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DOA3 Feedback Thread


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  • Soundtrack is great like always
  • The Wild and Dungeon is easily the best edition and is fucking amazing 
  • The player model being your operator is a great touch
  • The Crab is a great meme
  • The amount of enemies from Chaos, Aether and Dark Aether is really nice
  • Opening baskets and crates
  • Other game references like the Mario machine in The Wild


  • Early areas are way too small and compact
  • Movement speed is way too slow 
  • Zombies can run faster then you (Easily noticed on the Graveyards Challenge Round)
  • Not enough 1st person drops
  • Mamaback attacking you without you shooting her 
  • Weapons are too weak and some of the upgrades are anticlimactic (Where is my Ray Gun wonderwaffe ?


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