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V cipher #2 solved


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From Cold war intel:



German plaintext (after adding ä and j that were dropped):

Abreise ohne weiter Zwischenfälle. Alle Werte stabil. Ankunft in Germania. Wie besprochen, was jetzt auch passiert, der Sieg ist uns gewiss. - V


Translated to English:

Departure without further incident. All values stable. Arrival in Germania. As discussed, whatever happens now, victory is certain for us. - V


Cipher type: ADFGX Transposition key: heimat (equivalently: 3,2,4,5,1,6 ), appears in the map:
Polybius square:


Solved by: A lot of people in Geeky Pastime's discord group contributed (Over 10, myself included). From my stance the main solvers here are Origins Wormy and Numskul123, as these two were practically the ones that got the German plaintext. Regardless there were many people from the group helping to get to the final result. 
As a side note, I have to say that the main reason this cipher took time is because different people (both in the discord group and myself independently) made transcription errors, hence the cipher solve was (most likely) delayed in a few days.
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2 hours ago, clueless said:

Nice of them to give the key on a sticky note 🙂 especially with the pain these kinds of ciphers are, hopefully they keep this trend of actively giving nudges to help ciphers so we don't end up with Revelations ciphers again

I don't think it was actually necessary to give the transposition key as it was a significant simplification in solving the cipher. Basically once you have this key you are left with (monoalphabetic) subtitution ciphers which are the easiest in the book. Overall there seems to be a step down in the level of difficulty, partially due to giving away the keys and this makes the ciphers too easy in my preference. Of course, sometimes not giving any nudge towards the solutions could be problematic. This is why creating good ciphers requires a good understanding of them.

As for the Revelations ciphers, the ciphers we solved were on the easy-medium category and Treyarch expected us to solve them. For the rest they scaled up the difficulty level. It's easy to make a (computationally) unsolvable problems or ones that are indistinguishable from being such ones, and tying with what I said before, the real deal is to make ciphers that requires some level of analysis, and doing so requires a good understanding of ciphers. 

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