betrayal. He was the perfect soldier. A true Soviet.


Kravchenko: A fucking coward. This is the last thing we need. The Kremlin is asking questions, Gorev. I am not accustomed to having to explain myself. I am not accustomed to being spied on.


Kravchenko: Chebrikov’s rats are everywhere, waiting to scurry back and report our latest failure. Outpost 25. Ruka. Omega is gaining a reputation. And now there are rumors of dissent within our own ranks. One more “incident” and we are finished.


Gorev: No. If you are worried of mutiny, it will be snuffed out, Colonel. You have my word.


Kravchenko: Like I did with finding the mole?


Kravchenko: As it is, I already have someone for that job. You must continue your work with Peck. Those warheads were our best chance of containing “the entity”.


Gorev: The “Entity”... so far, I have had no luck in finding such a thing.


Gorev: We have interviewed over a hundred Aethernauts, and while there is no shortage of strange encounters with outlandish creatures in the Dark Aether, none can recall anything that matches your description of this entity.


Gorev: Perhaps your source in Requiem is acting on incomplete information--


Kravchenko: --my source is not to be questioned nor challenged. The threat is real. This is not a discussion: Find it. Before it finds us.


"The One-Eyed Cowboy" (Location: Found at Omega radio locations.) - Kravchenko and Gorev discuss Peck’s usefulness.


Kravchenko: There is the question, Gorev, of what is to be done with Peck. This is twice now his projects ended in failure. Omega’s reputation will not survive a third.

Gorev: You know my feelings on this matter. I would love nothing more than for our one-eyed cowboy to be strung up in the gulag.


Gorev: However, I cannot say the failure at Ruka lies with him. Whether he knows it or not, Peck has been under 24-hour surveillance. I can safely say he was not the one to leak the documents to Ravenov and Requiem.


Kravchenko: These fucking leaks…


Kravchenko: Do I look like a fucking plumber to you, Gorev?


Gorev: Peck has not outlived his usefulness. He is still our most knowledgeable scientist on Aetherium. In that regard, he has no equal.


Gorev: More importantly, I believe he could help find this entity of yours.


Kravchenko: ...I’m listening.


Gorev: As you know, Peck has been talking to that Computer. Apparently he has built something of a rapport with its creator. Perhaps he is familiar with your creature.


Kravchenko: What?


Kravchenko: Why am I only hearing of this now? How long has this been going on?


Gorev: ...several months, Colonel…


Gorev: Valentina assured me she wrote a report on the matter and delivered it to you personally.


Kravchenko: Tell Peck to keep talking to his friend. Have him ask about the entity.


Kravchenko: I will speak to Valentina myself.


Artifacts (5)

"Inversion Warhead Model" (Location: ???) - A model for the Reality Inversion Warhead shown to Kravchenko as a proof of concept.



"Aether Reactor Model" (Location: ???) - A model for the Aether Reactor from Outpost 25. Created by Peck as a proof of concept in the early days of the Omega facility.



(R) "Omega Flag" (Location: ???) - A symbol of loyalty in the fight for the greater Soviet Union. We were The First. We are The Last.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 11-24-01.png

(R) "Dark Aether Photos" (Location: ???) - Reconnaissance photos captured by Omega Aethernauts while on mission in the Dark Aether.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 11-24-10.png

(R) "Krasny Soldat Flamethrower" (Location: ???) - The lethal flamethrower attachment from a fallen Krasny Soldat.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 11-24-18.png


Maxis (4/4)

Audio Logs (3)

"The Ally" (Location: ???) - Before the incident at the Omega Missile Silo, Maxis seeks Grey’s assistance.


Grey: Sam?


Maxis: Did you…?


Grey: Look… I could get myself in so much trouble. Hey… Doggy?


Maxis: Did you do what I asked, Elizabeth?


Grey: I’m not sure if I can… honestly.

Maxis: You know we’re on the brink of War, Elizabeth… a Great war.

Grey: I know, I know. But being here at Requiem… it’s a big opportunity for me. I don’t want to throw away my career - my life.


Maxis: This is the only way.

Grey: If… if I give you access to my comms protocols… it could be the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.


Maxis: Do you know what it’s like to be cut off from the outside world? To have no way to see - or even communicate - with the people you care about?


Grey: I’m a long way from home, Sam. This was a big move for me - coming here… doing… all of this. If I give you my console key - I could find myself back in Bristol before you can say Jack Robinson.


