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Main easter egg guide (walkthrough)


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Prenote: You will need the ray rifle for step 14 so it's a good idea to get it as early as possible, either from trials or building it.


1. Turn on the power 


2. Return to Ravenov and speak with him


3. Go over to mission control and talk with Peck


4. Return to Ravenov and retrieve the keycard from him 


5. Collect the 3 compounds to make the truth serums which are all in locked cabinets with a keycard swipe

  • location 1: bottom floor of the equipment storage (building next to quick revive)
  • location 2: In engineering which is under the big dome next to mission control
  • location 3: In the colonel's office next to the desk


6. After collecting all of the compounds make your way over to the field hospital, there will be a pump looking device sitting on the table that will mix the compounds which takes about 20 seconds (note this will cause a bunch of hellhounds to spawn) after it finishes mixing you are able to grab the device


7. Go over to the dome and jump over the railing, you will see a metal vent box which you need to interact to place the device on it. 


8. Go back to Peck and watch him until you get a prompt to talk with him, he will tell you to go to the data center


9. Go to the data center and find the memory transfer machine near speed cola, unlocking it will grant you access to the essence traps (to use the trap, you need to throw it and double tap your use button)


10. (This step might take a while and a couple of rounds) Once you have the trap, you need to trap mimics with it in certain locations. To trap them successfully, once you have trapped it successfully you need to run back to the data center and insert the trap back into the memory machine (you have 3 minutes to do this before it expires).  You need to get the mimics to near death if the mimics health is too high it will escape the trap and break it. You will need to go get another one from the data center, the 3 names you are looking for from the memories are Sokolov, Brahmns and Zhabin (having subtitles on will help a lot with this) also Weaver will confirm if you got a memory correct. Once you have all 3 memories it will give you a floppy disk which is needed for the next step

  • location 1: Planning office
  • location 2: Colonel's office 
  • location 3: In the spawn area, you need to capture one in the scientist's quarters which is on the second floor above pack


11. Head over to the planning office with the floppy disk, go over to the quantum mainframe (the trial computer looking machine between two windows) and insert the floppy disk. This will open up a destabilized portal in the opc


12. Go talk to Peck who will tell you how to stabilize it, afterwards wait for Ravenov to give you a code which you use on the metal locker next to Peck's window. This will give you the Aethermeter 


13. Go to the left most bunker in scorch defense and grab the shovel that is propped against a crate to your right when you enter the bunker 


14. Head over to the open lot area (just outside of engineering), go in the corner by the little window you can jump into to get to engineering and you will get a prompt to dig container. This will cause the mimics to take the form of the container (there are around 12 containers around the lot, engineering and planning office), if you pick the wrong one all of the fakes will turn into mimics and you'll have to wait for the next round. The trick with this is to look for the container with a pure white mist around the crystal  and pick it up to proceed to the next step (the fakes have a darker purple corrupted looking mist). The containers will not expire until the end of the round so there is no rush to this part


The next container is located in the right most part of jungle defense, you will find a small mound of dirt that will give you a prompt to dig it up. This will cause a green force field looking bubble to appear around you, going outside of the bubble during this will cause you to take continuous damage until you go inside the bubble (make sure your whole team is here for this to avoid deaths) this will last for around 2-3 minutes and you just have to survive


The next one requires you to have the ray rifle, once you have it go over to the field hospital and walk out the door by the dangling glove machines. You will get a prompt to dig right by the door, this container will try to run away from you and will zip around the map. To stop this from happening you need to use the alternate fire of the ray rifle and shoot it on top of the container (it's up on the dpad for xbox, not sure about pc or playstation), after shooting it go pick it up to proceed to the next step. 


15. Take the container you just got and go to each aether reactor you turned on in the beginning, you will get a prompt to insert the crystals into the reactors to charge them (it doesn't matter what order you do this in). Once you get all three go back to the opc which will get destroyed since Peck tricked you


16. Your characters will start talking about realigning a satellite, head over to the planning office and you will see a computer where you get to play a little minigame. You'll notice multiple glowing orange dots on the screen (each signify a satellite), find the satellite that has a question mark on it and confirm it. If you mess it up, you'll have to wait like 5+ minutes for it to reset. If done correctly Peck will start talking, head outside of the planning office and watch the data center for a cool light show that will power up the base again


17. When you are good and ready head over to the opc and interact with the console on the right, this will play a cut scene and start the boss fight. (Be very prepared for this as it's not easy, I recommend tier 3 packed weapons consisting of the ray rifle and some other heavy hitting weapon like a lmg) 


Note: When Orda spawns DO NOT stand under it unless you want instant death or at any point during the fight

Finishing the boss fight will grant you a sick looking calling card and a cutscene


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