Grey: Sorry - old saying. Not sure how old. My mum - Liz - used to say it. It means things happened very quickly. It means…


Grey: ...I don’t want to get in trouble with Weaver.


Maxis: Things don’t always happen quickly. Sometimes they take a long time. Sometimes, too long…


Maxis: ...Weaver knows that.


Grey: Well… getting sent back home is probably the most optimistic outcome. I could find myself facing charges… and in prison. MILITARY PRISON!


Maxis: But you will… do it - right, Lizzy?


Grey: I’m… not sure, Sam. I’m really not.


Maxis: If you do what I ask… maybe you could… pet the dog some more?


"The Confrontation" (Location: ???) - Weaver confronts Maxis about going behind his back and using his team for a rogue operation.


Weaver: What have you done?


Maxis: Everything's okay girl... everything's ok...


Weaver: No, Sam. Everything is not okay.


Weaver: Who. The. Hell. Do you think you are?


Maxis: You know me Weaver.


Weaver: I thought I did. But I NEVER thought you would do something like this.


Weaver: How dare you contact the team to drag them into whatever scheme you and Ravenov thought was important.


Maxis: Weaver...


Weaver: And involving poor Doctor Grey in your misguided bullshit??


Maxis: It was the right thing to do. It was the only way.


Weaver: NO SAM. The right thing to do, would have been to come to me. To let me do MY job!


Maxis: Is it your job to keep me muzzled like a dog?!


Maxis: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to do that.


Weaver: This, is why we have a problem Sam.


Maxis: I was trying to do the right thing.


Weaver: I told you what the right thing to do was - Look after the dog. That's it. You're confined to quarters - No more walks. Someone else will take care of that.


Maxis: No... No! Weaver...


Weaver: Now... I have to try to straighten all this out with the Director.

"Take Her" (Location: ???) - Maxis is taken away.


Maxis: What’s… what’s happening?


Weaver: Garcia, Henderson -- secure her.


Maxis: Hey - take your hands off me! Weaver, call them off!


Weaver: You’re to undergo some ‘additional testing’. Don’t make this any harder than it already is.


Maxis: Why are you doing this??


Weaver: I’m not. Orders from the Director. It’s okay, girl… I’ll look after you.


Maxis: Weaver! Make this stop!

Weaver: I can’t, Sam. My hands are tied.


Maxis: Weaver!!



Documents (1)

"Quarantine Diary 9" (Location: ???) - Maxis tells a story about her shared past with Weaver.


I remember waiting for your call.




The phone never rang.

Instead, I saw news of the explosion on TV.

I couldn’t sleep.


I heard a knock at my apartment door.

You gave the keyword, and I let you in.

We’d never met face to face before.

It was a shock to finally meet you.

You were in a bad way.

I did my best to dress your wounds, but it was the first and only time I ever saw you cry.

You mumbled something about not knowing… about how sorry you were.

You torched the place to cover your tracks after the hit.

You said the boy was supposed to be staying with his mother.

But he wasn’t

He was there.

In the house.

While it burned to the ground.


Dark Aether (9/9)

Audio Logs (1)

"We Are Waiting" (Location: Acquired through intel trials.) - ???


Unknown: You have done well. You have made me so… proud.


Vogel: And now, at last, our time has come. A lifetime of preparation is about to be rewarded.



Vogel: Soon, you will reveal yourself -- a threat so close they never saw it coming.


Vogel: How long have we awaited this day? How many times have you proven yourself to them, made them value and respect you -- the better to plunge your blade in their backs?


Vogel: Gather your things. Bid farewell to this false life you lead. Go to Berlin. Everything is in place.


Unknown: We are waiting. We are ready. Initiate the process and your labor of love will at last be complete.



Documents (2)

"Day 4,513" (Location: Acquired through intel trials.) - Zykov’s journal of survival reveals details of the Dark Aether power structure and the one entity he fears above all others.


Day 4,513: Since my arrival here, I have gradually come to understand there is a balance of power among the creatures of this realm. While most of us are consumed with day to day survival, the ones at the top of the food chain gather armies of followers and vie for supremacy.


These are huge, obscenely powerful entities. I believe their competition goes back eons. But there is one of these “elder gods” I fear above the rest.



Should it gain enough power, it will reign supreme, and look for fresh conquests. ANd if it becomes aware of my homeland, they will be too busy competing with the West to notice the real danger.


"Day 4,729" (Location: Acquired through intel trials.) - Zykov begins plans for a device to stop the Dark Aether’s new overlord from threatening our world.


Day 4,729: I have learned more about the one who seeks to rule this land alone. I do not know why, after centuries of stalemate, this particular creature is suddenly ascendant.


I am convinced that should it defeat its rivals, its bottomless appetite for power will not go away. So I must somehow find a way to stop it before it decides Mother Russia looks like a banquet.



To that end, I am designing a new mechanism I hope will prevent this menace from ever leaving this place. I may go into further detail about how it functions, but first I must gather components, assemble it, and run tests. All without catching the attention of our new overlord.



Can one man succeed where the elder gods failed? Time will tell.



Radio Transmissions (2)

"Secret Contact" (Location: Acquired through intel trials.) - The strike team makes a disturbing discovery about Zykov.


Zykov: Hello, my friend! I have been wanting to speak with you again. We have so much to do, and we are running out of time.


Peck: Uh, yeah. About that. My colleagues are starting to ask questions. I think they might know about you. They’ve definitely seen me on this computer and they’re wondering what I’m up to.



Zykov: I see. This may take some finesse, Dr. Peck, but you must somehow reassure them you are not “up to” anything they would not approve of.



Peck: Easier said than done. Gorev and Valentina watch me like hawks, just waiting for me to screw up.



Zykov: They cannot understand your genius, Peck. They also do not know your inner pain. Not like I do.



Peck: Look, if you help me round up more of those “tempest” guys, I could make new inversion warheads --  get back in the Colonel’s good graces.



Zykov: Nyet, my friend. That seemed like a good plan when we first conceived it, but now? I would not set you up to fail yet again. Besides, I have a better idea.


Peck: Do tell…



Zykov: I am beginning construction of a new device. I will spare you the details until I know it can work, but it is exactly the sort of weapon your Colonel is looking for.



Peck: Okay. When will you know if this new gizmo is viable?



Zykov: Soon, my friend. Just keep checking in with me. I am counting on your help.


"Bring Me Home 2" (Location: Acquired through intel trials.) - The strike team intercepts a radio communique between Zykov and Peck, and hear Zykov making a familiar arrangement with Omega Group.


Peck: Hello, Zykov? You there? It’s me. Peck.


Zykov: Yes, my friend. I am here. Where else would I go?


Peck: So. My coworkers definitely know I’m in contact with you. They even know your name.


Zykov: And they did not… discipline you?


Peck: No, they see you as a potential goldmine of Dark Aether intel, and they don’t want to punish the one guy you’ll talk to. In fact, Gorev told me to ask about the entity you say is in charge over there. It’s real, right?


Zykov: It is an existential threat to all of you, my friend. It is the reason I am building my new device.

Peck: And that’s… what? A weapon?


Zykov: It is something we will need when the real invasion comes. But tell your people I will reveal more details only if you help me come home.


Peck: You got it. They might want to debrief you for days, but if you deliver on intelligence and firepower, they’ll make you a hero of the Soviet Union.


Zykov: Hmph. They can keep their medals. Just help me come home.


Peck: Okay. Let me know when your device is ready. We’ll work on how best to repatriate you. Over and out.


Artifacts (4)

"Empty Stamin-Up" (Location: ???) - An opened can of Stamin-Up. Likely used by an operator who needed some extra runnin' and wanted to keep on gunnin' (but liked a twist of lime).




"Fury Crystal" (Location: Acquired in the second main quest.) - A temperamental Aetherium Crystal with unusual transformative properties.



(R) "Empty Elemental Pop" (Location: ???) - An opened can of Elemental Pop. Used by an operator who had too many elements to consider, so they fixed themselves up to be sure they delivered.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 11-28-44.png

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 11-28-55.png

(R) "Elemental Pop Poster" (Location: ???) - Poster for the band Elemental Pop, known primarily for their popular title track and hit arcade game.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-08-12 11-29-19.png


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Requiem (0/9)

Audio Logs (2)


"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Documents (3)


"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Radio Transmissions (2)


"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Artifacts (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Omega (0/11)


Audio Logs (5)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Documents (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Radio Transmissions (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Artifacts (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Maxis (0/4)


Audio Logs (3)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Documents (1)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Dark Aether (0/7)

Audio Logs (1)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Documents (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Radio Transmissions (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents


Artifacts (2)

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents

"???" (Location: ???) - ???

  Spoiler, click to open contents



season 4.docx

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